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i just got asked why it was "hypo" in my name here - and figured that i should explain this to you:

Hypospadias is a condition where bo-ys are born with the piss hole located at the underside of the shaft at birth. it happens to about 2-3 out of 1000 bo-ys.

In my case i had a "mild case" and had some surgery at 4 and 9yo to relocate the pee hole towards the glans. To accomplish that they have used my foreskin. Thanks God everything worked out fine for me!

Just that i was quite reluctant to get into sexual activity as a te-en; i was worried to get declined as a partner for being cut (here in europe this was a rare case back then) or because of the special visuals of my dick and it took me until 27 to finally open up sexually - but now i am there and show off my unique dick with pride!

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