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By disabilityawareness [Ignore] at 26,Jun,18 17:58   Pageviews: 43

I front usually write posts like this but oh well...

I hear the term "Gender Blind" being bandied about a lot these days. I subscribe to the concept of gender blindness with regard to equity, but not when it comes to sexual attraction.

I feel like my generation is afraid of compartmentalising, and so they say "Ooh, we don't want to put people in a box by talking about their gender." But I believe that by searching for attractiveness "regardless of gender", you're actually doing people a disservice by glossing over an aspect that should be celebrated - someone's essential "maleness" or "femaleness" (or both). It's part of what makes us who we are, and it's often something we feel proud of about ourselves! Let's not turn gender into "the G word."

This is why I prefer the concept of bisexuality because, often, it celebrates attraction precisely BECAUSE of gender difference - among other things.

By the way, this is not a coming out post: I'm still straight.

And I guess I should add the usual disclaimer that I don't mean any of these things in a phobic way; these are just my thoughts.

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By Nawmie54 [Ignore] at 07,Jul,18 00:11

By GEORGIE10 [Ignore] at 27,Jun,18 09:50
Well said.

By pifad [Ignore] at 27,Jun,18 01:32

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