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By up-for-it [Ignore] at 08,Jul,18 05:25   Pageviews: 47

We all have that certain type of guy we like.You know the one you see in the street and think,yeah i like some action with him....but think,that guy will never think of having some action with me!

I placed an add on a site "Daddy looking for a playmate"
Had some reaction and one kept mailing back and he wanted to meet up,so we arranged a time and place. Having done that before and been stood-up i didn't expect too much of it, but went anyway,you never know!

The meeting spot was under a bridge by the river, not far from where i live and him too. When i got there i saw a van parking under the bridge, looked at the guy and saw the guy of guy that always make me think yeah i wanna....

So i thought; no that can't be the guy i am supposed to meet here,he got out of the van; tall,muscular good looking tanned, he looked at me and went to the other side of his van to, as i heard ,open the side door

He then looked back trough the windows and beckoned me with his head, my heart almost stopped: that is the guy!

I went over to his van we got in, said hello,chatted a bit and before i could really believe it, his pants were down and i had his cock in my mouth and he was sucking me!I couldn't resist running my hands over that muscular body, playing with his nipples

He came quickly, i don't come quickly and he didn't have much time,so we agreed to meet again!

I never thought i would ever suck a good looking man like that,but a while ago i told myself to let those good looking men make that decision for themselves.

The result: i sucked a dream guy!

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