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By shimmer [Ignore] at 02,Jul,18 19:20   Pageviews: 43

I'm more of a voyeur then exhibitionist and watching people (or person) have sex is my thing. I would say I never had sex with a guy, but that wouldn't be true, I have had one dick in my mouth years ago. Another lie, I have had two different dicks total and if I am honest I truly sucked each one and enjoyed them both. The first time I tried it my friend was driving while I was sucking him but I stopped when he said he was about to cum. The second dick I sucked I was determined to complete the experience. I tasted and swallowed cum for the first time that day as my friend's hot cum exploded into my mouth. Although those friends were the only two times I tasted dick and cum, and even having enjoyed both experiences, I never had the opportunity again. Well maybe I have had the opportunity but never took it as I was married.
Now, as I browse this site and see all the lovely dicks being proudly displayed, those times I sucked one (2) are replaying in my head (NPI}. I know I am now ready to increase my total of sucked dicks, at least by one. All I need is opportunity, I have the time and the desire.

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