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Swing Part 2

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By kre8tor69 [Ignore] at 11,Jul,18 17:51   Pageviews: 70

We discussed everything that happened for over a month. We finaly decided to try it one more time. But this time we wanted to be much more active with more of the group. So we both decided that it would be ok to play with others together and maybe seperately as well.

We called our host friends and made a reservation to attend the next party at the end of the week. We went to a new address and went inside. We did not see our frinds so I asked the nearest person for a tour of the place. They ave us a name and told us they had only bee to 3 parties before themselves. They showed us around. The place had sort of the same play areas. But this one did not have the eperate BDSM roon. We were told that if we wanted to do any BDSM type stuf we had to wait until most everyone else had gone home and then just watch or join in on somethig going on!

We seperated and went to get a drink thins time out by the hot tube in a huge back yard with no need for privacy fencing someone told s. Both neightbors were here tonight any way!

A mature couple walked by and the woman grabbed my cock and gave it a tug. She said hello and then asked if I would take her to a bed right now. I looked at my wife wo was talking with the womans man. She gave me an ok nod so I just followed the woman still tugging my tool! When we got to a bed she leaned in and told me she prefered to be eaten to an orgasm before we did anything else. She flopped on the b on her back and lifted her knees to open her pussy wide. She plae a couple of fingers at the top of her pussy and pulled the lips wide open and said well go for it stud! I only hesitated for a few seconds then dropped my face into her already damp pussy. I think she hd already been fucked because I could tell her pussy was full of cum dripping out a bit. Not even thinking about that I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her warm wet pussy! I licked her up and down and every which way I could think of. She quickly began to moan and rock her hips side ti side and up and down. She started to moan real load and roll her head fro side to side. She let go of her lips and reached up and began fundeling her nipples very tightly! I guess I cleaned out all of the other guys cum because now all I tasted was pussy juice and lots of it. She was breathing quite deep and then just stopped. Her entire body was heaving. She gasped for one big deep breath and then just stopped moving. She quickly grabbed the back of my head and pulled it as hard as she could inot her pussy. My nose was buried deep and I was sucking in the scent of her cum! She let go of my head and pushed it away so I had to stop licking nad sucking her pussy completely. She told me she needed a few minute to rest before we went on! Fine I said and she cuddled my hear into her pussy for some time!

In a few minutes she said ok now what would I lke her to do for me! She said I could have one hole this time. Any hole at all so she could see how good I was. She said next time I could choose a different hole to play around in. She said she liked all 3 of them to be played with and sometimes even all at once. i asked her which one she liked the best to have played with by guys new to some of this. She said anybody can fuck a pussy so I sould try her ass or her mouth this 1st time.

I told her that the last time we came here the woman sucked and drained my balls many times nonstop and they hurt for 3 days afterwards. My partner said then how about fucking my ass. I am very tight still but that my balls would not get hurt this time as long as I did a decent job of fucking her ass!

Ok I said and sat up and found she was already tuging on my cock to make it stand up for her to play with. Lets start by making it easy on you she said. Let me roll over and stick my ass in the air for you. She did She said that lube was in the side drawer. I got it and applied some to my cock and more to her ass hole. she told me to stick the opening of the tube up her ass and squeee some inside. I did that a well. She then quitely asked me if I had ever fucked any asses before. I told her sheepishly NO! Good and she told me to follow her directions completely and all sould be great.

She wiggled her but close to my dick. She took hold of it and pressed it to her but hole. She told me to press in towards her slowly. She slightly rolled my cock against her opening. I could feel the head of my cock breaking through her ass. She then told me to grab her hips and push a bit harder. I did and my tip slid inside her but completely. She stopped moving and told me to do the same. Just say still and let me do the work for a bit. As she rolled her but around and from side ti side she pressed back on my cock. I could feel my didck slowly moving inside her ass with every motion of her but. I guessed I was about half way inside her. She stopped again. Next she tol me to finish the job by pulling firmly on her hips an giving my cock a good shove. I should feel her but cheeks slam into my belly and my balls hit her pussy. When I was balls deep she said stop and she ground away on my cock side to side and around and around.

She was brathing harder now! Ok she said now pull almost all the way out but do not let it slip completely out this time. Leave te head still inside. I did what she said. my cock was hot and being squeezed firmly by her ass hole. She wispered that since this is my 1st ass fuck ever she would let me go with only the basics. Now shove your cock in balls deep slowly thi time. I did. How does this feel she asked. Great I moaned. Best fuck ever so far I told her. More to come some other time **** she said. Now Fuck my ass this deep every time as if it ws a pussy. It feels good to me so yu just enjoy my ass clamping down on your tool until it squirts inside deep. Do what feels good to you this time. But try fast strokes and slow strokes and short ones and mostly for me these real deep ones. This time I will not care how long you last but the next time you better last a long time or I will hurt your balls before you leave the room! That cared me a it but my cock felt so good I ignored it. I pumped in and out doing all of the theings she suggested. I could feel my cock and balls start to tingle! Finally in a few minutes my cock poped its cork and began to cum deep up her ass. She could sense I was blowing my load up her ass so she began working her ass against my cok until I finished.

But when I was done she reached back and grabbed my balls and told me to keep fucking until she was done as well. My brain began ti recall the BJ I got the lastime. My cock stayed firm enought to keep fucking barely. Her ass was squeezinf my cock and almost pumping my balls for more cum. She finaly hd anothe orgasm and pushed up hard against my belly and stopped movein altoghter. She let go of my balls and relaxed. My cock went limp and fell out of her ass. She fell forward on her face leacing me sitting up and dripping slightly.

I got up off the bed and went to wipe my cock off in the bathroom.

I wondered wht my poor wife was up to while I was gone. I hoped she was doing ok in the main room with a few drinks.

As I walked back to the main area I walked by the group room. I heard a farmiliar moan and looked in. I guess I did not need to worry about my wife. I could barely see her in the middle of the group of people she had her face in a pussy with one cock up her ass. Ther was one woman sucking one nipple and one guy squeezinf the other tit real hard making it bright red. There seemed to also be a cord hanging from her pussy. Some sort of vibe I guessed. We looks like she was enjoying herself to the max.

I went and sat in the main room with a drink to relax for a bit. The only thng that was not relaxing was my again very stiff cock from the sights of my wife fucking almost a room full of people wo she really did not even kow their names. Oh my cock would get worked out this next week for sure.

I am sure she will want to come back again! Soon too!!!


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