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kygayjosh's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Appropriate slang words for penis?   29,Apr,17 03:11   2 comment(s)

Should blacked out photos be used on here?   29,Apr,17 01:32   3 comment(s)

Recent poll   29,Apr,17 01:26   2 comment(s)

Technology played tricks on me today   03,Apr,17 21:58

Weekend   31,Mar,17 00:59   2 comment(s)

Wish you could totally baN a user and not see any of their pics   03,Mar,17 01:33   2 comment(s)

So annoying   22,Feb,17 12:41

Open message to this site's admin   14,Feb,17 12:20   5 comment(s)

Is this truly a BB world now?   08,Feb,17 21:41   3 comment(s)

I'm preducied...   12,Jan,17 17:37   2 comment(s)

Hooking up!   08,Jan,17 01:47   2 comment(s)

Barebacking for Poz seed & PNP is such a major dilemma?   14,Dec,16 01:29

Fantasy Football playoffs   11,Dec,16 20:17   2 comment(s)

PrEP question..   09,Dec,16 22:04

OMFG!   08,Dec,16 01:09   2 comment(s)

Exact location based hookup apps   07,Dec,16 19:50

Apparent HIV/STD spike??   06,Dec,16 17:57   3 comment(s)

90's Gloryholes compared to today   02,Dec,16 22:35   4 comment(s)

It's Wednesday..   30,Nov,16 17:58

Are you being TRUE???   30,Nov,16 16:24   5 comment(s)

Venting -- Hooking up with morons   29,Nov,16 01:11   3 comment(s)

Barebacking??   28,Nov,16 19:53   4 comment(s)

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