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Ravioli_Max's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Thank you everyone, who entered my contests.   22,Oct,18 00:46

Please enter my contests very soon-I would sure appreciate it.   17,Oct,18 21:57   4 comment(s)

Goodbye, Orchis.   08,Oct,18 16:54   14 comment(s)

Thank you for all the clicks.   11,Apr,18 00:39   2 comment(s)

Taxes...Taxes... :-P It's Tax Time.   05,Mar,18 06:05   14 comment(s)

Which gem of a person gifted me with a Red Diamond Membership?!?   29,Jan,18 17:07   2 comment(s)

I wonder how Peach did it?   06,Dec,17 09:03   5 comment(s)

I recommend seeing Blade Runner before it leaves the theaters.   22,Oct,17 04:30   11 comment(s)

How come more people don't fill out, "Several Small Things"?   06,Oct,16 08:02   10 comment(s)

Wait a minute! :(   21,Sep,16 01:38   2 comment(s)

Bums.   05,Jun,16 19:28   7 comment(s)

Leilani Got Nailed. And...Likely Almost Robbed.   05,Jun,16 19:23   9 comment(s)

God Damn It...(The Ball Game.)   01,May,16 02:23   6 comment(s)

I will NOT mess up in the Play Ball! game ever again.   27,Apr,16 05:29   13 comment(s)

I lost a friend, and I'm so sad.   14,Dec,15 19:15   8 comment(s)

Bipolar People   14,Dec,15 01:46   6 comment(s)

Something brought to my attention regarding my medical training.   03,Dec,15 04:22   5 comment(s)

Sometimes Even Soulmates Have Lovers' Quarrels   27,Nov,15 15:32   3 comment(s)

Fun Questions Answered! (With special thanks to Vinnie) Who else wants to answer   22,Jul,15 16:58   10 comment(s)

I hope to be owned by someone who furnishes me with the daily whip.   29,Mar,15 12:00   8 comment(s)

I want to save my girl's comments too because of what we said to each other on V   06,Mar,15 17:22   5 comment(s)

I'm saving these before they become deleted.   06,Mar,15 17:16   1 comment(s)

Saving these too...   23,Jan,15 16:20   2 comment(s)

Saving these too before they get deleted...   07,Jan,15 07:23

Preserving what the nice folks on this site have said to me before these get del   05,Jan,15 10:05   9 comment(s)

Just for fun...About Me:   15,Aug,14 12:04   18 comment(s)

Hmmm...did staff miss seeing it?   28,Jul,14 02:58   2 comment(s)

New Here.   27,Jul,14 08:04   2 comment(s)

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