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My first and only threesome

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By michaela2001 [Ignore] at 12,Jul,18 12:36   Pageviews: 90

It was many years ago that my ****-in-law came to stay for a couple of weeks. She was just a year younger than me and my wife and was divorced from a brutal marriage.

My ****-in-law is called Brenda and my wife is Jane. At that time Jane & I had a good sex life, or so I believed at the time and we often talked about having Brenda **** with us and it seemed to quite excite did me.

Anyway, one day, Brenda went to her aunt for just a few minutes, she had forgotten to tell her something important and an hour later she returned. Jane & I had had a bath and asked Brenda if she would like to watch a porn movie with us. She said yes and I said for her to go and have a bath since we had done that, then when the film was over, we could just go to bed. She went for her bath and I got the movie set videos in those days, just a projector and a screen, silent movies too. This one was of a group of people playing around in a small swimming pool outside in the sun. When they came out of the pool, they helped each other out of their costumes and dried each other then started having sex. It was wonderful, there were 5 couples all together and they all helped each other along, watched each other and sometimes changed partners for a bit. I loved every minute of it.

Anyway, during the film, Jane put her leg over mine and I put my hand on her thigh and opened her dressing gown. I saw Brenda`s eyes widen a bit and said to her, "Would you like me to do this to you too?". She smiled a bit but was unsure so I asked her to come and sit next to me. She did and I put my hand on her breast outside of her dressing gown. After a few seconds, I felt her relax a bit so I opened her dressing gown and was now playing with two women’s tits at the same time. Jane was playing with my cock and I was hard. I moved my hand from Brenda`s tits and brought her hand onto my cock too. Oh my God!! this was fantastic. I went back to her tits, Jane leaned over and kissed me and then I leant over and kissed Brenda. Now I was getting really hot and decided that I needed to be on my hands and knees in front of them. I got on the floor and asked them to move together a bit so that I could easily reach both of them. I had my head in Brenda`s lap, kissing her tummy, then moved to Jane to kiss hers, all the time fondling their tits.

Once the movie had finished, we went to bed. I asked Brenda if she would come and **** in our bed but she was reluctant until Jane said it was OK. I had already been told by Jane that I could do anything except fuck Brenda. I said OK because I really wanted this night now. We all climbed into bed, I was in the middle and I put my arms around both of them. Jane started playing with my cock again and I had to move to be on my hands and knees again so that I could see them and touch them both. I pushed the covers back and saw them both lying naked before me. I started with Jane and moved between her legs to suck and lick her pussy while fondling her tits, I put
my hand on Brenda`s pussy and gently stroked, not entering, just stroking. After a while, I moved across to Brenda and began licking and sucking on her pussy too. This was fantastic, two women in bed with me!! both naked, both allowing me to play with them, to lick them, to suck their nipples too. I was in seventh heaven.

After about an hour of this during which I had sucked their nipples, licked their pussies, fingered their cunts, had my cock sucked by both of them, albeit not very expertly, I climbed onto Jane and began to fuck her. I knew I wouldn`t last long so after a short time I climbed off, lay back and she climbed on top of me. Now Brenda could easily see
my cock fucking her **** and I got her to move round so she could see. Oh God!! but just seeing that she was looking at my hard cock pumping her **** got me soooo hot you wouldn`t believe it!! She put her hand down and held my balls and I nearly shot my load then. She then moved around as Jane sat up and I saw her suck on her sisters nipples.....Mmmmmmmm....fantastic!!

Anyway, I didn`t last for too long and I shot my load deep into Jane’s pussy and she seemed to cum too. I say seemed because that is another story.....

We all three went to **** soon after, I went to **** wrapped around Jane, holding her tits and I awoke in the morning wrapped around Brenda, holding her tits. It was a wonderful night and one I treasure still. It never happened again but remains in my memory as a wonderful night and one I still dream of repeating.....

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By maturehornyBiguy [Ignore] at 27,Jul,18 17:21
that was 50 years ago? WOW! Awesome hot story. I've never hd a 3-sum but I have fantasized. Thanks for turning me on and getting me stroking

By kebmo [Ignore] at 13,Jul,18 19:04
Nice hot story! I am wondering though why it only happened once. There was some stirring in my orange panties. I also had one and only one threesome. It was three guys though.
As for the censored words, I switch the i for l and vice versa. Br0ther has a zero in it. The reader's eye gildes by without noticing. See,I just did it.
By michaela2001 [Ignore] at 14,Jul,18 11:11
Thanks for your comment, the opportunity never arose again and I think the s1ster-1n_law felt very guilty after. Now, 50 years later, I can still get excited about it.

By tb1 [Ignore] at 12,Jul,18 13:23
good read
By michaela2001 [Ignore] at 12,Jul,18 13:30
Thanks, sorry about the censoring.
By tb1 [Ignore] at 12,Jul,18 19:40
What some ppl do is spell s.l.e.e.p etc with periods between the letters
By michaela2001 [Ignore] at 13,Jul,18 09:08
Yeah, I just didn't expect so much censoring from an adult group and particularly of "safe" words.

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