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My own cum from 18 days of shagless days n nyts n shag'd again n same load again

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My own cum from 18 days of shagless days n nyts n shag'd again n same load again

Vote (3 points): [HOT] or [NOT]   Rating: 100% (32 Votes)


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By bizen at 21,Sep,14 06:12
thank you for load....

By lover_of_disabled_women at 02,Dec,14 06:27
lovely ...i wish it would my cum on your face..

By spermkiss at 15,Feb,15 16:22
Kiss me! Kiss me now! I want to taste your jizz.
By steelhard20 at 16,May,15 09:48
So fuckin erotic..cum swap spitty cum swap

By Chas at 15,Feb,15 16:44
Wow, what a load!

By gare at 06,Mar,15 06:47

By 2pierced at 06,Mar,15 09:33
Looks delicious, I'm sure you enjoyed it!!
By steelhard20 at 09,Mar,15 13:01
loved the taste!
By steelhard20 at 09,Mar,15 13:02
Also the feeling of having shot cum on my face was like ammmmmazing. I wish a guy with a huge cum load could do that for me. You know, I had to lie down eith my legs over my face to get this load on my back hurt!! But I needed that feeling so bad.
By steelhard20 at 09,Mar,15 13:04
The cum was soooo warm! I HELD THAT CUM in my mouth for whole 2 minutes!! I wanna be gang banged some day too..I can't wait anymore
By 2pierced at 10,Mar,15 06:06
I hope you swallowed all of it and savored the wonderful taste! A gang bang would be so very erotic and pleasurable!
By steelhard20 at 28,Mar,15 00:13

By pijonguy at 16,May,15 09:25
By steelhard20 at 29,Mar,18 13:00

By DESIRE at 29,May,15 06:45
yeahhh.... you're little kinky guy .like that stuff

By tugme at 17,Jul,15 18:24
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wish i was there to give you my load to taste and i could lick your load of your face

By 2pierced at 17,Jul,15 18:55
Absolutely wonderful!!!

By at 18,Jul,15 21:09

By at 31,Jul,15 17:36
By steelhard20 at 25,Aug,15 09:17
I can be yours

By Smalldick84 at 24,Aug,15 04:02
Can I cum in your mouth
By steelhard20 at 25,Aug,15 09:17
By Smalldick84 at 26,Aug,15 06:30
Mmmmmm ya so hot

By KinkySugar at 24,Aug,15 05:52
Wow absolutely stunning load love to lick it all up
By steelhard20 at 25,Aug,15 09:18

By routemaster at 26,Aug,15 06:39
By steelhard20 at 28,Aug,15 06:09
By routemaster at 28,Aug,15 22:52
You should be a PROFESSIONAL PORN STAR - if you're not one already!!!
By steelhard20 at 29,Aug,15 02:44
Hahaha thanksssz
By routemaster at 29,Aug,15 03:03

By Gayleks at 06,Sep,15 13:16
Hmm. HOT

By xme at 19,Sep,15 02:39
what about the taste ?
By steelhard20 at 19,Sep,15 16:01
Sumwer in the middle of sweet n sour
By xme at 27,Sep,15 10:35

By mess at 25,Nov,15 08:52
Would love to shoot over your face so,Erie. Hot!
By steelhard20 at 29,Nov,15 05:27
Mmmmm I'd love to suck your cock. Deepthroat me and shoot your warm load in my throat so it can flow out of my nose whe O stare in ur eyes while deepthroating ur cock. Don't worry, I will snort it back in.

By dalsto675 at 05,May,16 19:12
I want the next one
By steelhard20 at 05,May,16 20:06
Nana baby u give me ur cock

By weera at 12,May,16 21:05
Yum yum let me lick you clean then you can squirt another load in my mouth

By weera at 12,May,16 21:06
And you have a very sexy face
By steelhard20 at 13,May,16 03:27
Thank you so much. Are you the one with the abs and the slim guy?
By weera at 26,Oct,16 22:56
Yes that's me , I just love your mouthful of cum
By steelhard20 at 29,Oct,16 09:47
Awwww wanna see another load in my mouth? Start wanking baby..or do you want me to suck the load out of your hard meat? Either way..get started! make sure ur load is huge

By at 24,Jan,17 09:16
o yes this so wonderful
By steelhard20 at 20,Mar,17 15:26
Thank you

By at 19,Mar,17 17:55
very good hun you sperm your own face, yes wonderful
By steelhard20 at 20,Mar,17 15:26
Yes thank you

By cfan2 at 01,May,17 08:16
Looks totally delicious! Wish you had shared it with me instead!
By steelhard20 at 01,May,17 08:41
You wish

By perezs at 01,May,17 09:28
By steelhard20 at 01,May,17 11:55

By arslan21pk at 17,May,17 14:45

By weera at 27,Sep,17 17:10
Handsome face , love to lick you clean , love a face full of fresh cum

By Gayleks at 21,Jan,18 12:18
Yes - that is a good boy

By bizen at 27,Jan,18 21:18

By cazzoduro69 at 14,Feb,18 02:35
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wanna add my cum too on your face
By steelhard20 at 14,Feb,18 13:56
Definitely! You bet. Meet?

By nick2 at 06,May,18 08:34

By up-for-it at 18,Jun,18 14:47
This is one of the hottest pictures i have seen here!
By steelhard20 at 19,Jun,18 01:34
Thank you!!

By cfan2 at 13,Jul,18 14:48
Awesome load!!
By steelhard20 at 13,Jul,18 18:53
Gimme that muscular cock and body of yours

By Asianwithpubes at 31,Jul,18 19:31
It looks so sticky
By steelhard20 at 01,Aug,18 08:15
Mmmm yes very

By duncanidaho at 15,Aug,18 09:46
By steelhard20 at 15,Aug,18 17:54
Oh yummm

By rubirosa at 26,Aug,18 14:27
I want to French Kiss you and get a Taste of your Nut....
By steelhard20 at 02,Sep,18 18:40
Id love to do that and more with you. What would you do to me?

By stefan123 at 28,Sep,18 06:03
kiss me
By steelhard20 at 29,Sep,18 03:12
Mmmmm yea with your cum in my mouth?

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