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Male Cum Tributes??

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By ps29211 [Ignore] at 11,Jun,18 00:01   Pageviews: 63

Is it really not cool for a man to ask for cum tributes? Seriously, I've asked and have been met with silence upon asking. I want to know that men, women, couples like my pics. Women get them all the time, i've done it for men and women, why won't men cum on my pics? It would be such an amazing thrill for me to see one of my pics covered in man butter.
Nut on my pics.... please??? May sound desperate but please, cum for me/ on me.

I've cum to so may gorgeous cocks here, just wish someone would return the favor. no names, no calling anyone out, but for the sake of all things deviant, do this for me??

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By #460523 [Ignore] at 20,Jul,18 00:03
I've never cum on pics yet not anyones

By Skyebluu [Ignore] at 08,Jul,18 13:50
Hey well I'm new and curious..and a horny man. Will do it for u I'd u give me a kind donation
If not thank you
By ps29211 [Ignore] at 09,Jul,18 16:19
Would love to and if it's really nice, a "more than kind" donation.

By bigboypel [Ignore] at 11,Jun,18 16:34
I've received many requests from women on the site to give them a cum tribute on their response has always been for them to do the same for my pics...crickets
By ps29211 [Ignore] at 11,Jun,18 17:42
exactly what I'm saying!! We want the same things that the ladies do but no one is willing... sad sad.. I can't even find a crying emoji on this site. huh..

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