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Littledick4's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Son of a bitch, i just got caught !   03,Nov,17 17:29   3 comment(s)

still cant belive it   03,Nov,17 06:22

Just caught my wife 3   03,Nov,17 05:38   2 comment(s)

Just caught wife 2   03,Nov,17 05:13

Just caught wife   03,Nov,17 05:03

Iso 9 inches or more   03,Nov,17 04:56

Iso 9 inches or more   03,Nov,17 04:56

She outs my tiny dick   03,Nov,17 00:27   4 comment(s)

Random bs   03,Nov,17 00:22   2 comment(s)

One of my favorite's   29,Aug,17 19:55   2 comment(s)

All about my dick   29,Aug,17 19:21   2 comment(s)

Wrong first impression   29,Aug,17 18:46   3 comment(s)

Hope it happens soon part 2   10,Apr,16 11:50   1 comment(s)

Hope it happens soon!   03,Apr,16 11:56   2 comment(s)

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