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23,Jun,17 16:46
Did I mention before that I love your ass?

21,Jun,17 01:40
That's clearly very tight. Tight, but it stretches. The best kind

21,Jun,17 01:08
Ever had that asshole expertly mouthed, tongued then prepped and fucked to assgasm?

20,Jun,17 17:28
I'm ready to feast. Then fuck

18,Jun,17 19:23
Good girl. Now swallow. I already know that you will, but you have to be commanded to swallow so you savour the cum before you send it home

18,Jun,17 19:22
Can you fit 3 fingers? How about 4? You'd have to stretch wide to take me

18,Jun,17 19:19
What an ass!!!

18,Jun,17 19:18
If I ever managed to squeeze inside your tight cunt, I'd ruin you

18,Jun,17 19:15
An instant favourite. Like how you'd both look after seeing a really big cock

18,Jun,17 19:10
Blowjob lips. And I'm betting bedroom eyes.

18,Jun,17 19:05
I'm smitten

18,Jun,17 19:03
Now that's a proper rosebud after being expertly fucked in the ass for a long while!!! My compliments to the man who did it. I always aim to rosebud an asshole or make it gape so wide that it can't close

18,Jun,17 18:59
"Am I not worthy of a tribute?"

No. But you're worthy of a monster load of my thick cum plastered all over your heavenly tits, neck, face and hair FOR REAL, which is a 1000x better. Plus, you'd get a good gulp too being the proper slut that you are

18,Jun,17 18:50
If it were me, I would've destroyed you on that couch right after taking these pics

18,Jun,17 18:48
I love to see you fingering your tight, buttery cunt

18,Jun,17 18:47
I would do her in EVERY door!!!

18,Jun,17 18:46
Love it!!!

18,Jun,17 18:45
*Redheaded* slut in a chair. There. Fixed it for you.

18,Jun,17 18:40
If that's the case then your cunt would stretch soooooooo good for me and I'd give you some of the strongest multiples you've ever had

17,Jun,17 18:36
I love her fat ass. I would spank it and then go to work on it until she begged me to stop

17,Jun,17 18:33
I'd love to fuck you in one of the Disneyworld washrooms

17,Jun,17 18:07
Annie, I would love to wreck that wide set MILF cunt of yours

17,Jun,17 17:54
That's really, really tight. Think she can take one as big and thick as mine?

17,Jun,17 17:33
You sound like you're the perfect girl for me

17,Jun,17 17:32
Stunning. Beautiful body. Wow.

17,Jun,17 17:31
Love it!

17,Jun,17 17:31
I would absolutely ruin you, girl. Leave you a gaping, cum covered mess

17,Jun,17 17:30
I'd love to put that mouth, tongue, throat and tongue ring to the test!!!

17,Jun,17 17:29
You're amazing, Savanna! A born slut

17,Jun,17 17:26
You are HUGE! Would love to see if my cock would fit in between those heavenly globes!

17,Jun,17 15:54
OMG. Wow!!!

17,Jun,17 15:48
I would wreck your fat, beautiful ass no matter how you held it for me. Your pussy first. Your ass is next. I'll give you full body orgasms from both

17,Jun,17 15:45
I would completely OWN that fantastic ass of hers if we ever hooked up!

17,Jun,17 15:44
This MILF slut is perfect for me!!!

09,Jun,17 18:29
God, you're tight!!!

06,Jun,17 00:58
A fantastic pair, Randi. Not big enough to fit my cock in between, but I'd still put it there anyway

06,Jun,17 00:57
Love your body. Looks like you're up for anything!

06,Jun,17 00:56
Nice practice. I'm next

06,Jun,17 00:54
Tight, but your cunt can stretch. The best kind!!!

06,Jun,17 00:54
God, so tight!

06,Jun,17 00:53
Can you bend over even more and touch your toes in those fantastic heels of yours?

06,Jun,17 00:49
Love it!

06,Jun,17 00:48
Ass up, face down. I would ruin you in that position

05,Jun,17 15:52
I'd love a piece of that great ass. Very spankable

02,Jun,17 02:51
Love that sweet cunt and asshole

02,Jun,17 02:50
Hello again. I would destroy that