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Samman's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

My roommate and my oldest friend sort of   18,Feb,19 22:35

Central Oklahoma residents   08,Jan,19 06:18

My manager and the new guy   08,Dec,18 15:26

Got horny at the mall   23,Nov,18 23:53   5 comment(s)

Today after work   12,Nov,18 17:18

Craigslist and the mall parking lot   22,Oct,18 19:18

My new job   29,Aug,18 00:45   1 comment(s)

Panties some old and some new   19,May,18 14:08   1 comment(s)

m a terribly inappropriate boss   19,May,18 02:25   4 comment(s)

I've really done it this time   06,May,18 23:45   5 comment(s)

My straight married friend continued   06,May,18 03:06   4 comment(s)

Broadcasting myself live   04,May,18 18:53   7 comment(s)

My gf and her ex boyfriend   04,May,18 03:08

My new favorite past time   30,Apr,18 12:42   13 comment(s)

Fishing with two of my married friends   30,Apr,18 01:55   3 comment(s)

My cute ass neighbors house again   29,Apr,18 00:27   1 comment(s)

My super cute neighbor   22,Apr,18 17:59   1 comment(s)

My little gas stations bathroom experience   22,Mar,18 01:56   4 comment(s)

my first time with multiple guys and humongous dicks   20,Mar,18 21:41   3 comment(s)

to shave or not to shave?   20,Mar,18 21:34   9 comment(s)

My ex girlfriend from several years ago   26,Feb,18 23:12   4 comment(s)

Somebody please come watch me   05,Feb,18 00:44

I can't be the only one   02,Feb,18 01:06   8 comment(s)

Craigslist adventure   11,Dec,17 17:07   5 comment(s)

New panties that I'm absolutely in love with 💟💞💞💔   08,Dec,17 22:31

Girlfriends ****   27,Nov,17 22:31   2 comment(s)

Requests please   25,Nov,17 07:59

My new kinda boyfriend   25,Nov,17 02:02   5 comment(s)

A little scared of big dicks   24,Nov,17 01:01   3 comment(s)

House sitting   11,Nov,17 14:27   2 comment(s)

My very very cute roommate is not home   31,Oct,17 07:05

My very first crush on a boy. 😉😉😉   31,Oct,17 05:40   1 comment(s)

Home alone   28,Oct,17 16:40   2 comment(s)

I thought I had a really little dick   26,Oct,17 23:03   5 comment(s)

I just have to get off at the most inconvenient times   01,Oct,17 02:11   2 comment(s)

My Itty bitty dick (good thing I can lol about it. )   30,Sep,17 06:15   4 comment(s)

A drinking night at my buddies house   10,Sep,17 08:18   1 comment(s)

My new favorite brand of panties   08,Sep,17 01:27

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