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Encounter with my ****

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By anikey [Ignore] at 21,Jun,18 04:11   Pageviews: 64

Recently i found out that my **** secretly following me. When ever i am alone in my room she try to peep in to my room. I do get horny easily just thinking about sex. My **** has good assets. I do ogle on her. some time i do fantasize about her. Few nights back she barge in to my room when i was chatting on my mobile with unknown chick. It was sex chat and i was having full hard on. She dropped at my side and started reading my chat. I try to send her out but she denied so i did not forced her to go out and we both started chatting. she drop her hand on my hard on and started massaging. I log off my chatroom and asked her why she is doing this and she said that i want to do things with me. I said i could i do thing with you. You are my ****. and its not possible.some how i convinced her and left her. After few days when i was sleeping she came in my room . I was in deep ****. I woke up when i felt some disturb. I open my eyes. I was was shocked. She has pulled down by boxer and was playing with my hard dick. I tried to stop her and again told her that she is my **** i she could play with my cock. And then she said bro which world are leaving. Those days are gone much more early. Now a days most of bro and ****. are very active in sex. She narrated stories of her friends who are fucking with their brothers. After telling me all those stories i could not resist my self and started kissing her. I removed her cloths and made are fully necked. She had nice firm tits of size 34 and down below nice hairy cunt. I love hairy cunt than cleaned shaven one. She was having exactly of my test. I told her that i liked shaven cunts and she said that then what are u waiting for just go down and make me come. i dive down in to her cunt and started lapping it. i was fully engrossed in leaking her cunt. she tested so good. she started coming profusely. Don't know how long i was leaking. she stopped me and said bro that more than enough now u fuck me hard. I spread her legs and buried my cock in one shot inside her oozing cunt. Her cunt was very tight. I asked her its her first time, she said once only before our encounter she had taken but she did not enjoy that it was done very hurriedly. And that boys cock was much smaller than mine. I fucked my **** for half and hours before tempting my cum in to her cunt. She enjoyed her fuck some much that now she want my cock once in every night. We both are enjoying it. But same time i am worried that if out mom finds out that we are fucking then what will happen. but my **** is very daring she is saying that bro don't worry i if sees us fucking then i will pursue her to join in our game. She are confidante that she will convince her and then it will be threesome. I am not showing her that i am very disparately waiting for that day when i will take both of them at same time. I will narrate that when it happens till then keep on waiting.

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By sissyevelynn [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 12:36
I can hardly wait to hear the rest of the story.

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