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Trying To Behave

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By Klamb [Ignore] at 20,Jun,18 11:39   Pageviews: 40

I have a very close young friend. He is nothing short of gorgeous. Despite a 30 year age difference, we spend an almost ridiculous amount of time together. He's 20, openly gay and one of the sweetest people I have ever met. He also has an amazing body. Men and women both openly gawk at his good looks and folks of all ages flirt with him...he usually finds it creepy but he lives with it.
Most days, he comes to my house to hang out or we go to the park, or out to eat. Before you think its a sugar daddy situation, it's not. He'll practically fight me to pay the bill for dinner. He works part time while in college and comes from a family with no real financial issues. We often joke when he pays the bill for a meal, that he's going to write on the tab "It's not what it looks like!" So then, what is it? And what is it becoming?
We talk a lot, about everything. He looks to me for paternal advice and for friendship. Lately, he's been looking to me for physical contact. Nothing really sexual has happened but he loves to cuddle with me and he loves hugs. If I'm sitting on the couch, he'll straddle me for a hug. I **** to admit this but it turns me on! I've noticed lately, it turns him on too. Knowing that I have a partner, he asked once if this was "cheating". As nothing was coming of it, I told him I didn't think so. The hugs and cuddling have intensified since then. If I know he's coming over, I usually jack off before he arrives so as to lessen the chances of an uncontrollable hard on. This doesn't always work.
He was over the other night and the cuddling started to really become intense. Our hands were going a lot of places. Again, no kissing, nothing overly sexual but my hands were on his ass and thighs (and they are perfect!). I could feel the heat from his erection and could feel it against me. I'm sure he was well aware of mine too. It was all I could do to not take it further.
Why the hesitance? Aside from my aforementioned partner, he gets a fair bit of grief from family and friends for spending so much time with this 'older white guy'. His mum is convinced that we spend all of our time fucking and sucking, especially at the park. She's worried that we'll be arrested for public indecency. I've had sex in parks and other public places before but its not 'my thing'. Its not something I strive for. I'd also wager that he's too shy for that. He'll get cuddly at the park, under the right circumstances, but that's probably just because he's comfortable with me. He especially loves it when he cuddles up and I growl in his ear. He says it makes him feel safe.
Neither of us is complaining. We really enjoy each other's company. But with the ever increasing intensity of the cuddling, the apparent hard ons, etc...I just have to wonder how much longer I'll be able to behave myself.

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By #532695 [Ignore] at 21,Jun,18 21:56
What exactly is the agreement between you and your partner? If this violates that trust - in your opinion or your partner's - then you should chill with your young friend. Or renegotiate the agreement with your partner.

There's something to be said for chilling. You would dodge any risk that this would ruin your friendship.

By pifad [Ignore] at 20,Jun,18 13:51
I had a similar experience and I donít envy you one bit. Pm me if you like

By tb1 [Ignore] at 20,Jun,18 12:42
Youíre a better man than me, Iíd have given in long before now.

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