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18,Mar,18 12:38
Fab fat cock ! Balls r real nice & deserve lick job before I suck off that fat cock & swallow your cum !!

05,Mar,18 08:15
Pump up that fat cock then jerk it off into my mouth !!

05,Mar,18 08:13
Point that piss in the direction of my face & mouth as I really get off on golden showers !!

05,Mar,18 08:01
U now have me wearing cages for my toppers ! Wow luv the agony & the ecstasy !! Perfect for a subservient sissy like me !!

05,Mar,18 07:59
Hi doll !! I would luv to try to suck u off with that fancy cage on !! Might need bit of poppers to help ! Lol !!

05,Mar,18 07:55
I know exactly what u mean doll when I had mammoth butt plug up my tight sissy ass whilst sucking not one but 3 big cocks !! Such a turn on that I blew my cage as u did !! Long live cocks, cages & butt p,us !!

05,Mar,18 07:36
Fuck I luv that cage & wish I was sucking u off when u blew so I could swallow all your delicious large load !! Hot babe so hot !!

05,Mar,18 07:29
Fucking hot so I'll try to fit the lot into my mouth !! Feel free to piss or cum in my eager mouth !!!

05,Mar,18 07:25
Hot nipple doll ! Can I lick & suck ???

05,Mar,18 07:25
Please pretty please empty that full Condon into my mouth as I want every drop !! I'll then suck your cock dry + get u ready to shoot the next load directly into my faggot mouth !!!

05,Mar,18 07:23
Yes please would luv to lick those big balls & rim that delicious ass !! Sit on my eager face !!!

05,Mar,18 07:21
Would enjoy sucking u off with all those sexy cock rings on !!

05,Mar,18 07:16
Yum my mouth & tongue awaits the pleasure of your cum !!!

05,Mar,18 07:09
Would like to meat u but could not view any of your pics !! ??

02,Mar,18 12:35
Can I please have your condom full of cum ???

02,Mar,18 11:27
What a sexy cage !! Would luv to duck u off with device on !!

12,Feb,18 07:27
Pleased to meat u said one cock to the other ! Sexy piercing & cock ring !! Those cocks deserve simultaneous suck from me !!

02,Feb,18 11:28
Empty the cum in the condom into my mouth & I'll suck your cock dry !!

22,Jan,18 17:31
My favourite dish & so too Iím told for Jamie Oliver: creamed condom !!

22,Jan,18 07:25
Wow what a hot cock ring !! Want me to lick & suck those balls at once then proceed to suck u off ????

20,Jan,18 02:43
Wow what a wonderful whopper ! Perfect to suck or sit on !!

19,Jan,18 18:45
Would luv to drink that piss which should get u hot & hard for me to suck u off & swallow your load ! ! What a delicious combo of piss & cum for a piss faggot & cum dumpster !!!!

13,Jan,18 09:00
Yours for the taking doll !!

13,Jan,18 08:51
So fucking hot !! Luv it kinky so try to shove the lot in my big faggot mouth !! Piss or cum in my mouth or both !! Give it to me !!!

07,Jan,18 02:02
Fucking hot nipple & piercing ! Yummy !!

07,Jan,18 01:53
Wish I was there to lick up your cum then suck your cock until u blow another load directly into my mouth !!

03,Jan,18 08:37
69 with u with rings on would b soo fucking fun & hot !!

03,Jan,18 08:37
Happy to suck on that fantastic foreskin for hours provided I get a reward such as couple loads of your hot tasty cum !!

03,Jan,18 08:35
Would luv to meat u & suck u off with rings on !! Soo fucking kinky & I adore kinky as well as cum !!

03,Jan,18 08:28
Those balls r ripe for licking & sucking and the sweet ass for rimming & rooting !! Would luv to stick my talented tongue all the way up your alluring asshole !!!

03,Jan,18 08:25
I'll suck the hell out of that foreskin so it is longer, fatter & redder !!

03,Jan,18 08:24
Luv those pierced nipples ! Yum !!

03,Jan,18 08:22
Dip your cock in the piss so I can suck your urine soaked cock then pour rest of that golden elexior down my throat !! Would also enjoy wearing goggles & having u piss all over my faggot face & directly into my mouth !!!

03,Jan,18 08:15
Thanks ! U also look very sexy in your g strings !!

03,Jan,18 08:13
Want me to lick up that delicious cum then suck u dry ??

31,Dec,17 20:58
Lube that pile driver to get it ready to plunge all the way up my cute sissy ass !! I

31,Dec,17 20:54
Yummy golden showers ! Point Percy at my face & mouth !!