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18,May,18 19:30
Gorgeous hard cock & enticing nipples !! Would luv to lick & suck both for u !!!

18,May,18 19:25
What a waste of so much of your precious cum !! Next time u feel horny & want to blast a load, give me a call for top service & satisfaction
guaranteed !

06,May,18 05:23
Gorgeous cock - deserves special attention from my tongue & mouth !! Also like sexy black panties !

30,Apr,18 11:40
Suggest I firstly lick those beautiful big balls while I play with that gorgeous cock the take both balls in my mouth at once which will make u real fucking hard !! Would then lick your lovely body including your sweet ass before I deep throat that long cock !! If u like I would like to sit on your long hard cock & take all of it up my tight cute ass !! Your choice to blast your load up my ass or take it straight from my ass to mouth to unleash your load !! Do u also enjoy poppers or recreational drugs ??? xox

30,Apr,18 11:34
Another load of cum which I cannot resist as I am an avowed cum addict !! Feel free to empty condom in my faggot mouth !! Golden showers would also b appreciated if u wish !!

30,Apr,18 11:29
Omg I lam a cum addict so pretty please empty that condom full of tasty cum into my eager mouth ! Yum this sissy wants your cum !!!

30,Apr,18 11:22
Yes darling, my Dom daddy has huge cock & he enjoys blasting a huge load of cum deep in my ass then invites his weight lifting mates to follow with a few more loads in my ass + couple of loads in my mouth !! I'm a compliant faggot slave who enjoys being filled with cum at either end !! Daddy has recently ordered me to follow your lead by caging my cock & balls ! Uncomfortable at first but I like pleasing daddy !! If I do a good job of sucking off all his gym mates then he uncages me & sucks me off or puts my legs over my head & forces me to self suck my cock & swallow my own cum !!! Your pics have been our inspiration darling !!!

22,Apr,18 02:01
Your wish is my cumand !!

22,Apr,18 01:58
That is big tool for a young teenie ! Best u let Dom daddy like me show u how to best use that prolific pile driver !!

22,Apr,18 01:22
Is that precum or cum oozing from that gorgeous cock Sir Ed ?? Either way I would luv to lick it up & deep throat that magnificent tool to get a full load of your delicious cum !!

06,Apr,18 09:52
Luv that big fat bratwurst & that delicious load of hot cum !! Please do not waste that precious cum, so next time unload your load directly into my eager mouth !!! Yum I wNt all your tasty cum !!

04,Apr,18 06:22
I'm a golden shower addict so feel free to spray your warm salty piss all over my faggot face or fill my faggot mouth !!

04,Apr,18 06:17
Yum, thank u for the offer of me deep throating that delightful dick & then swallowing your delicious load !!

01,Apr,18 21:53
U r most welcum to bring me off anyt,I expect doll !

30,Mar,18 10:16
Smoke that joint then suck that cock !!

26,Mar,18 11:23
Omg what beautiful big bald to lick then put in my mouth for simultaneous suck as I wank your fat cock until it gets real fucking hard then deep throat that gorgeous cock & bring it off & swallow every drop of your lovely large load of delicious cum !! Alternatively u might like to fuck my cute tight ass & blow your load in my hurt or take it out & shoot into my mouth - your
choice !

18,Mar,18 12:38
Fab fat cock ! Balls r real nice & deserve lick job before I suck off that fat cock & swallow your cum !!

05,Mar,18 08:15
Pump up that fat cock then jerk it off into my mouth !!

05,Mar,18 08:13
Point that piss in the direction of my face & mouth as I really get off on golden showers !!

05,Mar,18 08:01
U now have me wearing cages for my toppers ! Wow luv the agony & the ecstasy !! Perfect for a subservient sissy like me !!

05,Mar,18 07:59
Hi doll !! I would luv to try to suck u off with that fancy cage on !! Might need bit of poppers to help ! Lol !!

05,Mar,18 07:55
I know exactly what u mean doll when I had mammoth butt plug up my tight sissy ass whilst sucking not one but 3 big cocks !! Such a turn on that I blew my cage as u did !! Long live cocks, cages & butt p,us !!

05,Mar,18 07:36
Fuck I luv that cage & wish I was sucking u off when u blew so I could swallow all your delicious large load !! Hot babe so hot !!

05,Mar,18 07:29
Fucking hot so I'll try to fit the lot into my mouth !! Feel free to piss or cum in my eager mouth !!!

05,Mar,18 07:25
Hot nipple doll ! Can I lick & suck ???

05,Mar,18 07:25
Please pretty please empty that full Condon into my mouth as I want every drop !! I'll then suck your cock dry + get u ready to shoot the next load directly into my faggot mouth !!!

05,Mar,18 07:23
Yes please would luv to lick those big balls & rim that delicious ass !! Sit on my eager face !!!

05,Mar,18 07:21
Would enjoy sucking u off with all those sexy cock rings on !!

05,Mar,18 07:16
Yum my mouth & tongue awaits the pleasure of your cum !!!

05,Mar,18 07:09
Would like to meat u but could not view any of your pics !! ??

02,Mar,18 12:35
Can I please have your condom full of cum ???

02,Mar,18 11:27
What a sexy cage !! Would luv to duck u off with device on !!

12,Feb,18 07:27
Pleased to meat u said one cock to the other ! Sexy piercing & cock ring !! Those cocks deserve simultaneous suck from me !!

02,Feb,18 11:28
Empty the cum in the condom into my mouth & I'll suck your cock dry !!