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Masturbation Voodoo: Extreme Wishful Thinking

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Jun,18 09:51   Pageviews: 52

Imagine if our genitals had similar mystical powers
as voodoo dolls, we could have Anyone we desire,
as easy as moaning that known person's name.

We all know that feeling too well. The eager rush
to get home asap after a hard day's work, to strip
down naked, have supper, enjoy a hot soothing bath,
and then lay in bed naked to slowly edge yourself with
that hot crush co-worker, neighbor, college professor,
college classmate, doctor, cop, lawyer, the cable guy,
that sexy nurse, that guy or gal who sat a few seats
in front of you on the bus, or some person you've
just met today...

...He or She is embedded deep in your mind, trapped
in your lusty desire, doing everything you could
possibly imagine that person doing to you.
It feels so hard, so intense, and so fulfilling it
almost literally pounds you into the mattress
as you continue stroking yourself into a blissful
nirvana of toe-curling goon...

That person's voice talking dirty into your ears
at such close proximity; you can feel the baritone
frequencies in His voice, or the sultry whispers
of Her voice.
His or Her eyes gazing deep down into your soul
with every thrust given into one another.

Go ahead, zone out, fuck the world and everyone else.
Right now it's just You and Him or Her, or Both!
The climax has lifted you so high that person has to
sky-dive to get inside your ass or cunt or impaled
onto your cock.

Release yourself... not Yet! The pleasure feels so
immortal at this point, don't let Him or Her stop.
Time flies when you're having This much fun.

And then you realize you only have about 23 minutes
of sleeep remaining before the alarm goes off and
you have to start your work day
All. Over. Again.

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By whatsupcocks [Ignore] at 18,Jul,18 02:36
and then you happly remember it is your day off and you can day dream about your night of edging
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 18,Jul,18 13:54
So true!

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