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you ever just pull someone's pants down just to give oral? YES

do members of the same sex give better oral(mm, FF)? YES

Do you like online role play with a man? NO

Do you have scars on your body that you are ashamed of? YES

Do you like heavily tattoed bodies? YES

Do you have a sexual attraction to scars? NO

Do you smoke? NO

Do you like smoking cigars? NO

If you like women, do you prefer good boobs over good ass? NO

Have you ever sucked or been sucked off while driving? NO

do u like to b naked in front of people? NO

Do you think speedos are hot ? NO

Do you prefer mutual oral sex over penetration? YES

would let a stranger slap you with his dick? NO

Do you like manga/anime porn? YES

are you happy with your circumcision status? YES

Is anal intercourse better then vaginal intercourse? NO

Have you masturbated ON your partner while they slept? NO

Have you ever seen nudes of a close relative? NO

have you been caught without protection before? YES

Does it excite you to see pictures of feet while you're masturbating? NO

Have you ever try docking? NO

Do you watch porn opposite your sexual orientation (gay=watching straight porn, straight=watching gay porn)? NO

Growing up, did you ever see a sibling naked without them knowing ( eg. sleeping, showering, changing, etc.) and found it a turn-on? YES

Do you like being tongue fucked ? NO

Do you like frottage and have you tried it? NO

Does your girlfriend play with your ass including fingering your hole? NO

Have you ever fantasized being gang banged? NO

Did u ever masturbate in front of a group of girls? NO

Would you have a fuck train with more than 3 males? NO

has anyone ever caught you masturbating? YES

Have someone from your family ever caught you masturbating? NO

have u ever done aniligus? YES

Do you use cockrings for sex or masturbation? NO

Would you fuck a man in the asshole? NO

Have you ever let your wife/gf fuck you in the ass with a dildo? NO

have you ever jerk and cum on your own pictures? NO

If you found naked pictures on the net of a straight laced person you knew ( male OR female ) would you tell them about the pictures you found? YES

Does vaginal odour turn you on? YES

Have you met someone of this site in person? NO

Have you ever been nude in public? NO

Have you ever stolen panties? YES

When matubating and fantasizing, do your fantasies get naughtier over the years? YES

Do like to get your balls licked? YES

Would you stop a woman from sucking you if you found she was a he? YES

Ever want to have one in your ass while one is in your face? NO

Did you ever caught someone masturbating/ jerking off? NO

Have you ever let anyone piss in your mouth? NO

Do you like using a same sex doctor? NO

Have you ever fucked one of your sister's girlfriends? NO

do you like sucking cock while being fucked by your wife/girlfriend? NO

Have you ever cum in a glass and drank it? NO

have you ever been fisted in the ass or cunt? NO

Never tried cock before...should I give it a go? NO

If you were invited to a bukkake party as the recipient, would you go? NO


Would u masturbate infront hundreds of fully dressed people? NO

Do you enjoy oral sex with the same sex? NO

Do you like to have your arse smacked while being taken from behind? NO

would you let a stranger eat your pussy? NO

Would you take two cocks in your ass or pussy? NO

do you like your feet to be licked? NO

Have you ever reached orgasm in a place of worship such as a church or mosque? NO

Have you ever sucked off a straiht neighbor? NO

Would you perform oral sex on your partners anus? YES

Do you feel more confident in your body image since showing yourself off on this site? NO

Is your penis longer than 4,6 inch? NO

would you let a man pee in your mouth while your sucking his cock? NO

ever been the pivot man in a circle jerk? NO

Do you like to have your balls licked during oral sex? YES

Would you like to see your partner having sex with someone else? NO

Would you date a transsexual? NO

Would you like to be gang banged? NO

Do you finger your own asshole? NO

Do you sometimes get so excited you don't play safe? NO

Does the idea of jacking off another guy turn you on? NO

Do you lie about your penis size to your current partner? NO

Have you masturbated at work? YES

Do you like men in panties? NO

Would you be "gay for pay"? NO

Do you like your asshole licked? NO

Do you like being watched having sex, especially if there are several people in the audience? NO

Have you ever had sex at a gay bathhouse? NO

did you get anyone pregnant? NO

Do you like making love to a pregnant woman? YES

do you masturbate more often than fucking your wife ? YES

Would your partner clean your dick with their mouth after you have just fucked them? YES

would you like to watch ur wife fucking other man in front of you...?? NO

Have you ever sucked off a buddies father? NO

Do you like being pounded in the ass? NO

do you like to show off naked in public places? NO

Have you ever tried to enlarge your Cock with a penis pump? NO

Would you let your wife cuckold you? NO

Has any woman, but not a prostitute, ever approached you looking for just sex? YES

Are you on this site to hook up? YES

Would you have your asshole fucked just to experience it? NO

Are you 6 inches or under? YES

Would you enjoy to eat out a hot woman (and her ass too)? YES

Do ladies like watching gay men and do gay men mind ladies watching them? NO

Have you ever had or given a footjob? NO

Would you eat your own cum out of an ass? NO

Would you fuck a friend? YES

Have you ever curled up and cummed on your own face? NO

would you like to be gang fucked? NO

Im straight but let guys suck me off ONLY, am i straight? NO

uncut men have bigger and harder erections than cut men? NO

Do you like a slow wet hands free blow job? NO

do you have a sex toy? YES

Guys, do you compare cocks with a friend or another guy just for being curious? NO

Have you ever taken two dicks up your ass at the same time? NO

who likes masturbating to videos of themselves masturbating? NO

Does pain play a role in your pleasure? NO

which one is more exciting: cumshot (yes) or squirt (no)? NO

Has this website expanded your sexuality? YES

Do you like to masturbate outside? YES

have you ever dick flashed a neighbor? NO

Would you let your woman finger your ass while she sucks your dick? YES

Have you ever had your arse fucked? NO

Do you think 6.5inches is big for a cock? NO

Do you prefer a pretty face than a well shaped body? NO

Would you like to be fucked in the woods ? YES

Which do you prefer, smooth, shaved pussy (yes) or big soft tits(no)? YES

Was your first sexual experience with a guy. ( yes ) or a girl. (no)? NO

Do you find yourself being more turned on by seeing a nice big cock than a pussy? NO

Does your cock going from someone's ass directly to their mouth turn you on? YES

Have you ever pissed on someone else? NO

Have you sucked cock or fucked in a glory hole booth? NO

Do you like to play with a man's ass, i.e. touch, kiss, lick, finger, bare or in tight shorts, etc? NO

Would you let your spouse/partner appear in a hardcore porn movie? YES

Have you ever participated in an orgy? NO

Do YOU find it a turn-off, if your sexual partner enjoys both Male & Female? NO

Have you ever been truly Deep Throated? YES

Can a big dick force you to turn bisexual/bicurious from straight ? NO

Do you have any fucked up fetishes, that you'd rather not talk about for anyone? NO

Do you like small cocks in lingerie? NO

Do well shaped and pretty (female!) feet turn you on? NO