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Do you prefer a dick that is shaved (yes) or hair (no)? YES

Do you swallow cum? YES

would you let a group of men gang bang you? YES

Do you prefer thick cocks (YES) or long cocks (NO)? YES

If you got offered a role in a porno movie, would you do it for money? YES

have you ever been sucked by a stranger? YES

Would you be willing to watch and be watched privately on cam? YES

Do you like licking asshole? YES

Are you in to piss play? YES

Do u like to c2c with other men? YES

is 5.5 inches truly enough to satisfy? YES

Do you like pubic hair on your partner? YES

Do you have tattoos on your body? NO

Do you masturbate to chicks with dicks porn? YES

if your asked by an attractive person at a nudist beach/site to masturbate infront of her/him, would u do it? YES

have you ever participated in a gangbang (more than 4 people fucking at once)? NO

Do you eat your own cum? YES

Do you like looking at cut dicks? YES

Do you like drinking pee? YES

Do you like heavily tattoed bodies? NO

would let a stranger slap you with his dick? YES

Does your girlfriend play with your ass including fingering your hole? YES

Did u ever masturbate in front of a group of girls? NO

Would you have a fuck train with more than 3 males? YES

have you ever jerk and cum on your own pictures? YES

Have you ever stolen panties? NO

Have you ever let anyone piss in your mouth? YES

does getting another guy's load over your cock turn you on? YES

Have you ever fucked someone because you felt bad for them? NO

Do you like to watch? YES

Do you practice erotic asphyxiation (either during masturbation or sex with partner)? NO

Would you let your partner pee in your bum while having intercourse? NO

Do you get a hard on seeing other mens cocks? YES

Would you like members to meet up with you in a safe confidential place? YES

ever been the pivot man in a circle jerk? NO

Would you like to see your partner having sex with someone else? YES

Would you like to eat your own cum in your partner's mouth after a blowjob? YES

Do you sometimes get so excited you don't play safe? YES

Does the idea of jacking off another guy turn you on? YES

Is 5-6 inches enough to satisfy you? YES

Have you ever had sex at a gay bathhouse? YES

would you like to watch ur wife fucking other man in front of you...?? YES