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23,Jan,17 16:42
This is her best pic. Super tight! You would need to squirt on the lube like ketchup for me to be able to squeeze into her

23,Jan,17 16:37
Way to train her for a really thick cock like mine!

23,Jan,17 16:28
Those look HUGE!!!
How big are they?

23,Jan,17 16:27
Great BIG tits might be big enough for a titfuck with me

23,Jan,17 16:20
Beautiful blowjob lips on a pretty, slutty girl

23,Jan,17 16:16
A fantastic fat ass that needs to be properly manhandled

23,Jan,17 16:16
Perfect ass. The only thing missing from it is my hand print

23,Jan,17 16:14
That's a great way to train and open up any girl's ass

23,Jan,17 16:09
Can that tiny, little pussy take a really big cock? Because I think I would just about split you in two :O

17,Jan,17 03:22
Thanks. I've seen all your pics and know you would love it and cum all over it until you were all fucked out

16,Jan,17 00:48
Perfection. I sure hope you're being serviced every day until you're spent. Because I know I would if I ever hooked up with you

16,Jan,17 00:47
I don't know where you are, but I would've had you right there after taking that pic

15,Jan,17 19:21
I would feast on you and expertly tongue both holes until they opened up and you were fully relaxed. Then I'd go to work on you with something a bit bigger

15,Jan,17 19:19
Oh my God! How would I even squeeze inside you?

15,Jan,17 15:53
Is that the whole thing you wanted to say? I think your comment may have gotten cut off.

15,Jan,17 15:52
Hair always gets in the way of showing off a delectable cunt, such as yours. I've always prefer shaved. Even if leaving hair, it should be trimmed and nothing left from the clit on down. I have my preferences and that's what I demand of all the girls I have. Would look a lot hotter. That's for sure. And go well with your great ass, especially if your asshole is shaved clean as well

15,Jan,17 15:49
Beautiful body, Charlie! Please show off your ass more. It looks amazing and I really need to see it

15,Jan,17 15:31
One of my favourite pics. Such a great ass, Anne!!!

15,Jan,17 02:44
It would take me quite a bit of time, preparation and lube to get inside your ass, but once I did your asshole would finally get the relief that it so sorely needs

14,Jan,17 15:13
I would love to have such a voluptuous woman

13,Jan,17 22:46
Your cunt looks 1000x better shaved

13,Jan,17 22:40
Very spankworthy

13,Jan,17 22:40
Lucky!!! I've yet to hookup with anyone from this site

13,Jan,17 22:38
I could make an epic threesome porn scene with you two

13,Jan,17 22:36
Training your pussy for big dicks, aren't we?

12,Jan,17 17:16
Unbelievably tight fit! And she's tweaking her twitching ass too!

12,Jan,17 17:15
Tiny and tight. How would I even fit???

12,Jan,17 17:14
God, so tight!!

12,Jan,17 17:11
Such a hottie and so horny too

12,Jan,17 17:09
Whoa. If I were the one who took that pic I would've fucked you senseless afterwards

12,Jan,17 16:09
Thanks. Looks like we're about the same size!

10,Jan,17 03:21
No, it's a cunt and it's VERY tight

09,Jan,17 21:30
Damn. I would be happy to stretch her out with mine. Her ass too if she can handle it.

08,Jan,17 21:32
I would drink to that ass. And make sure it was sprayed with champagne before I feasted on it

08,Jan,17 21:30
Your pussy finished a big cock. My big cock would finish your pussy

08,Jan,17 21:29
That's amazing. Very tight, but you stretch and can gape with a big enough dick. Then it shrinks back to its normal, tiny size

08,Jan,17 17:27
Good girl! GREAT service!!!

08,Jan,17 17:23
I have another big gun to handle for her right here

08,Jan,17 17:20
An instant favourite which really shows off her tightness through her panties

08,Jan,17 17:19
I would leave her a gaping, cum-covered and extremely satisfied mess

08,Jan,17 17:16
God. Perfect everything

08,Jan,17 17:15
Oh wow, Minoka! Perfect body and instant favourite!

08,Jan,17 17:12
Both holes look mighty tight!

08,Jan,17 17:11
Feed it? I'll stuff it so full of meat your pussy will be satiated for days

08,Jan,17 17:08
Love the engorged, puffed-up lips!

08,Jan,17 17:07
I don't know what that is, but way to stretch your pussy out and train it for taking really big cocks

08,Jan,17 17:06
OMG my 3rd favourited pic in a row. I ruin every girl who just offers herself to me like this. Again, wish I were there

08,Jan,17 17:05
I'd happily slurp and feast on your cunt. Your ass too

08,Jan,17 17:04
That open pussy would get stuffed and stretched beyond belief if I were there

08,Jan,17 17:02
Love it! Sooooooo inviting! I would do you right there, but might break the table if I do you too rough and fuck too hard