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Swinging Part 1

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By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 09,Jul,18 20:20   Pageviews: 100

My wife and I saw a late night TV show where people were explaining what swinging was. They said they got together and swapped partners for sexual fun and excitement in their love lives! We thought it was interesting but not for us. Well we spent a couple of years talking about the subject from time to time. Finally we decided to find out more about it but up close and personal!

We located a local group of these swingers and made a dinner date with 2 couples to ask some questions. We went to dinner with them and found they were just a couple of nice people just like anyone else we knew. Theny honestly told us anything we asked about it.
They made it sound not so creepy as the show did. They told us that everyone in their group were just normal coulpes looking for a bit of extra added sexual excitement to their already good love lives! They told us that no one ever had to do anything they did not want to do at any event. Tehy said that usually a bunch of couples got together at one of the groups homes and had snacks and drinks and most of them then had lots of sex. with each other. You just had to ask someone or if someone asked you to play with them you could go play or say no or even simply not now thank you! Again only do or try what ever you want to do at any time!

They just asked us why we wanted to know and if we wanted to come to a party soon! We said still thinking about it. They gave us a phone number and told us to call when we wanted to attend a party. They said we could even come to a party and just watch the goings on some evening!
We said thank you and we all left for home. We talked this all over for about another month before we decided to attend a watch only party. We called and got the information on when and where.

We got excited and very nervous on the party evening! But we drove to the location not knowing what we would see or do!

When we got there we met one of the couples we had dinner with. They put an arm band on us both as an identifier to the others. They showed us around the nice house. Place for drinks and snacks. Lots of places so just sit and talk. There was a pool and a hot tub outside. There were already a few couples in the hot tub. Most were naked some in swim suits. All just talking but everyone was sort of touchie feelie for sure. We were told as far as out hosts knew we would be the only newbies at this party so everyone else would know each other! We were escorted back into the house and shown some rooms to have sex in. One with a huge matteris they told us was for group style sex for lots of people to enjoy most anything with a number of folks all at the same time. Another bedroom with a couple or smaller beds for less than group action but still in view of many people while you fucked. Then there was one other room for private sex time. A small room with only one bed taking up most of the entire space! The guy told us that there was one more room for serious sexual fun if we wanted to see it. We said we wanted to everything. The next room was out almost in the garage area. The door was thick and there was all types of things attached to the wals and other stuff hanging from the ceiling. Chains and harneses and whips and paddles and some stuff we had no idea what they were. Our couple told us this was the BDSM room for the group. Most other homes did not have one of these only a couple others did. We were told that if we wanted to know more about this type of stuff they would find the home owners to explain it all. We said we could guess what most of it was for and right now did not need any more explanation of this stuff!

They lead us back to the main room. There was a lot of new people there now. We were introduced to a few people and were told if we wanted anything to find them or the other couple we went to dinner with. They would be happy to assist us with anything but we might have to find them and wait a bit for them to be available. We said thanks and just sat down with a drink to relax and talk about some of this. They told us to walk around and go in and out of any of the areas but not the BDSM room to watch and see what ever we wanted to watch. They also told us to just talk with anyone and ask any questions that the arm bands told everyone we were new and only wanted to check this all out so they would not bother us. If we wanted to actually play to just join in and have fun! They left us to our selves!
We talked to each other and watched some folks come and go from the sex rooms from time to time.

After about half an hour of seeing people moving around and most of them now fully naked we started to move around to see the real sexual fun and games going on!
The closest place was the group room! It was also the most active tonight! The matteris was completely full of naked bodies. All rolling around into each other. Some having simple missionary sex. Others enjoying some type of oral sex with someone. One gal was having anal sex with one guy and eating a womans pussy at the same time. We watched this for a long time sort of in ah of it all going on with out any problems. Some people would reach out and touch another person right next to them! A couple of women were being fucked in the pussy and they had each of their tits fondled by another person. Lots of areas here were hd to tell who was having sex or what type of sex with whom else!

After a bit we moved down the hall to the smaller room. As expected they was only a few couples in there but they were each fucking with more than one person. One bed had only 3 people 2 men and one woman going at her. She was sucking one as the other fucked her ass. The other bed had 4 people all in one huge pile just doing what ever they could sexually to any one else they could reach. One gal was sucking the other ones nipple and twisting the other nipple at the same time. The guys were fucking one as and one pussy during all this. Then they pulled out and everyone changed possitions to do something different. Cold not tell who was doing what to whom! We went down the hall again to the smalles room and found the door closed. We knocked and someone said ok to come in There was only one couple in that room. They were just fucking. They told us if we wanted to we could lean up against the wall and watch. The gal also told us if we wanted to we could reac in and fondle any parts we wanted to to help them get off. But asked that we not join directly in on the fucking this time. They were trying for some slightly private fucking but we were allowed to play a bit if we wanted to!This time we stood there as they went back to their fucking with each other and got lost in their own fun. We watched for a few minutes. I was about to leave as my wife reach in and grabbed the guy by his balls with one hand and one of the gals tits with her other hand. She squeezed both areas and leaned in real close to see the responses. I stepped back a bit and watched as my wife seemed to be enjoying herself joining in like this. After a few minute she let go and turned and left the room without saying a word to me. out side the room she leaned up against the wall and took a few deep breaths. she simply said now that was fun. She asked if I was ok with it. She did not know why she did it but that is was very fun to be part of that scene!

We went back to the main room. most of it was empty. The folks were all doing some fucking or a few were in the pool area. Even there a couple was doing 69 on the pool deck. Someone had sort of covered them up a bit so the neighbor could not see them. We went to the hot tub. One woman told us that sex in the public areas was sort of a no no do to neighbor kids. The actual neighbors were in the BDSM room having fun but their kids sometimes tried to look over the fence. The kids were also over 21 but were not allowed to join in when mom and dad where at a party!
We talked with a few more people about thier own when and why stuff about swining. At about 3AM we got tired and found one or our hts and told them we were leaving but did have a great time. We also Asked them to please invite us the next time. Not sure yet if wee were ready to jump in and jooin in all the fucking fun but we sure had a good time tonight. We went home and were so horny we fucked a few time more than usual and talked about everything we saw and did or wanted to do! Wife was a bit embarrased about joining in the one time but still aid she had fun doing it for sure. I told her I enjoyed seeing her playing with the guys cock and balls! For the next couple of days we fuck our brains out everytime we even thought about everything we saw.

We decided we wanted to go back and try some of the fun we saw. Wife said maybe we could just have sex with others watching! I asked what she would do if someone wanted to reach in and feel her up or wanted to eat her pussy or anything else as soon as she got naked? She just said she would hve to make up her mind at that time she guessed. She asked wht I would think or do if she told the others ok. Would I be ok if she got played with by anyone there? I said right now just even thinking about her playing with other people made my dick super hard and my balls tingle so I guessed it would be ok but we both would need to see at the time. We asked each other what we thought we would do if we looked over and saw each other having sex with someone right next to each other. Have to see we guessed.
So the next day we called and asked for an invite to the next swing party as participants this time!


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By knewbi [Ignore] at 10,Jul,18 13:57
Great story. My wife and I are swingers and have been for about 15 years now. It is so much fun and the people generally are down to earth. Although you do run across a wierd one now and then. Also, porn film stars will sometimes turn up. We ran across this one young black guy that just loved my wife and wanted to fuck her often. Fortunately, he was fairly massive, attractive and knew exactly how to work my wife over. She has had many get togethers with him alone over the years. We have slowed way down recently but still have great memories. Loved seeing my wife being ganged up on by half a dozen men though. Sort of miss that.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 18:01
Yes we too found that the vast majority of the player were just your next door neighbor type people that wanted the same as you do. They just like having sex for the fun of it.

Also yeas some odd folks show up and will not give you a real name or anything else about themselves. You fuck then if you like but many others just do it one time and then ignore them

Once in a while the bedpost notched show up as well. Those that only care about fucking as many people as possible for the numbers of it. Folks learn who they are and ignore them as well.

Most sex clubs are made up of locals that come to every party and get to know each other. You learn the fun ways to get each other off. Some are adventurous enough to try new things with well known friends so that makes things stay exciting as well.

New people are allowed to show up and watch and learn from long timers so they feel safe as well. We had lots of good fuck buddies to ply with until we had to stop as well!
By knewbi [Ignore] at 13,Jul,18 12:23
Exactly. We had a few real good clubs for swingers and they were always fun to go to. One house had private by invitation only parties and that place was exceptional. I remember one New Years Eve party. Within seconds of us entering the door the wife was gone and I did not see her again until midnight to ring in the new year. As soon as the champagne was gone so was she. We later talked about the evening and I was so surprised that she had done all that she said she had. Ya have to love a wife like that.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 25,Dec,18 00:02
Yes you do and it seems so did many others that nite!!!
By knewbi [Ignore] at 26,Dec,18 14:20
Hahaha!! Exactly.. Just love watching her sexually with other guys and gals...

By #556372 [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 19:15
Our group is made up of employees at the hospital my wife works at. They are down to earth people with a hunger for new partners. We don't allow strangers unless they come with a member and they have to use protection
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 22,Nov,18 16:50
Are the members all nurses or are there some docs in the mix?

By smallcockboy [Ignore] at 10,Jul,18 02:48
Sounds fucken hot. Can't wait to read more.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 18:10
Oh stay tuned for a lot more. If I am not getting any at the moment I am willing to tell about our 1st few times with a bunch of great folks. Got lucky I guess we had lots of real good nice folks that helped us to learn about the fun of being a play couple with out hurting each other or our marriage at the same time!

Check out Part 2 and tell your friends to read and comment as well. Lots of us on this web site!

By vab69cpl [Ignore] at 10,Jul,18 13:20
Thats a great story and love how you two stayed open minded with eachother. I'd love to hear part II when you finaly do play with others.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 18:07
Just posted 1/2 of the next time. The part about what I got to try. Later I will write more about what the wife did. Turned our she was almost more into actually doing all this than I was. Some in the end of Part 2 but more later.

By #556372 [Ignore] at 10,Jul,18 13:50
Great stuff. In our group of swingers we don't have a BDSM room. Each member brings whatever equipment they may like to use, but, they are not allowed to use it on others unless they have an agreement. We start the parties with a hat pick to match the first encounter. What they do is up to them. No one is forced to have sex but most do. Afterwards, it's an open setting. You can have sex with anyone you like if they also want. Since the idea is to exchange partners, there's seldom a turn down. Candy has a lot of fun at these parties.
Our group has 13 couples and 4singles+1. The house owner provides the house. All else, food drinks, booze,mats, set up and cleaning is done by other members
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 18:05
Most places I know of do not have a BDSM area either! It just turned out that in this group of people 2 of the couple had their own play room and allowed some of the swing members to utilize it if he wanted at any party. But most knew it was there and some had tried a few things or times most did not partake in that type of fun and games. After the "50 Shades " books came out a few more ladies wanted to try but most gave up due to too much pain ws not their thing at all.

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