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"Older Man, HOT ASS part 4: Craving it!

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By Mazinga [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 02:56   Pageviews: 37

The Visual Tease Continues!!!

Will there ever be any end or a resolve
to this continuing saga?
Only Time, Destiny, or Fate would know.
"Older Man, HOT ASS part 4: Craving it!

Yeah, it's about my coworker "Papi", again.

I'm beginning to wonder if he's actually Commando
in his work pants?
He wears underwear, but he wears his pants loosely
they sag as though he were a young thug!

I'm always commando in my jeans and shorts,
especially when I'm at work; but I always keep my
belt buckled on tight.
On a few occasions I've come to work commando
wearing my black cut off sweat pants... they're a
medium size, so you could see the definition in
my ass dimples right through them and you'd be
able to tell that I'm not wearing any underwear.
Whether or not Papi has ever noticed my ass I'd
really never know unless he accidentally bumps
his bare hand against my ass when walking by
passing behind me as I'm bent over lifting boxes.

Enough about Me; this is about PAPI! lol...

It seems lately he's been bending over quite a lot
whenever I'm nearby... that's quite peculiar for a
Straight guy (or seemingly "straight" guy).

Perhaps he's so subconscious he's not aware that
his buttcrack is obviously showing whenever he's
bending over to pick something up or rearranging
stock on the lower shelves in our back room
warehouse department.

Papi's waist is a size 32 or 34, so he's almost
as slim as I am, just five or ten pounds leaner.
His ass is slightly bigger than two deflated basketballs
held together side by side... a perfect fit in my palms
if I were to kiss and make out with him!

Yesterday was a delightful day of eye-candy Ass.
His buttcrack showing, as usual... this time he
wore an inner t-shirt that was tucked in, but it had a
massive torn hole in the "tail" area.
A "Fart Vent"? um... NO.
He often bent over to pick up a box--- the top HALF
of his ass was peaking out!
Natural blemishes, tiny skin bumps; Scottish/Italian
sexy skin tone on that ass like he'd been at the beach!
And OH that soft youthful butt skin, so plump,
so virgin, and so tempting!

Some folks have a buttcrack so big you could
burn DVDs in it!
But not Papi... his buttcrack looks just so right
and perfect for frotting into.

OMG, I wanted to pull my cock out and rub it in
there between his cute bubble ass cleavage!!!

B O N E R R R R R!!!

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