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04,Apr,18 11:42
that glans color Amazing!

02,Apr,18 11:56
such a hot cock!!!

02,Apr,18 11:56
hmm swallog all the load

02,Apr,18 11:55

02,Apr,18 11:55
so damn hot! love to do this too!!

25,Mar,18 09:46
such a hot head!!! Can we see him from the front?

24,Mar,18 10:55
i would love to suck your straight dick

24,Mar,18 10:54
love that view

24,Mar,18 10:54
damn thats an A+ Dick!!

24,Mar,18 10:42
Would love to see your glans fully exposed

21,Mar,18 02:52

13,Mar,18 13:51
fuck thats so hot!!

12,Mar,18 14:05
wow what an ammount of white creamy cum

12,Mar,18 14:04
damn love that foreskin!!

11,Mar,18 06:28
love that black snake!

11,Mar,18 06:27
fuck tahts a hot split glans

10,Mar,18 07:10
hmm nice

10,Mar,18 07:10
love to compair 2!

22,Feb,18 12:47
geiler fetter hammer!

18,Feb,18 07:54
damn A+ Dick!!!!!!

17,Feb,18 08:16
2 are alwys better than 1!

17,Feb,18 08:12
damn wihish i could join!!!

17,Feb,18 08:11
damn hot hammer!

17,Feb,18 08:11
Bad? i wish i would open on with this inside!!!

17,Feb,18 08:11
nice shot glas full of cum

17,Feb,18 08:10
damn thats a hot sand cock

17,Feb,18 08:10
hhmm thats my kind of banana

17,Feb,18 08:09
damn thats hot

15,Feb,18 12:50
damn what an total package!

12,Feb,18 14:08
hmmm so hot!

07,Feb,18 14:59
i wanna give him akiss

07,Feb,18 14:59
nice uncut head

07,Feb,18 14:57
damn i want tu unwrap ur dickhead

07,Feb,18 14:57
i want to suck ur dick!

07,Feb,18 14:55
amazing uncut dick!

07,Feb,18 14:55
damn tasty

22,Jan,18 13:11
hmm i take ne

17,Jan,18 14:40
damn that head is so impressive!

17,Jan,18 14:39
damn what a fat head!

17,Jan,18 14:38
2 damn hot dicks!!

12,Jan,18 12:49
jummy so pritty nice dickheads

10,Jan,18 14:13
so hot!

10,Jan,18 14:13
damn i would go on my knees fotthat dick

10,Jan,18 14:12
would love to see that on a public toilet

10,Jan,18 14:12

10,Jan,18 14:12
fuck i wanna suck that dick!!

10,Jan,18 14:11
damn what a horse cock

10,Jan,18 14:02
delicious dick

07,Jan,18 09:54
amazing dickhead!!

07,Jan,18 09:54
damn such a nice uncut dickhead

06,Jan,18 05:56
amazing dick!

06,Jan,18 05:55
i want to suck that dick