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Fantasy come true

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By 2small2satisfy [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 04:21   Pageviews: 74

Late on evening we were entertaining a couple of guys we just met. Sitting around b.s.ing and having a couple of cold ones. Just before midnight one of them asks if it would be ok if his buddy came over and hung out.within a Few he shows up with another guy. All good no problem. My wife gets everyone a fresh beer and the night continues. One of the guys heads to the john to piss. A couple minutes later I hear a slight commotion down the hall. I get up to investigate and as I'm heading down the hall I hear my wife start yelling for me and I noticed a couple of the guys following me close behind. Confused at first, go to open the bedroom door and I'm grabbed from behind pushed thru the door and to the floor. On the way down I catch a glimpse of my wife with her clothes half ripped off and one of the new comers on top of her. Immediately I'm brought to a kneeling position and someone grabs my hair and yanks, holding me in a direct sight of the event on our bed. The guy holding my hair gets right up close to my face and says in my ear- hope you like watching your wife get passed around! Were going to fuck the shit out of her! And your going to have a front row seat! But i guess a worthless little faggot like you will probably like it! Dont ya - you little bitch! Meanwhile the other two guy have joined in and finished stripping her naked. One guy is fucking her- one guy has his cock in her mouth essentially throat fucking her! Their all laughing and talking about the things their going to do to her.I hear you like my big fat cock inside you dont you slut?! Say it, tell me how mush you want this cock bitch, and he slaps her across the face. Say it bitch!! She slowly complies and starts repeating everything they tell her. Shes moaning and screaming- begging for their big cocks! I'm told to stay put and still...or else! He released his grip on me and heads for the bed saying its my turn man, save some of her for me! Because I'm being completely compliant and not moving- they take notice and start verbally attacking me about being a gutless pussy, not even trying to save my wife.they start making me repeat their statements.**** me to beg them to fuck her, begging them to cum inside her etc.calling me worthless and noway a real man.one of them ask her; is your husband a fag? She replies right away yes! They all laugh and continue taking turns asking us questions- she reveals that I'm a full blown faggot, how I love big cocks and how I dont satisfy her. They attack quickly, oh he must have a little dick, she confirms and adds how I like being teased about my little dick. One of them orders me to stand up, drop them pants and let us get a look at this joke of a penis she says you have! I hesitate, do it now gay boy! I undo my pants and start to pull them down. My dick is shrunk and shriveled from the fear of whats happening. As soon as my pants statd to come down, they notice right off I'm completely shaved and hairless. Check it out....the faggot shaves! The head of my dick springs out- straight out, about 2 inchs. Historical laughter fills the room.omg dude! Thats not a dick!! Another guy says what, your dick stop growing when you were 8. No way that little thing satisfing no woman! She tells them how I beg her to fuck other guys and shes watched me get fucked by lots if guys.the guys that are fucking her continue slamming her hard and add a derogatory comment every few min, but the two free direct their attention to me. That true faggot? You like it when other guus fuck you wife? Yes i reply.they almost get mad about it and start getting serious about fucking with me.go find some rope, one guy says, lets fuck this little bitch up! He steps towards me and shoves his cock in my face. You like my cock in you face bitch!? He slaps me several times with his thick cock.you wanna suck it dont you faggot?! Again I reply yes! He grabs me by my hair and drags me closer to the bed and puts me in direct view of my wifes vision. He sticks his cock back in my face slapping me again, rubbing it in my face.now, open up and suck my cock in front of your wife! So she can see first hand what a waste of time you are! As soon as I open my mouth he shoves it in - yeah suck it- take it sissy! Look at your so called husband! Sucking my cock like a good little fag. Guy with rope returns and says what are we going to do with this little piece of shit! He swings the loops of rope striking me dead across the ass! I jump and lung forward in pain causing me to ram the cock farther down my throat. Hey do that again, harder! Lets see if he can take it all! Again he lashes my with the rope even harder.I again lerch foward- he grabs my head and forces me to deepthroat him. Again and again I'm stuck with the rope, on the other end I'm held full deepthroat. Rap that line around his little dick, i wanna see just how much he wants our cocks! My shriveled dick is quickly sinched tight and he says tie that other end over there somewhere. Give him just enough to get to me. After ajusting the rope to the right distance I'm ordered to get on all fours and crawl.come her bitch he says. I stretch as far as i can to get to his just out of reach cock. I'm forced to continue stretch my privates to their limit.finally I'm aloud to reach just the head.I'm ordered to keep sucking. By this time I've watch all of them viciously fuck my wife.they have had her in pretty much every position. She has massive amounts of cum covering the majority of her face and body. Jer swollen pussy is beet red and oozing cum. They move her to the edge of the bed in place of the cock I was sucking. Still tied and stretched to the max, I'm told to start licking up the cum thats covering her body then my head is pushed and held to her dripping stretched out cunt. I do as I'm ordered and struggle to suck all the cum from inside her. I can see the fear, sadness, and emotions of just being gang raped by complete strangers. They continue for hours fucking and degrading us.they did everything imaginable to us: they made us fuck while being penatrated anally from behind, they even made her straddle my face as they fucked her. They continually trashed us both verbally,we were forced to exspose all our secrets and admit all the truths about ourselves. They knew everything! We were both drenched in massive amouts of cum and in pain from the things they did. We laid on the floor covered in cum,spit, piss, welts, and red marks from the hours of abuse.as they left they said: we'll be back to do this again soon!!!
She never did find out I set that up and payed them to do it!

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By sissyevelynn [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 08:42
You are sooo sweet to do this. I hope that she enjoyed it as much as you did. I would love to see a picture of you and her covered in cum.
By 2small2satisfy [Ignore] at 23,Jun,18 10:19
Ive set many situations up for both of us over the years but that one she never knew I was behind it.

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