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PlaysInPanties's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Hi to all my sexy Sisters, Sissies, Daddys, and Friends   21,Oct,17 13:51   5 comment(s)

I luv...   29,Dec,16 18:43   8 comment(s)

A sissy used by Daddy   06,Jul,16 15:44   13 comment(s)

A Erotic Spa Visit   28,Jun,16 10:39   10 comment(s)

Ass Fucked in a Mexican Strip Club   01,Mar,16 17:52   30 comment(s)

Sex with Tiffany, a M2F transgender girls first dick   29,Jan,16 02:38   13 comment(s)

Bisexual Awakening... My Story   28,Nov,15 11:59   18 comment(s)

My new Daddy fucks me!!@!   25,Nov,15 18:53   16 comment(s)

I Love To Play With Uncut Cock!   11,Jul,15 14:36   21 comment(s)

Approached in a Bar, our second encounter.. My First Cock!   01,Jul,15 16:17   5 comment(s)

This is how I fuck my sissy- gurl   12,Jun,15 17:11   23 comment(s)

My baby fucks me   23,May,15 22:45   11 comment(s)

I Want To Suck Your Cock   24,Apr,15 00:21   12 comment(s)

the throat fuck   19,Feb,15 13:06   6 comment(s)

Approached in a Bar, our second encounter   28,Nov,14 17:31   4 comment(s)

Take it baby like a good slut..   28,Nov,14 14:02   8 comment(s)

The Job Interview   28,Nov,14 11:03   5 comment(s)

Approached in a Bar II   27,Nov,14 16:18   5 comment(s)

A Fantasy Encounter...   25,Oct,14 22:19   19 comment(s)

Approached in a Bar   12,Oct,14 18:26

My first time with a man..   12,Oct,14 11:32   6 comment(s)

My sexuality   12,Oct,14 11:21   8 comment(s)

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