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Jailbait's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

It's Christmas, again.   01,Dec,17 06:47   38 comment(s)

Unfriended someone.   30,Nov,17 00:16   7 comment(s)

Re saying hi and logging off.   24,Nov,17 05:51   13 comment(s)

**** sex   14,Oct,17 06:11   12 comment(s)

Insults hmm or not.   22,Sep,17 04:58   23 comment(s)

My sexy comments.   25,Aug,17 06:23   13 comment(s)

Sorry.   22,Aug,17 05:15   3 comment(s)

Why the Name change   09,Aug,17 00:05   5 comment(s)

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