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My First Time at 72

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By Oldguy [Ignore] at 24,Jun,18 11:52   Pageviews: 103

First time with a guy.
Met a guy walking out of the water with a surf board at Hanalei Bay Kauai. I had been watching him surf and he was not a surfer. I engaged him in some small talk about surfing. He had been on island a few days on business and had decided to stay a few extra days to try surfing.
He asked me if I lived there and how long. He wanted to know what I thought about him buying a condo as a vacation place.
We agreed to talk it over dinner. As I remembered it he said he would buy me dinner if he could pick my brain about buying and living there. Free food sure.
We went to his hotel room for a beer or two and for him to change his bathing suit.
We sat on the end of the bed and talked long enough to drink a beer or two. He then went to take a shower. I picked up the TV turner to see what was on. The picture came on just as he return from his shower. Naked with just a small towel. I donít think he was trying to flash me but I was between the bathroom and his clothes.
The picture on the TV was porn. To make it worst it was a guy working on the head of a juicy cock. May have just cum.
He was embarrassed. He told me he had been on the road for a couple of weeks missing his wife he started to watch porn. I noticed his towel started to rise. I was also starting to react. I tried to look away but kept his cock in my field of vision. He had to walk in front of me to get to his clothes.
I started to laugh and the he started to giggle. Then we were both laughing. By now the towel was now really poking out. We could hear one guy on the TV thanking the other. He reached down to adjust the towel. One end slipped out of his hand. There was a very hard 5 maybe 6 inch cock. But what I remember his hand hand trying to cover a very nice cock. I looked away. He may have been stroking it I donít remember. I do remember looking at the guys on TV and thinking there was a hard cock right next to me.
As he started to apologize I turn back to him. He had turn his back to me. He again was telling me he had been on the road for almost three weeks and was missing his wife and had been watching porn. I was trying to tell him I understood because of my wifeís illness I had not had sex in four or five years and had started watching porn too.
By this time he had recover and was starting to walk by me as I told him my wife had died. That kinda jolted him and he stopped. And turned towards me and started ďI am really sorry........Ē. There right in front of me was a hard cock just under a towel. All the months watching guys on TV took over. I reach up and started to feel his cock under the towel. I then dropped my hand and started to apologize. He mumbled something and dropped the towel. My hand sprung right back but this time grabbing his naked cock. I had never felt another guys cock ever. I just held on and he just stood there. Then he started to squirm a little and I started to pump him. Donít think either of us were thinking at this point. He sat down and spread his legs. I had both my hands on his cock and was working it very slowly. Think I was afraid he would make me stop. With only the head showing I placed my fingers over the head and he froze and took a deep breath. I started squeezing, just a little at first. I then started pumping him slowly. I think I thought he would pull away if I went to fast.
He swore and kinda asked if he could see mine. I think at this point I had forgot I had a cock. I turned a little more to the side and dropped my pants and under pants. I stepped out of them and a little backwards. Next I felt his hand on one cheek. He was trying to turn me so he could see my old cock. As I turned to his front his hand firmly grabbed my cock. He also tightened his grip on my right cheek and squeezed. Then I could feel him squeezing my simi hard cock head. What a feeling, no guy had ever handled my cock. I looked down and could not believe what I was seeing. I watched him roll my cock in his fingers.
Then inexperience took over. He started to lean forward and slipped off the edge of the bed. He fell into me and I kinda stepped over him. My cock was almost in his ear.
He turn his head and kissed my cock. Then licked once. I held my breath. He then licked it more and then took it in his mouth. I thought my wife had been good. His mouth felt a whole lot better. Probably because I was so horny. No sex in several years will do that to you.
We crawl up on the bed. At first just laying on the bed fondling each other. He then kinda pushed me back on bed and slowly started to suck my cock.
I was trying to get his cock in my mouth. Just as I got it in I came.
Donít remember exactly but next I knew he was on his back and I was sucking him. I had just lifted my head when he got off. Did not get any in my mouth. Most of it on his stomach. I got it back in my mouth and got a little taste. He then pulled my head off of him.
We just laid there catching our breath. I really canít tell you how long it was.
He told me had been missing his wife and watching porn for a couple of weeks. And had never been with a guy. I explain that I was in the same boat but more without wife for more than a year and another three without sex. Just a couple of horny guys.
At some point we decided to go and eat. He rolled off his side and I went off the foot of the bed. As he walked by me I reached out for his soft cock. He stopped and kinda offered me a better look. I took his soft cock in my mouth. Loved the feeling so soft and spongy. I could feel it getting harder. Very quickly it was as hard as a rock. Lucky him.
I let his cock out of my mouth. I laid back and spread my knees hoping he would suck mine. Much to my surprise he started to probe my asshole. First sliding up and down my crack. Really different feeling. I was trying to squeeze his cock between my cheeks. Then I felt the head of his cock trying to enter me. I really didnít know what to do or say. It started to hurt and he then stopped pushing and I felt something warm on my ass hole. He stood up and said ďOh God I sorry.Ē With his hand still pumping his cock. He finished cuming on my cock and balls.
Dumb guys. No lub no protection no checking with partner.
We both showered separately and had dinner together. Laughing about what we had done especially for both of us our first time.

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By starjack [Ignore] at 01,Jul,18 06:40
Super hot encounter...thanks for sharing!!
By Oldguy [Ignore] at 30,Nov,18 12:58
Thx. Have walked that beach many times sense and wonder who would be interested.

By tb1 [Ignore] at 24,Jun,18 13:27
😋 good story, made me warm and fuzzy, is there more please ?
By tb1 [Ignore] at 22,Nov,18 17:02
Good on the second reading too
By Oldguy [Ignore] at 30,Nov,18 12:53
Thx. My mind keeps taking me back.

By knewbi [Ignore] at 21,Nov,18 13:19
Great story!! What a wonderful end to a chance encounter.... Got me hard reading it. Any man on man encounters since?
By Oldguy [Ignore] at 22,Nov,18 11:27
Really scared me. It took sometime for me to realize I like it and want more.
Still looking and hoping.
By knewbi [Ignore] at 23,Nov,18 11:15
There are guys all over the place wanting this but matching up and meeting is always tough... As horny as guys can get I always thought that it would be easier to get together with guys than girls. But it is not any easier... Go for it though. Try Free site and I have met most of my get togethers there.

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 12,Jul,18 17:53
Very nice story of your 1st encounter! Did you come back to the room and do some more. The first time can be an easy so hot you just do something you did not think you would. But the next time you really want to try it again! You have had time to think about it and go for it more wholeheartedly!

Write about the next time you played with a cock now that you have had your cherry broken here!!! Read about my times in my blogs!
By Oldguy [Ignore] at 13,Jul,18 03:14
No he had a early morning fight home. We still exchange emails, a few each year. Mostly when one of us is going to Hawaii. We both feel about the same about what happened. Only difference is he is married.

By JimmyFunBoy [Ignore] at 29,Jun,18 12:35
Wonderful experience.

By pifad [Ignore] at 26,Jun,18 05:16
Such a great story.

By up-for-it [Ignore] at 24,Jun,18 14:48
As it goes for most of us, not perfect, unexpected, but something you will remember! Thanks for sharing!

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