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21,Mar,18 20:56
I would absolutely ruin that tiny cunt of yours

21,Mar,18 20:54
Tiny. It would take me at least a half hour to squeeze into her for the first time

21,Mar,18 20:48
Really small and tight!!!

21,Mar,18 20:40
Yes. Ohhhhhhhhh yes!

21,Mar,18 20:29
Gorgeous. You sure know how to get a guy ROCK hard!

21,Mar,18 20:29
*spank* *spank* *spank* *spank*

Then peel those panties off and sit on my face

21,Mar,18 20:28
Nerdy girl with pierced nipples. PERFECT.

21,Mar,18 20:20
Blissful haze indeed! Stunning.

21,Mar,18 00:13
Looks like she's ready to fuck in every room in the house!!!

20,Mar,18 14:51
Beautiful, soppy wet, sticky cunt

20,Mar,18 14:50
What a great ass! I would destroy that!!!

20,Mar,18 14:48
Anne, you are sooooo sooooo tight. WOW.

19,Mar,18 03:52
I would hammer that bubble butt on your bed in that exact, same position until you begged me for mercy

19,Mar,18 03:42
I would turn that tight cunt into my own, personal, pink sock

19,Mar,18 03:39
OMG what a body!!!

19,Mar,18 03:35
Stunning girl. And what a tiny pussy you have!

19,Mar,18 03:33
So inviting! If you offered your ass up to me like that I'd leave you a ruined, cum covered mess

19,Mar,18 03:29
Dripping quim juice is the picture of vaginal and sexual health

19,Mar,18 03:28
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Looks literally like honey pouring out! I'd absolutely destroy your cunt in a marathon pounding you would NEVER forget

19,Mar,18 03:11
I'd love to titfuck her

19,Mar,18 03:07
I'd love to OWN that ass!

19,Mar,18 03:06
You're not kidding!!!

19,Mar,18 03:06
Your tight cunt looks so wet and sticky

19,Mar,18 03:05
Ready? Maybe ready for a hard spank. You'd have to be trained to take a big dick. I doubt you're ready for that

19,Mar,18 03:03
I'd just about split that tight ass in two

19,Mar,18 01:50
You have an award-winning MILF cunt

17,Mar,18 03:20
Agreed. Very apt!

16,Mar,18 01:59
Me. But I might ruin everyone else's fun after my turn. I should probably go last.

16,Mar,18 01:52
I'm surprised you haven't soaked through your panties here.

Or that your engorged clit can't be seen bulging through, either

15,Mar,18 01:12
Both her cunt and asshole need to be opened up. A LOT.

12,Mar,18 23:34
Don't wash! The aromas must be intoxicating!

12,Mar,18 23:29
I'd love to use it next

12,Mar,18 23:27
That tight cunt would be gaping and overflowing with my thick cum if I ever had her

12,Mar,18 22:24
I love it. And I want it. NOW

12,Mar,18 22:22
I would lay waste to your small, tight holes Britney. And leave you basking in the glow of very strong multiple orgasms

12,Mar,18 21:18
She's a champ at stretching her cunt out

11,Mar,18 03:48
I call that time of the month "ass week". I've never heard the diarrhea excuse yet!

09,Mar,18 20:46
Her gaping vagina would be leaking for days if I ever seeded her

09,Mar,18 20:09
This should be framed!!!

09,Mar,18 19:41
I would leave her a ruined, gaping, VERY satisfied mess

09,Mar,18 19:40
I can just imagine the aroma wafting off of her. Must be intoxicating as hell!

09,Mar,18 19:38
The original post couldn't have said it any better!

09,Mar,18 19:33
I love a wide set, very sticky vagina like yours. Would make for a perfect fit for me where I don't have to spend 20 minutes or more squeezing in

09,Mar,18 19:28
I bet those panties are a bit creamy with her peeling them off like that

09,Mar,18 19:26
Looks like her ass is begging for it. I hope he doesn't cum too soon!

09,Mar,18 19:25
OMG. Perfect massive pair