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Older Lady Neighbor request.

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By LongSchlongDong [Ignore] at 14,Jun,18 09:59   Pageviews: 80

Was doing laundry 1 day naked waiting for clothes to dry. I walked in the garage to the dryer forgetting the garage door was open... My Neighbor across the street in her 50s single whos husband left her a few years back was standing in my drive way when I walked out... She saw everything and I turned Red. Covered up and asked what she needed. She asked to borrow gas for the weed eater. So I gave her some gas.... About a week later i was getting my Mail and she walked outside and asked me a question.

She said she normally don't do this but after seeing me the other day it had been on her mind all week.. I said what.... She said.... She had been thinking about sucking my dick all week and wanted to know if she could and would pay me or what ever for compensation. I didnt know what to say at first.. but I realized she prolly had not seen or had dick in a few years and me being half her age sparked something in her...

I told her let me think about it and after about a hour... I said sure why not as long as it stays between me and you. She Gladly accepted and set the date for the following Thursday since I had the day off.

When Thursday came around and she called me and asked if I was still coming over to let her.. I said yes and walked across the street. She asked me if I had to be any where or any plans that she was interrupting. I said No....

We then went into her house and into her bed room and she asked if she could film herself sucking my dick... I said sure as long as my face is not in the video I dont mind.

This lady asked how i wanted to be compensated by time.. or by the load or what was the stipulation...

I said its up to you... She said she would like to pay by the load.... I said ok.. How much per load she said 30 bucks which seemed fair... then she asked if She could have 10 to 15 loads today...

I said yea no problem i needed the cash and she clearly wanted a full stomach of cum... It turned out to be a 15 hour blow job session. She even let me take a nap in the middle while she continued to suck and play with my balls. Needless to say a few weeks later she asked if her and her friend could suck me off at the same time.

I said sure why not. They ended up handcuffing me for 2 days naked while one had my dick n their mouth at all times and would swap off..

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