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Donald Trump's New Hotel in North Korea.

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By Celestial [Ignore] at 17,Jun,18 23:48   Pageviews: 72

I finally figured out Donald Trump! He is playing the Monopoly board game WITH HIMSELF. In monopoly, getting hotels on the board is the ultimate goal. That's all Trump is into, hotels....and golf courses. (Are there any golf courses on the Monopoly board game?)

This is EXTREMELY SERIOUS. I'm not sure how much of the summit meeting between Trump and Kim you watched, but Trump was obviously using his position as president to get on Kim's good side....so Trump can put some of his hotels on North Korea's beaches; he specifically mentioned that. To me, Trump looked as though he was totally out of his comfort zone not being able to understand the various foreign languages spoken in his presence; no wonder he got out of there so quickly. I also heard he gave Kim Jong un his personal number, too. How convenient.

He truly is playing the Monopoly game with himself and is ALREADY GROVELING to Kim in order to put his hotels on Kim's beaches. The frightening thing is that Kim Jong un recognizes this fact. Donald Trump will do anything to get his hotels in North Korea. So Kim has control of our president and can demand anything of Donald; in essence, Kim now controls America (by remote control) through HIS PUPPET, Donald Trump. Kim Jung un now has an operative, at the highest level of government in the USA.

All Kim has to do is say he wants this or that (could even be another Otto Warmbier to experiment on) and Trump will gladly give it to him. If Kim told Trump to drop an atomic bomb on America, I believe he would do just that. In my estimation, Donald Trump doesn't care one iota about anyone else or anything; only getting more hotels on his Monopoly board game.

From this point forward, life for everyone will steadily get worse while Trump is in power; the whole world is now in free-fall. Donald Trump needs to be evicted ASAP (like yesterday). Mike Pence would at least be a bit of a moral compass. The major thing is Pence would not be a puppet on a string trying to get some lousy hotels on North Korean beaches.


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By kebmo [Ignore] at 10,Aug,18 15:01
An excellent analogy. He's just a puppet to the people that will help him get richer when he's done fucking up the USA.
By Celestial [Ignore] at 11,Aug,18 04:00
What the rich don't seem to understand is that things aren't going to work out as they planned!

By Mazinga [Ignore] at 18,Jun,18 17:45
EXCELLENT blog, my friend! And I thought I was alone
seeing through Drumpf for what he is, you Nailed it
right on point: Monopoly. And THAT is the Only reason
why he ran for Office in the first place.

I'm Puerto Rican by bluud and heritage, and American by
native birth... I will NEVER forgive Drumpf for the way
he insulted my fellow Puerto Rican U.S. Citizens on
the island when he visited there after hurricane Maria
battered the island. Tossing paper towels at my people!
What a fuckin INSULT That alone was, besides accusing
Puerto Rico of "putting our economy out of whack"!
HE left the island with a $30 billion tax dept for
his failed Golf Club there!
He has insulted my people since the days of his
'presidential' campaign run!
Then he ranted about pulling the Red Cross out of
PR and no longer sending any more disaster relief
to the island!

To this day, Puerto Rico is still without power
in some areas around the island, thanks to the political
red-tape bullshit between politicians in PR's own
government and Drumpf.

Speaking of Monopoly, and Puerto Rico... I wouldn't be
surprised if Drumpf is intentionally provoking despair
towards the island, as far as disaster relief is concerned.
Already, so many Puerto Ricans have left the island to
come to the U.S. mainland. If more people leave
the island Drumpf would move in to rebuild it into an
expensive island mega-resort... Drumpf is only interested
in Puerto Rico for one thing: REAL ESTATE.

If Drumpf can hijack America by the pussy,
he'll have NO problem Rayping Puerto Rico!

Now Drumpf is playing ball in N.Korea's court;
he Doesn't know what he is dealing with as he's
kissing Jong Un's ass.
We definitely need to keep a watchful eye on Drumpf
now more than ever.

(just my 2 cents here)

Thanks for writing this blog and sharing your
view of the situation!
By Celestial [Ignore] at 20,Jun,18 06:03
Hi Mazinga, Thanks for reading my blog and your kind comment.

I did happen to see that news clip of Trump tossing out rolls of paper towels to the Puerto Ricans. I could barely believe my eyes. What the fuck was he thinking? He seems to enjoy kicking people when they're down.

At that point in time, I didn't even think about the angle that Trump would be interested in Puerto Rico for real estate (and hotels, etc). Excellent observation!

I posted this comment on Twitter a couple days ago:
"When We the People ov the earth are finished with Donald Trump, then he will be stone broke, a homeless vagrant with no credit or prospects of working as a dish-washer or peeling onions in any of his former hotel kitchens."
By phart [Ignore] at 21,Jun,18 22:21
I am sorry But I can't agree with everything you have said about Puerto Rico.
Don't take this the wrong way,it is just a observation of my own ok? I know the storm did alot of damage.But it was not the first 1 and will not be the last 1.
1 of the largest power company's in the US sent men and equipment over there to try and repair the electrical grid and it was so out of date and in shambles it was all but impossible to restore power.But the company spent millions trying to help.
As for Trump throwing paper towel's,eh kinda strange yes, but at least it was something useful to clean up with after the terrible storm. A hotel In PR? I doubt it. Most folks know better than to build their castles in the sand so to speak. For all the millions spent to rebuild the country,it will all be wiped away again by the next bad storm.The money would have been better spent helping the folks that live there relocate to a safer part of the world so once they build homes and family's and schools, a hurricane won't wipe it off the face of the earth causing so much pain and despair on all those poor people over there.Sometimes it is best to realize that a tiny island in the middle of a Huge ocean,is just not a safe place to live and raise a family,it is just to damn dangerous and expensive for others to help rebuild.

And if Trump had tossed 50 dollar bills instead of paper towels, someone would have complained that he didn't throw enough of them or he should have tossed 100 dollar bills along with Walmart gift cards. You just can't please everybody.
By Celestial [Ignore] at 21,Jun,18 22:46
Hi phart. Thanks for reading and your valuable input. Just love the odor of your conversation! When building castles on the sand, then they're sure to sink...or tip over. And Trump didn't need to go there and toss out Huge paper tissues; he should have delegated that task to someone else.

Altering the angle of declination and rotation rate of the planet will change things drastically, especially new land masses and beneficial weather patterns. Over the long haul, it will be a better and brighter future for all.
By phart [Ignore] at 21,Jun,18 23:05
I realize my response was not "politically correct"
Some one bang me over the head with a stick if I ever fall into the bottomless cesspool of political correctness.To be politically correct means a person has to forget about common sense and not speak their own mind but only repeat what some other dingus says.

my post was not meant to convey I have no heart or feel any sorrow for a peoples suffering. I actually do have a heart .
It is just fact that repeating the same thing over and over again,as in rebuilding a island after a storm,will just bring about more of the same result.
Yes,those poor folks need help.But perhaps not the help they get.To continue to keep them there,on that small island to constantly get their world washed away is inhumane to say the least.

And I forgot to address Trump and Rocket man.
Frankly, Trump was the only man with the balls to go over and actually sit face to face with Kim. Who else has done that lately? Yet,instead of looking at the huge milestone and encouraging more dialog between our nations to bring about peace,everyone wants to nickpic the meeting to death.
Kim has a very tiny country,surrounded by large 1's that could crush his country and it's people in a instant. To expect him to give up his defense advantage,the nukes, means someone will have to step up to the plate and be there to defend his country if need be. Who else but the US? The worlds renta cops.
I just wish people would sit down and look at the important issues with a open mind instead of a closed 1. Don't like Trump?Well, you don't have to like him.Hell,run against him in 2020. I seriously doubt most folks that criticize Trump could do any better than him in any aspect of the job of leadership.The boo's always come from the cheapest seats.
By Celestial [Ignore] at 22,Jun,18 00:55
I'm sure you have a heart; I've learned everyone has one. You have a sensible solution for Puerto Rico; you should pursue it.

I didn't vote for Trump AND I don't like the way he represents me, or the U.S. abroad. I don't feel the need to run for office when I can control it with my voice, even though I didn't vote for him. I'm fed up with his antics; So, all I need to do is start putting my foot down. You could say I'm on the warpath, but haven't yet put on my war paint.

Trump's meeting with Kim was a trap which he gleefully jumped into...with ulterior motives. When it's over, he will regret he ever ran for president.

The American people need to learn how to choose their presidents more carefully, to start with. Until they do, they will have misery multiplied.
By phart [Ignore] at 22,Jun,18 09:28
The chance of the meeting being a trap is there,no doubt.But it is or was a start.what happens next will be what matters most.
I knew Trump was a 5th grade bully when I voted for him.But at the same I knew America needed a tougher guy in our corner that the others that were running.

I have often said there is no 1 smart enough for the job,that is dumb enough to take it.
Could you work with the harassment that either obama or trump has taken while in office?
By Celestial [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 16:23
My chart predicted Trump's victory.

By Gntlmn [Ignore] at 18,Jun,18 20:43
Yep. He's Putin's fat-assed, tiny-handed, moronic bitch
By Celestial [Ignore] at 20,Jun,18 05:44
Thanks for checking out my blog. Normally, Putin should look up to him....but when you consider Trump, well....

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