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07,Jun,17 10:51
My hot mouth is at your service daddy !!

07,Jun,17 10:50
Shoot baby shoot as I would luv to take that glass & swallow the load & lick off every drop !! :-)

07,Jun,17 10:32
Fucking hot ! I would luv to suck that big cock & swallow the load + drink that delicious piss as I luv both cum & piss !!!

07,Jun,17 10:26
Fuck bottom's cute ass but I'll get top's cock hard first & when top is ready to blow take it out of the ass & shove into my sissy mouth to explode your load !! Then I'll suck off bottom's cock as I am a cock sucking & cum luving slut !!

07,Jun,17 10:12
Nice combo pain & pleasure !! Would luv to pull on leash while I suck the delicious dick !!

05,Jun,17 10:56
Oops your balls escaped from your jeans ! Oh well I might make good use of those balls by putting both in my mouth at once for simultaneous suck !! That should make u fucking hard & horny so your cock pops out longing to b sucked !!

05,Jun,17 10:53
Don't waste precious piss as I enjoy golden showers then suck u off !!

05,Jun,17 10:41
What a waste of precious cum if I was there I would swallow every drop & suck u dry & perhaps even get u hard to shoot another load directly into my eager mouth !!

05,Jun,17 10:36
Yes should your large load & I'll drink a toast to u & your fantastic cock !! Alternatively I could pour your cum all over your long dong then lick it off & suck u off !!

01,Jun,17 08:20
Can I. B of service & give those 2 gorgeous cocks a simultaneous suck !!

31,May,17 10:42
Golden showers is great to spray on sissy flowers - like me !!

31,May,17 10:36
Luv those beautiful balls so would like to lick then give u sedation all blow job !! Want to hook up ??

31,May,17 10:32
Hi ! Want to hook up some time for some hot action ??

31,May,17 10:25
Deliteful full dick with huge knob + nice load of delicious cum in condom which u can dump in my sissy mouth !!

31,May,17 10:20
Wow what a fabulous body including awesome cock !! Daddy my mouth & body is at your service !!

31,May,17 10:17
Hot cock cage !! Would luv to lick your balls & suck u cage & all until u cum thru the cage !! Oohs the agony & the ecstasy !!!

10,Apr,17 01:59
Wow what a lovely fat cock & I luv fat cocks !! Betcha it explodes massive load of hot cum !! Would u like me to suck u off & swallow your cream ????

18,Mar,17 22:42
As usual doll u r looking so hot ! Can I get on my knees to worship your hammer of Thor & take mouth banging & giving u deep deep throat ! Then turn around & allow me the pleasure of rimming your alluring ass before I fuck & fist it according to my whim !! :-) xox+++
I have been very busy babe but your horny body & outfits r on my mind !!

22,Feb,17 19:20
Oops your sex equipment is so large that it is popping out of your panties !! Think I can help by firstly licking & sucking your big beautiful balls then move on to suck that monster cock !! Suggest I slowly take off the panties so we can move on to other action such as hot 69 !!

08,Feb,17 19:00
Yes I would like to b slave & receive golden showers & lots of cock in my ass while being spanked then loads of cum on my face !! Bukkake would b ideal !!

31,Jan,17 19:46
Oops that precious cum is getting away ! Let me catch it with my mouth then get u hard again so u blow the next load directly into my mouth or on my face !! Your choice stud !

31,Jan,17 08:28
Very sexy see thru neglige !! Just look at that hard cock begging to b sucked !! Hot darling !!

27,Jan,17 03:40
Hot shaved pussy ! Would luv to replace that can with my fist while I lick & suck your clit until u cum !!

27,Jan,17 03:35
Thanks for getting those two cocks together ! Now I'll do my bit by giving them sensuous simultaneous suck !! Hopefully I will get double delivery of oodles of delicious cum !!

21,Jan,17 01:19
Perfect cock ring circumnavigation & I do mean cum !! Lifts the shaven cock & balls so that they r ready to b licked & sucked !! Beautiful balls & awesome cock with super knob !!

11,Jan,17 08:05
Awesome cock with super knob ! Would luv to suck then sit on it ! The huge knob would feel so good opening my cute tight ass !!

06,Jan,17 12:59
Thanks ! Glad u like my big shaved cock !! U r welcum to suck my cock any time !!!

05,Jan,17 00:51
Terrific tool ! Would luv to try to deep throat !!

02,Jan,17 02:50
Wow what a whopper wang !! Would like to take up the challenge of deep throating that awesome cock !!

02,Jan,17 02:45
Would luv to lick that load for u + get u hard again to suck next load directly from your lovely cock !!

01,Jan,17 21:43
Dicktoria falls or Viagra Falls ! Tremendous tool & super load of tasty cum !! U need me to lick your load & get u hard again to shoot the next load directly down my throat !!

01,Jan,17 21:36
Sexy cock ring ! Would luv to lick those big balls while I wank that big hard cock !! Put both of the balls in my mouth at once !! Blast load all over my face or wait until I deep throat your hard cock & bring u off !!

31,Dec,16 22:15
What a lovely ass ! Would luv to give erotic tongue bath then finger followed by solid fucking with my hard cock !! My cock is very hard now looking at that sweet ass & thinking if the dirty things I would do to it !!

31,Dec,16 13:38
Omgvwhat a waste of previous cream !! Direct it into my eager mouth so as not to waste that delicious cum !!!

31,Dec,16 13:32
Holy fuck what fabulous fuck ! Challenge to suck & sit on but bring it on Mr Spunk !!

30,Dec,16 12:22
Wow what a wonderful wang ! Would luv to try to deep throat that tantalising tool !!

27,Dec,16 08:25
Triple tool treat !! What more could a devoted cock lover ask for !?

27,Dec,16 08:22
Trip treat which I would luv to take on orally or anally !!

26,Dec,16 23:31
Empty the cum in the confirm in to my eager mouth please !

12,Dec,16 09:57
Double dong delight tastes so dog gone delicious !!!

12,Dec,16 09:55
I am bi so would b happy to have her suck my hard cock or help her suck 2 or more cocks !

02,Dec,16 01:23
Fabulous cock with very sexy cock ring + lovely large load of tasty cream ! Let me lick off all the cum than lick & suck those bouncy balls !! That should get u hard so after sensual suck u can shoot the next load directly into my mouth !!

01,Dec,16 01:29
Would luv to try to take Goliath's giant dong all the way up my cute tight ass while I suck David's delightful dick !! Would luv large load in both ass & mouth !!

01,Dec,16 00:52
Wish I was on the receiving end of the lovely large load after giving u one hell of a great blow job !!

01,Dec,16 00:49
That condom full of cum looks so inviting ! Feel free to empty the contents into my eager mouth & I'll lick the rest off your cock !! Yum I luv cum !!

25,Nov,16 19:21
Darling u never debase to amaze me with new hot pics ! This one stimulates instant hard on for me !! Now I am compelled to jerk off enjoying your sexy pic u naughty tart !! Wish I could fuck that lovely ass & suck that fabulous cock !!

25,Nov,16 19:16
Do not waste that precious cum ! Let me b of service in licking every drop of that tasty cream from you hand & from that knob !! I'll slowly suck that huge knob until I bring u off again so u can shoot the next load directly into my eager mouth !!! I luv huge knobs like yours & lots of cum !!!

25,Nov,16 19:09
Wow that is one huge knob just begging to b licked & sucked !!

25,Nov,16 19:00
My cock is yours babe ! How about a hot 69 together with large loads of cum to savour & swallow + cum swap ??

25,Nov,16 18:46
Super hot cock rings ! Would luv to lick & suck both of those beautiful balls before deep throating that rock hard cock with cock rings on !!! Explode your load in my mouth or all over my face !!! Yummy !

25,Nov,16 00:59
Delicious creme de la creme ! Perfect for cum addict like me !!