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JustWill's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Coyote Boy Has a Boyfriend   15,Nov,17 23:31   2 comment(s)

Break is over   31,Oct,17 18:17   5 comment(s)

Taking a break from writing Coyote Boy stories for a bit.   24,Jun,17 15:49   10 comment(s)

A Humble Request to My Blog Readers   31,May,17 09:23   9 comment(s)

The Goblin's Confession   31,May,17 08:41   2 comment(s)

Mark's Turn   14,Apr,17 12:39   4 comment(s)

An Apology Blowjob and an Unapologetic Fuck   25,Mar,17 00:06   2 comment(s)

Gloating   21,Mar,17 18:48   6 comment(s)

Eric and I Have a Fight   14,Feb,17 19:22

Interlude: How My Guys and I kept Each Other Satisfied Between Weekend Sex-Fests   17,Jan,17 18:45   2 comment(s)

MERRY WHATEVER, ASSHAT!   21,Dec,16 08:23   6 comment(s)

Questions for folks who read my "Coyote Boy" blog posts:   15,Dec,16 13:48   10 comment(s)

Eric's Birthday Wish: Ride 'im, Cowboy   10,Dec,16 13:21

Blowjob Time For My Two Guys   06,Nov,16 17:19   4 comment(s)

Not That I'm Bragging, But....   05,Nov,16 16:56   4 comment(s)

Lunch, a Fuck, a Handjob, and a 'Sorta Blowjob'   29,Oct,16 16:45

The Next Chapter   08,Jul,16 14:51   5 comment(s)

Coyote Boy Tales   28,Jun,16 15:36   8 comment(s)

The Gay "Lifestyle"   28,May,16 16:52   22 comment(s)

Seriously, this shit REALLY happens to me...   27,May,16 22:07   11 comment(s)

I'm Not Really Sure WHAT This Is   27,May,16 21:45   7 comment(s)

Junk From My Thought-Box   27,May,16 21:31   3 comment(s)

Eric and I Pass the Time While Mark Makes Lunch   27,May,16 18:34   2 comment(s)

Some Insight Into What Passes For My Mind   08,May,16 11:00

Dear Alex Trebek:   08,May,16 10:06   2 comment(s)

Because No One Asked Me to Stop...   08,May,16 09:51

If You Ask Nicely, I Will Stop Posting These Brain-Droppings   16,Apr,16 16:29   4 comment(s)

Mark and Eric Fuck Me Again   16,Apr,16 10:48   4 comment(s)

And again with the silly...   10,Apr,16 23:23   2 comment(s)

Additional Mental Flotsam   09,Apr,16 22:54   8 comment(s)

More Brain Droppings   09,Apr,16 14:00   2 comment(s)

Another odd thing that fell out of my head   08,Apr,16 13:35   2 comment(s)

"Hey! What's up with this non-COYOTE BOY crap, Will?"   04,Apr,16 13:29   12 comment(s)

Another non-Coyote Boy Thing   02,Apr,16 22:12   7 comment(s)

Some Thoughts on Stoopidity...   02,Apr,16 18:52   6 comment(s)

A non-Coyote Boy Essay (It's safe to read, Alex!)   02,Apr,16 18:40   6 comment(s)

Coyote Boy Gets His Ass Fucked   22,Mar,16 22:49   10 comment(s)

To regular readers of my blog   16,Mar,16 12:09   2 comment(s)

The next chapter is called:   02,Mar,16 15:52   3 comment(s)

Snow Day!   29,Feb,16 23:25

Question for Coyote Boy Tales readers:   19,Feb,16 17:15   8 comment(s)

A Mid-Winter's Tale   05,Feb,16 16:49

Answering "Viewer" Mail   02,Feb,16 13:18

Coming soon!!!   01,Feb,16 18:37

Thanks for Reading!   23,Jan,16 14:24   4 comment(s)

New Year's Eve Sucks...(Conclusion)   19,Jan,16 18:39   2 comment(s)

New Year's Eve Sucks...(Part IV)   29,Dec,15 22:38   2 comment(s)

New Year's Eve Sucks...(Part III)   30,Nov,15 17:58   4 comment(s)

New Year's Eve Sucks (Part II)   19,Nov,15 17:42

Not the Next Installment   09,Nov,15 15:39   2 comment(s)

New Year's Eve Sucks...In the Best Possible Way (Part I)   01,Nov,15 00:45   2 comment(s)

Making a Coyote Boy Sandwich   30,Sep,15 15:33   5 comment(s)

In the Middle   27,Aug,15 16:44   2 comment(s)

Airtight   25,Aug,15 15:28   6 comment(s)

Mark's Bed   22,Aug,15 10:45   3 comment(s)

I Didn't Know it Could Happen Like That!   20,Aug,15 19:00   7 comment(s)

What's in a Nickname?   19,Aug,15 08:49   1 comment(s)

Interlude: Coyote Boy and the Goblin +1   18,Aug,15 19:51   2 comment(s)

The Next Morning   18,Aug,15 13:23   6 comment(s)

After the Showers   18,Aug,15 08:12   4 comment(s)

Mark and I Get Clean (and a Little Bit Dirty)   17,Aug,15 16:34   2 comment(s)

Eric's Shower Blowjob   14,Aug,15 20:20   6 comment(s)

A Jock and Two Comic Book Geeks Walk Into a Shower   14,Aug,15 16:58   3 comment(s)

Getting it Out of the Way   14,Aug,15 16:28   6 comment(s)

Eric's Cock   13,Aug,15 20:18   7 comment(s)

The Answer to Eric's Question   13,Aug,15 13:47   9 comment(s)

Caught!   13,Aug,15 01:57   4 comment(s)

Interlude: Fun With Coyote Boy and the Goblin   13,Aug,15 01:50   6 comment(s)

Mark's Ass   12,Aug,15 21:43   3 comment(s)

I Am So Fucked   12,Aug,15 21:25   5 comment(s)

Learning Curve   12,Aug,15 21:17   9 comment(s)

Mark's Evil Plan   12,Aug,15 20:15   4 comment(s)

Mark and Me   12,Aug,15 13:25   10 comment(s)

Just posted a new chapter.   11,Aug,15 19:09   2 comment(s)

The First Time I Sucked Cock.   11,Aug,15 12:55   25 comment(s)

That's just fuckin' creepy.   07,Jul,15 16:09   13 comment(s)

My Blog   09,Jun,15 17:21   4 comment(s)

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