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21,Mar,17 17:23
Delicious and inviting, but it would be a struggle to squeeze into you

21,Mar,17 01:06

20,Mar,17 18:17
Those squats have produced an award-winning ass. PLEASE post more pics!!!

20,Mar,17 18:15
I weigh only 10 lbs less now after losing 25 lbs of fat and adding 15 lbs of muscle. So I'm still "bigger", but definitely stronger with MUCH greater endurance. I've worn out every woman I've been with since my latest body pics were taken.

19,Mar,17 02:40
Jesus Christ, how much lube and how much time would it take to squeeze into something that small???

19,Mar,17 02:32
Oh wow, one of my favourites pics on here

I would have absolutely no mercy on that ass if I ever had you

19,Mar,17 02:24
Very, very, very, VERY tight

14,Mar,17 18:48
I wouldn't fit inside her. No joke.

14,Mar,17 18:45
God, I would destroy that!!!

14,Mar,17 18:44
Lilly, if we ever hooked up you would be totally dominated, manhandled and fucked until you couldn't walk straight for the next few days. I would go until you were worn out and fucked out. And completely satisfied

14,Mar,17 16:30
I would split both super tight holes in two

12,Mar,17 21:08
Hardbodied slut

12,Mar,17 21:07
WOW. An instant favourite!

10,Mar,17 20:42
So tiny and tight I would just about split you in two

08,Mar,17 22:24
Great body

05,Mar,17 02:58
Goddamn, what an incredible fat ass

05,Mar,17 02:57
Wow, love your ass baby!

05,Mar,17 02:43
Sucks that you're not anywhere near me because I would love to stretch and gape your cunt and asshole. You'd have a few screaming orgasms before we got there

28,Feb,17 23:06
OMG such a scorching hot pic from a scorching hot slut!!!

28,Feb,17 22:02
I've give you a WHOLE lot more than 3 orgasms. And some of them will be so strong they'll be full body

28,Feb,17 22:01
What a perfect, delectable pussy

26,Feb,17 18:56
God, I would completely ruin you if I ever managed to squeeze inside you

26,Feb,17 18:53
I'm quite a bit bigger. Can you handle it?

26,Feb,17 02:21
Beautiful vagina and plenty tight for me with room to stretch

26,Feb,17 01:56
That beautiful pussy is just tiny!!!

25,Feb,17 21:09
No shit he stretched you! That is one tight cunt!!!

25,Feb,17 21:03
That's about a tablespoon's worth. Is that your average load? Because it's mine. I have a pic of it on my page.

24,Feb,17 16:22
She's gaping, but would still be one very tight bitch for me

24,Feb,17 16:21
Great pic of two very wreckable, tight holes

24,Feb,17 16:18
I would absolutely DESTROY your ultra tight cunt and ass. Wow.

23,Feb,17 02:13
44 and tight as a teen

23,Feb,17 02:12
Fuuuuuck! You don't get much tighter than that!!!

14,Feb,17 16:22
Holy fuck! I hope you really serviced her until she was completely spent!

12,Feb,17 19:56
Oh God, one of my favourites. I would completely wreck her ass

12,Feb,17 19:55
I would spank it. Manhandle it. Finger it. And then see if I could squeeze inside of it

12,Feb,17 19:52
I've commented on quite a few of this MILF slut's other pics. I love her cunt and ass. She's begging to be stretched out by a really big cock like mine.

12,Feb,17 19:47
First comment is right. BEGGING. Your ass is seriously missing a couple of my hand prints

12,Feb,17 19:46
You are truly modeled perfectly like I would like my little whore to be. Thick, full blowjob lips. Big tits that I could hopefully fit my XXL thick cock in between. Pigtails that are begging to be yanked. And a beautiful neck that I would love to put my hands around. Gently. And then squeeze as you're cumming to really ring your bell

12,Feb,17 19:43
Great sexual presence! I would DESTROY you if you were in front of me like that. Just keep hammering away in as much positions as your body and little pussy could handle until you were all fucked out. And completely satisfied

09,Feb,17 02:42
You're all ass!

07,Feb,17 02:33
I would love to pound each hole until you're a gaping, loose mess. I'll go last or the other guys will complain

07,Feb,17 02:31
Love your hard nipples! You would be a dream to titfuck. I would love to get my well-lubed fat cock between them and have you add a generous amount of spit to get it really sticky and slippery

05,Feb,17 02:37
Jesus. That is one unbelievably tiny and tight, little cunt!!!

04,Feb,17 16:27
Goddamn, you are one tight girl!

04,Feb,17 16:25
Yeah, I love it and would just about split that ass in two if we ever hooked up

02,Feb,17 02:25
Yeah, you definitely have to bend over!

02,Feb,17 02:23
OMG what a superb MILF ass!!!

01,Feb,17 02:29
Such an engorged, cherry red cunt that is beginning to juice up. She looks like such a horny, wild slut too!

31,Jan,17 17:02
Holy God you are tiny and tight

29,Jan,17 23:50
I love your fat ass and would definitely leave hand prints on both beautiful cheeks. But you would get fucked extremely well regardless