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28,Apr,17 03:06
I want it NOW

28,Apr,17 03:03
Your ass too??!! Greedy girl!

24,Apr,17 01:00
Perfect ass. All it's missing are my hand prints from a proper spanking

24,Apr,17 00:56
Wow. More ass please!!!

24,Apr,17 00:48
It would be tough and take time to squeeze into you with a lot of lube, but it could be done. And then I'd just about split that pussy in two

24,Apr,17 00:33
You have the perfect pussy for me

24,Apr,17 00:32
Gorgeous. An instant favourite

24,Apr,17 00:31
Oh, so you're nice and warmed up for me

I would stretch you ohhhhhhhhh so good. And make sure I left hand prints over both cheeks of your fantastic ass

24,Apr,17 00:26
That is one tight cunny!

21,Apr,17 17:40
Looks just about warmed up for me. I hope she can go again

21,Apr,17 17:38
Incredible! Vicky and her tiny vagina. How would I ever fit into here?!?!

21,Apr,17 17:36
Looks like your delectable cunt has quite a grip on that one finger of yours!

21,Apr,17 17:34
Two words: ass wrecked. That's what would happen if she ever presented herself to me like that

21,Apr,17 17:33

21,Apr,17 17:32
Goddamn. Look at that ass

12,Apr,17 02:41
Wow. HUUUUGE! Would love to put my cock in between them. They may just be the perfect size!

11,Apr,17 11:11
I had a super tight cunt like that last month. It took time to stretch and she was an experienced girl, but once I did she got really pounded. Lots of lube, patience and skill can conquer the tiniest and tightest of pussies

10,Apr,17 01:05
I can stretch Kate's tight ass with something even bigger

09,Apr,17 20:14
I would just about turn your tight cunny inside out

09,Apr,17 20:13
Wow. I wouldn't stop until you were worn out, fucked out, gaping, ruined... and completely satisfied

09,Apr,17 19:47
Gorgeous lips which match your other lips!

09,Apr,17 03:33
My favourite pic of yours. You're shaved bare and showing off a VERY tight pussy

09,Apr,17 03:32
GREAT ass! Your asshole looks like it's never been used

09,Apr,17 03:28
Beautiful, engorged cunt. Instantly favourited

09,Apr,17 03:24
What an ass!!!

04,Apr,17 22:33
I cherish every new pic of your scrumptious pussy, Samara

04,Apr,17 22:32
That is insanely tiny and tight. WOW

04,Apr,17 22:30
Sunlight is really healthy for your vagina

04,Apr,17 22:28
Goddamn! You are unbelievably tight!!!

04,Apr,17 22:25
So hot! I would love to hookup with you at a swinger's club the next time I'm in Europe

04,Apr,17 22:24
GREAT ass! You need to be fucked hard.

04,Apr,17 22:23
I would make that ass mine

04,Apr,17 22:23
I would do the same to her and give her a good gulp too

04,Apr,17 22:22
I love that tight cunt

04,Apr,17 22:21
MILF vaginal perfection

04,Apr,17 17:10
Yes! Beautiful vagina and ass

01,Apr,17 20:37
OMG. Fuck yeah!

01,Apr,17 18:43
I don't need any props like ropes. I have strong arms and would restrain you with my hands. I also have very strong legs and would pound you into submission until you were a quivering, teary eyed slut from making you orgasm punch drunk

21,Mar,17 01:06

20,Mar,17 18:17
Those squats have produced an award-winning ass. PLEASE post more pics!!!

20,Mar,17 18:15
I weigh only 10 lbs less now after losing 25 lbs of fat and adding 15 lbs of muscle. So I'm still "bigger", but definitely stronger with MUCH greater endurance. I've worn out every woman I've been with since my latest body pics were taken.

19,Mar,17 02:40
Jesus Christ, how much lube and how much time would it take to squeeze into something that small???

19,Mar,17 02:32
Oh wow, one of my favourites pics on here

I would have absolutely no mercy on that ass if I ever had you

19,Mar,17 02:24
Very, very, very, VERY tight

14,Mar,17 18:48
I wouldn't fit inside her. No joke.

14,Mar,17 18:45
God, I would destroy that!!!

14,Mar,17 18:44
Lilly, if we ever hooked up you would be totally dominated, manhandled and fucked until you couldn't walk straight for the next few days. I would go until you were worn out and fucked out. And completely satisfied

14,Mar,17 16:30
I would split both super tight holes in two

12,Mar,17 21:08
Hardbodied slut

12,Mar,17 21:07
WOW. An instant favourite!

10,Mar,17 20:42
So tiny and tight I would just about split you in two