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HeroWorship's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

The Spy Who Loved You   02,Aug,18 18:35

The Skeleton Key   25,Jul,18 06:40

Dance Macabre   15,Jul,18 17:37

Kimono   13,Jul,18 12:47

White Widows   13,Jul,18 12:46

Who is The Saint?   13,Jul,18 12:46

Apeman Cometh   13,Jul,18 12:45

Dr.Meddleson & The Beacon   05,Jul,18 20:31

Wishmaster in the Seven Seas   28,Jun,18 18:25

The Edge of The World   13,Jun,18 19:47

El Padre de la Nada   28,May,18 21:33

Pirates of The West   03,Mar,18 02:54

In the Shadows of Giants   05,Apr,17 18:47

Narcissus Rising   03,Apr,17 15:05

Los Vendedores De Humo   20,Jan,17 22:27

La Mano Derecha y El Espinazo Del Diablo   16,Jan,17 20:18

The Dormant Predator   07,Jan,17 17:47

Mondo Brain & The Majestic Seven   19,Sep,16 20:14

The Bear & The Gorilla   11,Sep,16 09:32

Strike of The Umbrae   01,Sep,16 21:18

Infernal Vessels   21,Aug,16 14:01

Altars of Genus   30,Jul,16 14:43

Deities of the Lost   24,Jun,16 00:01

Flight from Orion Aviary   24,Jun,16 00:00

Hero Worship   24,Jun,16 00:00

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