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28,Mar,17 15:26

27,Mar,17 23:10
Gr8 hood

27,Mar,17 17:57

27,Mar,17 17:56
gorgeous, luv that hood

27,Mar,17 14:19

27,Mar,17 14:18

27,Mar,17 00:39
very tasty indeed

26,Mar,17 14:04
they are both winners

26,Mar,17 14:03
bloody awesome buddy, I've added it to my fav's, luv it

26,Mar,17 07:31

26,Mar,17 05:40
Yes indeed

26,Mar,17 05:39
Cool is that a Prince Albert?

26,Mar,17 05:38

26,Mar,17 00:51
Yes indeed

26,Mar,17 00:50

26,Mar,17 00:45

25,Mar,17 14:03
Good load

25,Mar,17 14:03
awesome and amazing

25,Mar,17 14:02
luv it

25,Mar,17 08:30
perfect, sweet and succulent

25,Mar,17 05:27
hello sexy

25,Mar,17 05:26
it sure is

25,Mar,17 05:26
luv it

25,Mar,17 05:25
luv it

25,Mar,17 00:59
luv that hood

25,Mar,17 00:53

25,Mar,17 00:52
sweet and superb

24,Mar,17 10:40
Mighty tasty looking

24,Mar,17 10:39

24,Mar,17 10:38
hello sexy

24,Mar,17 00:57
Scrumptious and tasty and so sweet and suckable

24,Mar,17 00:55
Your "best" boner, is there a special ceremony or celebration or occasion that you're all boned up for? or is it just a regular Thursday in the basque house?

24,Mar,17 00:52
gorgeous and so so suckable

24,Mar,17 00:51

24,Mar,17 00:50
I agree, sweet andvsucculent

23,Mar,17 17:37

23,Mar,17 14:11
sweet and succulent

23,Mar,17 14:10

23,Mar,17 13:11
for sure

23,Mar,17 13:06
sweet and succulent

23,Mar,17 09:28
gorgeous, so sweet and succulent, gr8 hood, luv it

22,Mar,17 14:04

22,Mar,17 14:03
Sad but true

22,Mar,17 07:55
well, I have and I'd like to stroke you too

22,Mar,17 07:52
and a good time was had by all

22,Mar,17 07:51
me too

22,Mar,17 07:51
luv it

22,Mar,17 01:02
Delicious and tasty looking

21,Mar,17 18:12

21,Mar,17 18:10

21,Mar,17 18:07