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22,Feb,17 09:49
A beautiful dick, Matthew

20,Feb,17 11:13
Suck that dick and then Let me kiss your beautiful face!

19,Feb,17 03:13

19,Feb,17 03:12
Fill my mouth

19,Feb,17 03:11

18,Feb,17 11:04
Any time!!!!

18,Feb,17 09:52

16,Feb,17 10:17

16,Feb,17 09:54
I'd love to shower with you!

15,Feb,17 23:46

15,Feb,17 23:41

15,Feb,17 10:47

13,Feb,17 10:24
Great dick, love that fur, too

12,Feb,17 07:44
Gorgeous cock

12,Feb,17 07:43
Handsome dude. Hammer dick

11,Feb,17 13:59
Ohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh

11,Feb,17 13:45
LickLickLick,Suck suck suck and cummmm

10,Feb,17 10:58
If all that you do is let someone suck your cock and want to be supported by him Good Luck. Don't go out, don't smoke, drink, go to bars and expect Someone to take you to live in a Southern state, I'll bet the guys are messaging you non-stop! Are you really sure you'd be satisfied with the south? Why not ask for Mallorca or Tenerife (there you won't have to worry about hurricanes)

10,Feb,17 10:12
Big gorgeous cock, dude

10,Feb,17 10:05
I hear you knocking, cum on in

10,Feb,17 09:59
Love to hook up with you and your friend for some quality time

04,Feb,17 09:00

04,Feb,17 05:00

04,Feb,17 04:52

02,Feb,17 11:27
If that is what Adam saw in the Garden of Eden, then I'd better get my ass back in church and pray

02,Feb,17 11:01

02,Feb,17 09:59
A big beautiful dick, dude

01,Feb,17 12:33

01,Feb,17 11:31
Let me do that for you PLEASE

01,Feb,17 10:18
It's always great to see a new post from you.

29,Jan,17 11:24

29,Jan,17 10:22
I want to shower with you sometime

29,Jan,17 09:31
Such a handsome man

29,Jan,17 05:12

29,Jan,17 04:32

29,Jan,17 04:17

29,Jan,17 04:14

29,Jan,17 04:04
Wish I had been there

29,Jan,17 03:04

28,Jan,17 01:41

27,Jan,17 13:13
I'd love get my hands on you

26,Jan,17 12:12

25,Jan,17 10:17
I'd love to get my hands on that beauty

23,Jan,17 10:14
I want to roll those balls around in my mouth