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By 2pierced at 22,Jul,18 04:58
Wonderfully decorated cock!

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:57
Thank you, yours is pretty good too.

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 04:56
Hot body, hammer dick

By couple3621 at 22,Jul,18 04:54
Such a super penis hood you have that must feel great.

By duncanidaho at 22,Jul,18 04:54
Duncanidaho’s dick facts
My name is Duncan Idaho Corrino K******. My initials are DICK!
My dick is just over 7 inches long (about 18cms) when erect but I have managed to get it to almost 8 inches (about 20cms) after a good wanking session!
In this pic /7lurz2v3984cpic.html I have 24 rings on my dick. The first 18 are 5.2cms external ands 4cms internal diameter. The final 6 are 4.9 external and 3.6 internal diameter. When I get really stiff the rings press on hard and when I get them off I have ridges where the first 12 or so rings have been! See also this one /4u7az40uem9epic.html and others with rings on my page!
24 rings weigh about 510grams – that’s much more than a full can of Coke – about 140grams more!
In this pic /qf0nh09aevvxpic.html I have 12 carabiners on my dick, some of them weigh 48grams each, but others weigh less. The total weight is almost 400grams.
/h49sv46rhw2npic.html click here to see this pic without the caption. /member.php?w=194906&&r=60 Or click here to visit the duncanidaho page where you will see lots of different pics of my dick --- and lots of videos, too! Or see the Machine pic/ video to see me wank next to a tape measure! (You get the full 7 inches plus!!!) /96o24ph6d5nspic.html

By 2pierced at 22,Jul,18 04:54
Terrific pose!

By lookingforveins at 22,Jul,18 04:53
Awesome pic

By lookingforveins at 22,Jul,18 04:53
Let me catch that

By lookingforveins at 22,Jul,18 04:53
Mmm..must feel amazing deep inside me

By Bobdick at 22,Jul,18 04:52
Very sexy body

By Bobdick at 22,Jul,18 04:51
Very sexy

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:51
Beautiful, I wish I was under you in a 69 as you lower yourself over my face.

By jelusic at 22,Jul,18 04:48
big cock head

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:46
I would love be between your legs licking and sucking your cock and balls.

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:45
I guarantee you will love it.

By TerryTemple at 22,Jul,18 04:44
Mmmmmm I'm seeing your arse in a slightly different way now, knowing of your anal orgasms....

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:43
Making me thirsty

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:43
Would love to get my tongue under that hood

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:42
Would love to lick that all up,making my mouth water

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:41
Looks tasty

By decatur212 at 22,Jul,18 04:41
Oh Yeah, that's so HOT, mate

By Smalldick84 at 22,Jul,18 04:41
Nice ass cock and balls

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:41
Great looking dick

By jelusic at 22,Jul,18 04:40
big clit

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:40
Would love to get a taste

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:39
Making me thirsty

By jelusic at 22,Jul,18 04:39

By mildlyhairy at 22,Jul,18 04:39
Would love to go for a ride

By Keshia at 22,Jul,18 04:37
love this picture 😍

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 04:36
I would love to wank that huge cock

By CanadianBoy at 22,Jul,18 04:35
I would be crazy not to right?

By Bludgeon at 22,Jul,18 04:35
I'd be really happy...

By Vita at 22,Jul,18 04:34
thank you for your statement … greetings from berlin to bakersfield !!

By Bobdick at 22,Jul,18 04:32

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 04:32

By Ade59 at 22,Jul,18 04:31
Love having it sucked.

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 04:30

By crazyspine at 22,Jul,18 04:30
thanks curtis

By Bobdick at 22,Jul,18 04:29
looks delicious to me

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 04:28
Thank you!

By Bobdick at 22,Jul,18 04:28
I like!

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 04:28

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 04:27

By Bobdick at 22,Jul,18 04:27
Very hot!

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 04:27

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:27
You have a great cock, I sure would love to stroke and suck it.

By TerryTemple at 22,Jul,18 04:26
You look so good in your virgin-white matching undies, panties on or off! And the fluctuations of your splendid weapon as you alter your poses adds to the excitement! I share stickyknickers desire stated above, although you could not look sexier than in these photos!

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 04:23
I call mine a coat hanger after you....yes it feels amazing. walking around massages me internally!!!
great pic!!!

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 04:22
I want to pull down your shorts and when that big cock springs out and slaps me in the face, I will suck you dry

By Helton at 22,Jul,18 04:21
Did you have fun with your cocks?

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 04:18
wow! male nude perfection!!

By decatur212 at 22,Jul,18 04:18
GREAT close up

By decatur212 at 22,Jul,18 04:18
Nice Beefy Body and a Beautiful Dick

By Smalldick84 at 22,Jul,18 04:16
Your welcum mmmmmm

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:16
Thank you, just imagine our cocks pressing together.

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:15
I wish we were all over each other

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:14
With pleasure, and I want yours over me too.

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:14
I would truly love to be cumming over your beautiful cock.

By soharditspurple at 22,Jul,18 04:13
Ah, ready for your milking I see

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:13
Magnificent, I would love to frot with you, squeezing our heads together, making lots of precum juice then turning it to creamy cum.

By Bicurious1 at 22,Jul,18 04:12
Great looking cock!

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 04:11
Awesome best. Wow

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:11
I wish your beautiful cock was filling my mouth

By Vita at 22,Jul,18 04:11
very lovely … compliment !!

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 04:10
I want to lick you all over

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 04:08
Gorgeous cock

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:08
Amazing, such beautiful veins. I wish my lips were sliding over them.

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 04:07
Handsome young man gorgeous cock and I really love your six pack

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:07
Thank you. Your cock is fabulous.

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:06
Thank you.

By hairybollox at 22,Jul,18 04:06

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:06
Thank you, I would love to show you it in the flesh.

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 04:00

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 04:00
Great to see you two together, like that.

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 04:00
Thank you dec!

By birdie at 22,Jul,18 03:59
I do like your beautiful cock.

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 03:56
Thank you!

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 03:56
Thank you!

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 03:55

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 03:55

By Robben at 22,Jul,18 03:54

By jerseycow at 22,Jul,18 03:52

By jerseycow at 22,Jul,18 03:51
Fine looking knob

By anonymous at 22,Jul,18 03:50
I would lick that ass all night long

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 03:49
so sexy!!

By TerryTemple at 22,Jul,18 03:48
Great view of your handsome hard-on!

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 03:48
male nudity at its best!!!

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 03:47

By Andthisisme at 22,Jul,18 03:47
Wow!! So impressive

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 03:46
stunning body and cock and balls!!!

By Andthisisme at 22,Jul,18 03:46
A really great looking dick.

By TerryTemple at 22,Jul,18 03:46
Love those sexy little panties, very pretty, and your cock looks terrific jutting stiffly out above; presents a lovely erotic package!

By Cumlover50 at 22,Jul,18 03:37

By brian2 at 22,Jul,18 03:37
nice one

By jerseycow at 22,Jul,18 03:35
It's lovely

By Cock1 at 22,Jul,18 03:32
Wish I could feel your cock get hard in my mouth

By alanhuk at 22,Jul,18 03:32
great view!!

By jerseycow at 22,Jul,18 03:31
Very nice

By Merman at 22,Jul,18 03:31

By Chris at 22,Jul,18 03:26
Love to slide your foreskin back and suck your lovely big moist glans!

By princea at 22,Jul,18 03:24
looks really great!

By Ramiz at 22,Jul,18 03:23
Delicious pussy

By jerseycow at 22,Jul,18 03:23

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 03:19
Great cock!

By Sogood at 22,Jul,18 03:18
Thank you!! Rikan420

By decatur212 at 22,Jul,18 03:15
You always look so Magnificent

By Nawmie54 at 22,Jul,18 03:11
Beautiful thick hard cock!

By decatur212 at 22,Jul,18 03:10
You have the most Exciting Dick, mate

By princea at 22,Jul,18 03:10
very sexy cock!!!

By decatur212 at 22,Jul,18 03:10
Magnificent, mate

By chubbs42dd at 22,Jul,18 03:07
So fucking hot!

By brian2 at 22,Jul,18 03:05

By brian2 at 22,Jul,18 02:58
great pic. What a turn on

By tony4u at 22,Jul,18 02:58
Oh wow that just fits my ass!!!!

By Blue7496 at 22,Jul,18 02:56

By Markus67 at 22,Jul,18 02:55

By GEORGIE10 at 22,Jul,18 02:55

By Markus67 at 22,Jul,18 02:54
very bigggggggggg

By skot at 22,Jul,18 02:52

By princea at 22,Jul,18 02:45
wonderful to see!!!

By Dalecash at 22,Jul,18 02:44
Nice fat cock

By QuantumDotXXX at 22,Jul,18 02:42
Had a catheter in for almost 3 months... so I ended up with a big dick hole.

By rubirosa at 22,Jul,18 02:40
Would LOVE to Play with your Foreskin. Need EXPERIENCE....

By Stroker4739 at 22,Jul,18 02:38
I would share either position with you.

By spongeknob at 22,Jul,18 02:38
WOW n great view , your ballbag looks really hairy from behind and yor hole so inviting

By vincent49 at 22,Jul,18 02:38
tolle vorhaut ja, so mag ich es lecker

By Rob00 at 22,Jul,18 02:38
Sexy and handsome young man

By vincent49 at 22,Jul,18 02:37
wunderschoene vorhaut, liebe es,

By chubbylover at 22,Jul,18 02:37
geil ! den möchte ich dir gerne sauberschlecken

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 02:37

By up-for-it at 22,Jul,18 02:34
Yeah, i could have lots of fun with it!

By Komp122 at 22,Jul,18 02:31

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 02:28

By chrismz at 22,Jul,18 02:27
Nice arse

By bigeileslet at 22,Jul,18 02:23
Would love to be behind you!!!!!

By TitusObsessus at 22,Jul,18 02:22
lovely cock to be fucked by!

By bigeileslet at 22,Jul,18 02:22
Mmmmmmm,delicious ass!!!!!

By bigeileslet at 22,Jul,18 02:15

By bigeileslet at 22,Jul,18 02:13
Mmmmm,love to taste!!!!!

By BeachCock8 at 22,Jul,18 02:10
Thank you, fellow thonger.

By Rubbit4mee at 22,Jul,18 02:09
Oh My God!, BEAUTIFUL Cock!!!

By raymondp at 22,Jul,18 02:07
Love that skin wow!!

By Rubbit4mee at 22,Jul,18 02:07
If you were a super hero, your name would be “Perfect Wiener Man”!

By kk717171 at 22,Jul,18 02:06

By raymondp at 22,Jul,18 02:06
I absolutely love your great cock and foreskin. It makes me want to

By kk717171 at 22,Jul,18 02:05

By fxrider at 22,Jul,18 02:04
ohhh what a nice bulge ...
love the sexy thong ...

By Foreskinny at 22,Jul,18 02:04
Sehr lexker dein triefender Schwanz

By fxrider at 22,Jul,18 02:03
I also love it when boys and girls , women and men look at my cock and the tiny thin tangas

By Foreskinny at 22,Jul,18 02:03
Wahnsinn, was für ein geiles Riesengehänge

By Foreskinny at 22,Jul,18 02:02
Geil wie dein Riesensack so faltig daliegt

By Komp122 at 22,Jul,18 02:01
It's great

By Foreskinny at 22,Jul,18 02:00
Geil mit Ballstretchern abgespritzt

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 01:58
This one

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:56

By BeachCock8 at 22,Jul,18 01:54
You ‘meat’ the nicest people at a nude beach.

By Dalecash at 22,Jul,18 01:53
That’s a good looking cock

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 01:51
Great hanging cock

By BeachCock8 at 22,Jul,18 01:51
Heads would turn! Love it! I would welcome you under my umbrella anytime, my sweet goddess!

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:50

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 01:50
Very nice

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:48

By Charl86 at 22,Jul,18 01:46

By maxhendrix at 22,Jul,18 01:45

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 01:42
Perfect curve and most beautiful cock

By Rikan420 at 22,Jul,18 01:42
That cock looks so hot

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 01:41
Just perfect

By corona7 at 22,Jul,18 01:39
Wana sit on this hot cock

By Komp122 at 22,Jul,18 01:37

By Rudolf69 at 22,Jul,18 01:34
a beautiful and delicious cock

By skinnisex at 22,Jul,18 01:33
Reckon you'd enjoy fucking it

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 01:33
Suck mine too very hot

By Rudolf69 at 22,Jul,18 01:33
very beautiful foreskin cock

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 01:32
Nice cock

By Dikkman44 at 22,Jul,18 01:31
Amazing view

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:29

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 01:29

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:28

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:27

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:25
da wäre ich jetzt gerne auf meinen Knien

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:22
perfect length

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:20
geiler beringter lümmel

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:19
tolles Spielzeug

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:19
lecker lecker dein sachwanz mit sahne

By kittyboy at 22,Jul,18 01:18
der Puschel steht dir gut

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:18
dein geilen sack sollte man saugen

By Rikan420 at 22,Jul,18 01:17
Would Love to poke that hole !!!

By rhita at 22,Jul,18 01:17
lovely dick

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:16
geiler glatter lümmel

By Keshia at 22,Jul,18 01:16
i love your dick 😍😍😍

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:16

By rhita at 22,Jul,18 01:15
nice view

By Felixx at 22,Jul,18 01:14
very nice dick

By GaryK at 22,Jul,18 01:09
What a great pic

By Nawmie54 at 22,Jul,18 01:07
Great body, legs, cock!

By rickie at 22,Jul,18 01:06
would love to go to the beach with you...

By camcock1 at 22,Jul,18 01:04

By Rikan420 at 22,Jul,18 01:03
Beautiful Cock!!!

By rhita at 22,Jul,18 01:01

By Rikan420 at 22,Jul,18 01:00
Very Hot Cock!!!

By BeachCock8 at 22,Jul,18 00:59
Yay! You’re my kind of girl! A goddess with a big beautiful cock!

By rhita at 22,Jul,18 00:57
nice big dick

By rickie at 22,Jul,18 00:57
thank you so much sweetheart...LOVE you beautiful..xxxxxx

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:56
yeah sure, although l haven't seen a large group of gay lumberjacks lately, they don't turn up when you need them *lix*

By humperZB at 22,Jul,18 00:56
Nice pubes and package

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:54
that's a great comparison shot and you and your cock are looking smoking hot in it *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:52
what a great looking shot, very relaxed looking and smoking hot, thank you for sharing *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:51
absolutely gorgeous shot Rickie, youre a stunner of the best kind, smoking hot *lix*

By camcock1 at 22,Jul,18 00:51

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:51
great shot and smoking hot arse youre sharing there, looking really hot in this shot *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:50
thats a great spread, and youre looking smoking hot in this shot too, thank you for sharing *lix*

By Bobbybear at 22,Jul,18 00:49
Always admire your cock!

By Nawmie54 at 22,Jul,18 00:49
Awesome big hard erect cock!

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:46
great shot and the sexiest of all is a happy one, you've provided that for us ... *lix*

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 00:46

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 00:45
Like alot

By Showme1 at 22,Jul,18 00:45

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:45
Just perfect

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:44
Awesome wow

By camcock1 at 22,Jul,18 00:44

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:43
A real beauty

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:42
triple the delight, and a great shot, thank you for sharing it with us all here ... *lix*

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:42
Perfection plus

By showit at 22,Jul,18 00:42
I want to suck it

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:42
Hotstuff wow

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:42
wow, what a great full body shot, love seeing it all and youre looking super hot *lix*

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:41

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:41
very hot rear view, what a wonderful shot and very sexy too. thanks for sharing *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:40
looks like you've been working out and making your body even better ..good on you *lix*

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:40

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:39

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:39
great up shot, shows off all the good bits and leaves nothing to imagination, my kind of pics *lix*

By simply at 22,Jul,18 00:39

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:38
Wow wow wow wow wow

By showit at 22,Jul,18 00:38
Very nice

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:38
Love it

By simply at 22,Jul,18 00:38

By showit at 22,Jul,18 00:37
Nice cock

By schwulerfickschwanz at 22,Jul,18 00:33
Ich ziehe mir oft den eingesamten Gummi eines Top Kollegen über den Schwanz und ficke damit weiter. Spritze meine Ladung noch dazu. Der Botton muß dann die gewaltige Samenmenge schlucken

By resurrection at 22,Jul,18 00:31
Wow wow wow wow

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:30
Hot hard cock and suckable head mmm

By gauravallforyou at 22,Jul,18 00:29
wow inviting manpussy

By rickie at 22,Jul,18 00:28

By rickie at 22,Jul,18 00:26
yes i will..xx

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:26
damn, that is one big cock you have the there, bet it hits the bottom of most girls *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:25
looks like a good spot to catch a bit of sun and did you share it with someone *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:24
nice thick cock youre sporting there and thank you for showing us the comparison *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:24
best fitting shorts lve seen today, hold the important things in and let the rest hang out *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 22,Jul,18 00:23
wow, check out them cut offs ... do you wear them outside??? lm sure they'd be a stand out *lix*

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:23
Mmm yes please!

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:23
Very nice and great balls

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:23
Great hanger

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:22
Oh wow! Thank you so much!

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:22
Very nice cock

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:22
Oh yes!

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:21
Nice hanging sack

By Tm1234bb at 22,Jul,18 00:20
Mouth watering,mmm let me satisfy your hard Cock,and milk it

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:20
Great mess

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:19
Nice cock

By adare1 at 22,Jul,18 00:19

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:19
Very nice

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:19
Thank you so much - so glad you think so!

By Thickandfat at 22,Jul,18 00:18
Great balls

By Tm1234bb at 22,Jul,18 00:18
Omg,those are so Fucking the way your Cock hangs out,mmm

By Vita at 22,Jul,18 00:17
real gem !

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:17
Oh yes please! Lick it all up and then get my cock in your mouth and suck out every last drop!

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:16
Mmm suck me dry and lick me clean!

By Robertmouth at 22,Jul,18 00:13

By Robertmouth at 22,Jul,18 00:13

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:13
Mmm yes please!

By hardbob at 22,Jul,18 00:09
Lovely cock and such a suckable head!

By Tm1234bb at 22,Jul,18 00:07
Yes,Oct message me,would love to swap pics

By bootyfull at 22,Jul,18 00:01
Beautiful 😍

By Bigdaddy402 at 21,Jul,18 23:59

By 321jock at 21,Jul,18 23:54
Love that view!

By 321jock at 21,Jul,18 23:49

By noname at 21,Jul,18 23:47

By noname at 21,Jul,18 23:46

By 321jock at 21,Jul,18 23:43
I'd love to get messy with you stud!

By noname at 21,Jul,18 23:40

By noname at 21,Jul,18 23:39

By 7inchman at 21,Jul,18 23:36
Hello do you have Kik? Intrest in trade more in depth?

By Nawmie54 at 21,Jul,18 23:36
Gorgeous thick veiny uncut cock! mmmmmmmmm

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