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26,Mar,17 05:31
If I could be there and pull your jeans down just a bit more, your big dick would pop right in my mouth

26,Mar,17 04:48
I'd love to make you cum

26,Mar,17 04:01

26,Mar,17 03:43
Gorgeous dick, dude

25,Mar,17 15:18
ACH, mein Bahnboy

25,Mar,17 15:05
Mann, ich möchte dich blasen

25,Mar,17 14:55

25,Mar,17 14:13
Closest thing to heaven

25,Mar,17 14:09
That's not a snack, that's a three course meal

25,Mar,17 14:03
Nice legs, gorgeous dick

25,Mar,17 13:40
I'd love to lick that up

25,Mar,17 13:20

25,Mar,17 12:43
Looks like you hit the right button by "lix"

25,Mar,17 11:15

25,Mar,17 10:29

25,Mar,17 10:22
Wank that hot cock while I lick you big balls

25,Mar,17 02:38
Cute dude with a beautiful dick

25,Mar,17 01:38

25,Mar,17 01:37
Hot pic

25,Mar,17 01:33

21,Mar,17 15:33
MmmmmMmmmmmI'd love to you

19,Mar,17 08:44

19,Mar,17 08:41
Hammer dick, dude

19,Mar,17 08:16
Dude, I'd love to be on maneuvers with you

19,Mar,17 02:54

19,Mar,17 02:37
That was cool, how does one make a QR code anyway?

19,Mar,17 01:56

19,Mar,17 01:55

18,Mar,17 08:06

11,Mar,17 13:38
Nur schade dass ich nicht zehn Minuten früher dabei sein könnte😥

11,Mar,17 09:52
OMG! I'd to wake up in the morning and see you naked like that

11,Mar,17 09:45
Is that your dick or your mouth?

11,Mar,17 05:20
Hot hot hot

11,Mar,17 05:02
Beautiful dick

06,Mar,17 23:00

06,Mar,17 10:01
Helluva bod, dude

06,Mar,17 03:22

06,Mar,17 03:05
What a MAN

06,Mar,17 02:35

05,Mar,17 10:26
Damn, that is s rock hard dick

05,Mar,17 10:20

05,Mar,17 08:33
Can I take that stick and spank your ass?

05,Mar,17 08:23
I would love to start licking your toes and work my way up to your cock

05,Mar,17 08:10
I want to make you cum so bad

05,Mar,17 06:34
What a beauty

05,Mar,17 06:33
What a gorgeous fick, dude

05,Mar,17 06:29
Man, that big dick is making me all hard and horny

05,Mar,17 06:18
I want to grab you and wank you off