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Jack's Semi Erect Cock

<<< Previous   Submitted by Jack1999 at 09,Aug,17 12:49   Next >>>
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Jack's Semi Erect Cock

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By mywusch at 09,Aug,17 13:28
By Jack1999 at 09,Aug,17 17:35
Mhhhh indeed!

By alanhuk at 09,Aug,17 14:04
Great view! !!
By Jack1999 at 09,Aug,17 17:35

By qqqq1234 at 09,Aug,17 17:09
this is my view as you squeeze your legs around me and I suck that cock
By Jack1999 at 09,Aug,17 17:36
I'd love to do that with you

By Hotcaramel91 at 10,Aug,17 00:17
I'd love to fill you get fully erect in my mouth, yummy.
By Jack1999 at 10,Aug,17 00:36
Mmmmmm I'd love to go from flaccid to errect in your mouth... You could feel it filling up as I get to my full length...

By cybercyber at 10,Aug,17 02:40
EXCELLENT view! Everything on show for me to stare at and enjoy. Cock with your foreskin slightly retracted revealing the tip of your glans; good pair of balls; and even a bit of your arse-crack to look at as well!!
By Jack1999 at 10,Aug,17 03:24
Mmm hot! Glad you like it!

By Elvee at 10,Aug,17 04:02
Mmmm ..beautiful package .. love to get my tongue and mouth working on that cock and those tight balls
By Jack1999 at 10,Aug,17 04:58
Mmmmm I'd love that... Thanks for the compliments!

By Fritz at 10,Aug,17 09:09
like it
By Jack1999 at 10,Aug,17 11:13
I'm glad you like it

By uncut46 at 10,Aug,17 09:38
Very nice and suckable
By Jack1999 at 10,Aug,17 11:14
Mmm I'd love to get sucked by you!

By bleyboy at 10,Aug,17 13:23
wish I could spend some hours between your legs
By Jack1999 at 10,Aug,17 13:26
Mmmmmm, I'd love you between my legs pleasuring my cock for hours!

By anonymous at 10,Aug,17 18:00
wow, i would love to lick your hole and then your balls and then your foreskin while i slide that skin back and lick the head and go down on it until you cum. I will massage your wet holewhile you squirt buckets of cum down my throat, oh yeahhhhhhhhhh daddy wants you.
By Jack1999 at 11,Aug,17 02:46
Mmmmm yes I'd love to squirt buckets of boycum right into your stomach...

By Italy1976 at 10,Aug,17 21:06
Amazing point of view
By Jack1999 at 11,Aug,17 02:46
Thanks!! Glad you like it

By Jcumslut at 11,Aug,17 13:20
Very nice, so large even with a semi
By Jack1999 at 12,Aug,17 00:07
Yeah, very big! Thanks

By PeterPeter at 11,Aug,17 20:18
By Jack1999 at 12,Aug,17 00:07
I'm glad you like it!!

By engr_tuhin at 12,Aug,17 02:12
By Jack1999 at 12,Aug,17 06:29
Thanks, glad you like it!!

By anonymous at 12,Aug,17 11:05
can i suck it?
By Jack1999 at 12,Aug,17 11:14
Mmmm yes.

By YoungNKinky at 12,Aug,17 22:49
Love to lick those sexy balls then take your amazing cock deep into my mouth
By Jack1999 at 13,Aug,17 10:49
Oh mmmmm I'd love to cum deep into your throat!

By 4skinadmirer at 13,Aug,17 01:34
magnificent cock, would love to be this close checking it out
By Jack1999 at 13,Aug,17 10:50
I'd love to have you there... And then maybe you could do something a bit more than "checking it out"...

By jake65 at 13,Aug,17 04:00
needs my warm mouth around it....sucking till you explode
By Jack1999 at 13,Aug,17 10:51
Mmm I'd love to feel your warm wet mouth on my teen cock and then explode into your mouth!

By tommy-fe at 13,Aug,17 08:43
Thats a so damned hot cock! i wish i could kiss and suck it!
By Jack1999 at 13,Aug,17 10:51
Thanks! I wish you could too!

By seebi at 13,Aug,17 08:57
By Jack1999 at 13,Aug,17 10:51
I'm glad you like it

By trim1963 at 13,Aug,17 20:38
Love to get it fully erect for you and then take care of it
By Jack1999 at 14,Aug,17 02:32
Mmmm, what would you do with it?

By mark_99 at 14,Aug,17 00:25
mmmm nice meat
By Jack1999 at 14,Aug,17 02:32
Thanks man!!

By tinypeepee at 17,Aug,17 09:02
mmmmm....young and so well hung!
By Jack1999 at 18,Aug,17 03:08
Thanks!! Good job on that rhyme.

By eduard99 at 17,Aug,17 16:09
Whooooaaaahh! Hot erection pic!
By Jack1999 at 18,Aug,17 03:09
Thanks!! But it's actually only semi-erect here.

By eduard99 at 17,Aug,17 16:11
And I love the peek on your asshole, below that gorgeous ballsack!
By Jack1999 at 18,Aug,17 03:10
Thanks! Yeah, I like this photo. I'm glad you do too.

By dickmann at 04,Oct,17 01:24
By Jack1999 at 18,Oct,17 08:31
I'm glad you like it.

By firefox553 at 16,Oct,17 10:22
One hell of a cock
By Jack1999 at 18,Oct,17 08:37
It is, thanks!!

By nancywank at 27,Oct,17 09:43
Fabulous fat COCK!
By Jack1999 at 27,Oct,17 10:04
Ugh yes! I love it when people say I have a fat cock.
By nancywank at 30,Oct,17 11:27
Meant as a compliment of course! Should I say HUGE ENORMOUS COCK? (Id love to get my oily fingers round that.....)
By Jack1999 at 10,Nov,17 03:41
No, I know what you meant, it's ok! I actually do like it haha
By nancywank at 13,Nov,17 08:26
now im busy wanking while brousing pics of your luscious long mouthful!
By Jack1999 at 15,Nov,17 07:06
I'm glad you're wanking to my cock

By iduda2003 at 13,Nov,17 00:31
Tell me what you want me to suck and lick first 😛
By Jack1999 at 13,Nov,17 06:19
Mmmmm my cock needs sucking

By a11Smooth at 18,Nov,17 10:40
sexy ass, show more
By Jack1999 at 18,Nov,17 10:45

By Husker2017 at 18,Nov,17 13:17
Nice thick one!
By Jack1999 at 21,Nov,17 06:58
6 inches girth in fact!

By pentacost at 18,Nov,17 19:43
Very hot pic
By Jack1999 at 21,Nov,17 06:59

By MnnThatLadnextdoor at 01,Dec,17 13:00
O fark that boypussy so tight-my Dick feck it wide open

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