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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 12,Jun,18 10:16   Pageviews: 58

I've been employed at my job 8 months.
I work in a warehouse... a few women in the office;
and in the warehouse it's all guys. Many of us guys
in the warehouse are older, mature types...
...MY types.
But there is one older guy who stands out like
the sexiest "Gandalf" I ever saw!

I've had a mad lusty crush on him since day one
that I've been employed at this warehouse.
I call him "Papi", or "Pops", because he's one
good looking sexy daddy... WOOF!!!

He's Straight, about 5'9", slim 165 lbs, hairy,
thick bushy foot-long "blowjob beard", with
shoulder-length hair; rugged hairy forearms;
manly veiny hands; and best of all, a handsome
hot Top Fuck Face with piercing bedroom eyes.

He looks Italian/Jewish/Scottish.
His skin tone isn't "Italian dark", but it's also not
too "Irish white"; it just looks so rightfully,
and tastefully, tanned for a white guy.
His complexion looks closer to mine, and I'm Hispanic.

The old dude is a B E A S T!!!
If he stood outside your house you'd call the
Critter Control Squad and report him as a Sasquatch;
but that appearance is exactly the way I like him.

Every time that I masturbate through my lengthy
edging marathons he is always on my mind fuckin me
every which way I can only dream of.
Just remember, he is Straight.

He always wears saggy clothes, so it's difficult for me
to get a good body glimpse of his definition.
Until TODAY (12June2018, morning shift)...

...I had got done picking and boxing tobacco products
getting ready to ship to a local customer.
Papi's job is to check the items to make sure they
were accurately picked as indicated on the order sheet.
I spread the boxes on the floor so Papi can inspect
the products as I had picked them.

At one point, Papi bent down low to view the items
inside a box, as i was standing behind him.
Ohhhhh. Myyyyyy. Goddddd... I got a clear vivid
view of Papi's butt crack!
Actually, his BARE ASS was showing half-way out of
his sagging pants! My cock stood at such a hard
diving board attention instantly!

That beautiful mid-50s year old PLUMP little
bubble ass!
How on Earth could the old man have such a
sexy hot plump little bubble ass! So Fuckable,
so Delicious, and so firm like a 30yo ass!
If you look at my ass pics in my photo gallery,
Papi's ass looks as voluptuous as mine,
if not Better looking.
For him, that is an understatement.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... and I am proud
of my eyes for what they see when I see Papi
every day, every minute, in my work place.
I've had mad crushes for guys throughout my
adult lifetime; but the sight of Papi takes my crush
to a higher level.

If Papi has never been with a man, it would be
such a waste of good ass if I can't have him.
By now I want Papi more than ever.
Unfortunately for me, he is Straight.

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By pifad [Ignore] at 12,Jun,18 10:37
Invite to your place, if itís available, and have a few drinks. Beers would be best, then put some porn on and start rubbing your cock. Thereís a good possibility he will follow your lead. Let nature take its course and you just might get lucky
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 12,Jun,18 22:09
Believe me, if I owned a pickup-truck; and a big
house in a rural area, with a barn, and a spacious
back yard surrounded by thick trees and foliage,
with a HOT TUB and an ice-chest of the finest
imported ice cold beer or Ale on the side,
I would invite him back to my place
in a New York Minute! lol...

But I don't own any of those fine things.
And, I don't drink except on rare special occasions,
and only good beer like a Sam Adams or Saranac Ale.

The idea of having porn playing on the TV seems
a bit contrived, if I put it on AFTER he and I
arrive to my place. The scenario is too common
among hookup circles, because visitors already know
where the visit is going...

...the scenario would work if I were at home already
watching porn, and he suddenly shows up visiting me
un-announced and I forget to turn off the TV.

Come to think of it, I often crack porn jokes
with him... I try not to sound like a pervert.
But even so, he just laughs it off as though he
weren't into porn Anything!

When in conversation, he never talks dirty.
He never discusses Anything in sexual or perverted context.
The other guys at work often crack sexual jokes
at him, and he just laughs it off like ordinary jokes.

He's always in a good mood, too. I've never seen him
come to work miserable nor with any attitude problems.
I guess he gets his good dose of jerking off whenever
he's alone... or, he's getting satisfaction Somehow.
I wonder what his private life is like.
For his old age, I don't blame him for being that
sort of introverted. I'm the same way.

I'll bet whenever he's horny (IF he gets horny)
he becomes a Hot Animal Fuck Machine!

By bella! [Ignore] at 12,Jun,18 10:51
About your cock that instantly stood at such a hard diving board attention, did Papi notice?

So Papi stimulates your eyes but what about his mind? Aside from his physical attributes what else ticks the boxes for you? Do you share similar interests in politics, sports, music, art, life? Have you ever suggested to Papi that you grab a sandwich at lunchtime and eat together or go for a quick soda or coffee after work?
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 12,Jun,18 21:47
For now, the attraction is physical.
Although he is a very nice guy, funny sense of humor too.
He likes classic rock. And, politically, he's a leftie
like I am.

Socially, he's quite shy, except when we go on our
breaks at work- and then he just converses with some
of the long-time employees.
But he sure warmed up to me rather quickly!
I guess my appearance (which is similar to his) won him over.

I once heard a rumor that he doesn't enjoy being
around women in the work place.
He doesn't Haate women, but I've never seen him with
a woman; he's not married; has no girlfriend;
has never mentioned that he ever was married or divorced;
and in our work place he really likes to be in the
company of hard-working men.
None of these things imply that he might be gay or bi;
After all, I'm so straight-acting no one could ever
imagine that I'm gay unless I actually say that I am.

Papi and I don't get to spend much break time at work
together, but he and I always work together when we're
busy and no one else is helping him with routine
warehouse tasks.
So, if I suggest treating him to Lunch I would first
rather develop our friendship before I open myself
to him any further.
For now, I brew coffee for him; and I buy donuts
for him now-n-then... he loves donuts!

I did, however, tell him once in private that I thought
he looked Hot the very first day I saw him when I started
working at this warehouse. (I'm not openly gay.)
He just casually laughed it off. But I also think he
is just being leery of men he might suspect to be gay.
And we do have a known gay guy in our warehouse.

I have no doubt Papi has been ogled or at least admired
by men in the past; he's so visually irresistible!
Therefore I don't wanna make whatever mistakes
those guys in the past have done to make Papi so leery.

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