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18,Jan,17 09:59
The "tower of power" for sure

16,Jan,17 10:19
I'd have that hot dick in my mouth so quick you wouldn't have time to slap me with it

16,Jan,17 10:06
Dream body and a hit dick, dude

15,Jan,17 06:31
What happened next?

14,Jan,17 05:02
Gorgeous hairy ass, dude

14,Jan,17 01:06
What a Hunk

12,Jan,17 10:49
The older the grapes, the sweeter the wine

11,Jan,17 11:10
Wish I could have been there

11,Jan,17 11:09
I love that kind of mess!

11,Jan,17 11:08
That big dick needs to cum, can I help?

11,Jan,17 11:06
Beautiful I want some

08,Jan,17 05:24
Ah, yes, a friend in need is a friend indeed

07,Jan,17 06:14

06,Jan,17 10:04
Man, I would love to unbutton your jeans and have that pop out in my face

06,Jan,17 07:17
Then I would kiss your mouth

06,Jan,17 03:36
Hot bod, hot cock, dude

06,Jan,17 03:23

05,Jan,17 14:38

05,Jan,17 01:51
That big beautiful dick demands attention

05,Jan,17 01:44

04,Jan,17 11:20
I'm always up for Man Tacos

04,Jan,17 06:44
Wish I could see this in video form

04,Jan,17 06:41
Polly want a pecker?

04,Jan,17 06:40
Please, give me the name of your interior decorator

04,Jan,17 06:28
A beauty

04,Jan,17 06:24

03,Jan,17 04:44

03,Jan,17 04:35

03,Jan,17 04:32
So fine

02,Jan,17 10:27
A beauty

02,Jan,17 10:13

02,Jan,17 08:44
So beautiful

02,Jan,17 07:12

02,Jan,17 03:38
Just lean back and let me suck that beautiful dick

01,Jan,17 19:44

01,Jan,17 19:33
Oh, let me suck it

01,Jan,17 16:49
Man, I'd love to suck you off

01,Jan,17 16:08
MmmmmMmmmmm beautiful

01,Jan,17 15:42
With a half face handsome man and a hot dick Mmmmmm, Mmmmm

01,Jan,17 15:10
Lick Lick Lick!

01,Jan,17 14:27
Would love to hear that Plop Plop sound of you fuck'n my mouth

01,Jan,17 12:44
Man, I want to dive in and suck that thick dick

01,Jan,17 11:35
In my mouth please

31,Dec,16 07:07
Hope your sweet pussy gets a good fuck tonight

31,Dec,16 07:03
Seeing you makes me go all weak in the knees and butterflies in my stomach

31,Dec,16 04:09
Looks like fun

31,Dec,16 03:59
Let me lick that cum off your foot and suck you dick for another load

30,Dec,16 19:09

30,Dec,16 18:20
Man, I'd suck that hot cock all night long