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Older man, BUSTED MY BUBBLE!!!

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 03,Jul,18 22:12   Pageviews: 110


Also could be titled as:
"Older Man, HOT ASS!!! Finale!"
Because these past four days the weather has been
very HOT and oppressively Humiiiiid!

(Cue up White Zombie)
"more huuumiiid thaaan a huuumaaan...
more huuumiiid thaaan a huuumaaan...
more huuumiiid thaaan a huuumaaan...
more huuumiiid thaaan a huuumaaan...

The weather in my region (upstate NY) these past
four days is in the friggin upper 90s to 100.
Hot, sunny, and oppresively Heeeeeuuuuuuu-miiiiiid!

My landlord won't allow us tenants to have air conditioners,
because the circuit in my rooming house apartment building
is very old and could blow out as a result of the overload.
So, it's friggin HOT inside the building!

My old man tenant-neighbor, whom I'd seen
butt-assed nekked in the hallway on the
past few occasions... he had such beautiful long hair
even though he is balding.

I had been fantasizing about getting off with him.
I had dreams of running my fingers through his long hair
while he sucks my cock.

he SHAVED his fuckin head! SHAVED! Completely!
Like a BALD scrotum sack! A human avocado!!!
If you pull a turtleneck over his head now he's like
a freshly exposed virgin glans with stubble!
He shaved his head BAAAAALLLLD!

Now he looks like... MAHATMA GHANDI!

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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 08,Jul,18 04:53
Maybe he thought he would stand a better chance with you if he shaved his hair off,running around naked in the hallway didn't work
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 03:15
i should sit him in the corner, like a Buddha statue!
By up-for-it [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 16:11
You can start a new religion!
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 12,Jul,18 15:04

By bella! [Ignore] at 04,Jul,18 01:09
YOU fricken crack me up, Mazinga! You need to take your comedy act to local comedy clubs because you really are so entertaining and so fricken funny!
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 04,Jul,18 23:38
Imagine seeing him walk the halls naked now...
...if his complexion were lighter he'd be
Casper The Friendly Ghost!!!

By pifad [Ignore] at 04,Jul,18 14:10
I want to know if you sucked his cock
By Mazinga [Ignore] at 04,Jul,18 23:31
At this point, he might as well
have shaved his cock, too!

By Mazinga [Ignore] at 04,Jul,18 23:29
He shaved his goatee off.
Now he's gone full-blown Ghandi!

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