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By tendertim2016 at 19,May,18 22:32
Wish that was my ass!

By tendertim2016 at 19,May,18 22:30
Would love to suck that big cock and swallow your big load of cum!!

By stefan123 at 19,Apr,18 06:29

By stefan123 at 19,Apr,18 06:28
sexy body

By stefan123 at 19,Apr,18 06:28

By longdong at 17,Apr,18 19:27
Good work bro

By Stiffjohn at 02,Apr,18 11:10

By ReallyTooSmall at 05,Mar,18 22:09
Love the way your cock hangs .

By buthsmall at 18,Feb,18 01:22
thick powerful dick

By buthsmall at 18,Feb,18 01:21
thick dick and thick huge veins

By buthsmall at 18,Feb,18 01:20
your huge veins same thick as my penis

By buthsmall at 18,Feb,18 01:19
your hose is more than that cylinder

By buthsmall at 18,Feb,18 01:18
I am sure that your huge balls contain more protein than in eggs

By buthsmall at 18,Feb,18 01:15
strong muscle body

By buthsmall at 15,Feb,18 07:08
you could just drown all my babe tiny penis in this huge puddle of sperm

By sissy_cuckold at 10,Feb,18 01:06

By monday at 08,Feb,18 03:21
Still good looking shot !

By WristThick at 07,Feb,18 14:55
I was just waiting for someone to call it out. Someone else did before you, but his comment disappeared. This was a tribute to me and I'm happy to have it on my page. It's also surprisingly accurate what an asshole looks like when I'm fucking on the outstroke

By monday at 07,Feb,18 03:26

By anonymous at 07,Feb,18 02:52

By WristThick at 07,Jan,18 19:33
I was just waiting for someone to call it out. This was a tribute to me and I'm happy to have it on my page

By Ellyanna at 01,Jan,18 21:32

By WristThick at 28,Dec,17 00:32
Mmmmm... maybe a few rounds once you have your first assgasm or two. Once you pop, you can't stop

By thegoodwife at 27,Dec,17 12:18
Yeah, I would lend you my ass for a round.

By WristThick at 11,Dec,17 19:36
No, unfortunately I injured my left forearm lifting and had to take the past 5 months off. I still have a hard body, but haven't been able to add the 10+ pounds of muscle I planned to by now. Thanks for keeping track. I'm definitely motivated to achieve my goals. I should be there by the summer or fall.

By WristThick at 30,Sep,17 19:01
One of these days you'll find out for sure and will be cumming all over it

By licksipsuckit at 30,Sep,17 17:35
nice and thick, bet it feels good *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 30,Sep,17 17:34
great looking dick *lix*

By xme at 06,Sep,17 12:17

By marc66 at 03,Sep,17 15:42

By WristThick at 11,Aug,17 15:57
I have 4 veins that are each more than a quarter-inch thick and many smaller ones, plus "ribs" near my head and down my shaft

By Jcumslut at 11,Aug,17 13:15
Hot cock; love how veiny you are

By Jcumslut at 11,Aug,17 13:14
Fit body man

By dickmoore at 23,Jul,17 04:42
I'll taste the one on the right

By dickmoore at 23,Jul,17 04:41
I'll take the one below

By WristThick at 28,Jun,17 02:56
Thanks, but I don't do guys

By Tinyless at 28,Jun,17 00:29
What a big cock . Need it in me

By WristThick at 30,Apr,17 19:09
It's a work in progress. Wait until later on this year when I've packed on a final 15 lbs of muscle and lost the remaining 10 lbs of fat.

By licksipsuckit at 30,Apr,17 05:14
l cant wait to see more of your hot tight body *lix*

By decatur212 at 16,Apr,17 05:23
Looking so Great mate

By decatur212 at 12,Apr,17 04:49
Oh yeah that's so yummy looking.

By decatur212 at 12,Apr,17 04:48
Looking so Good mate.

By whitebottom at 31,Mar,17 03:28
the best of all
its big and its perfect!!!
love what i see

By WristThick at 21,Mar,17 01:06

By anonymous at 21,Mar,17 00:22
Mmm oh good for you

By WristThick at 20,Mar,17 18:15
I weigh only 10 lbs less now after losing 25 lbs of fat and adding 15 lbs of muscle. So I'm still "bigger", but definitely stronger with MUCH greater endurance. I've worn out every woman I've been with since my latest body pics were taken.

By anonymous at 19,Mar,17 03:38
Mmm I love my men "bigger"

By licksipsuckit at 08,Mar,17 23:12
you look amazing, its a credit to you... and your hard work, as l know it doesn't come easy... *lix*

By licksipsuckit at 08,Mar,17 23:11
wow, what a transformation!!! you really have to be proud of yourself for that.. very sexy indeed *lix*

By bustyasian at 08,Mar,17 22:38
Nice body to go with the nice fat cock

By Tmac6967 at 08,Mar,17 02:52
Very nice!

By mravg2u at 29,Jan,17 15:43
Nice gonads...

By WristThick at 12,Jan,17 16:09
Thanks. Looks like we're about the same size!

By bottleneck at 12,Jan,17 03:54
great comparison, what a difference!

By fortybutsporty at 08,Jan,17 22:28
Mmm, would hurt so good

By jorjjeta at 06,Jan,17 02:42
mmmm i very wait it

By WristThick at 05,Jan,17 22:30
Not quite, but I'll have just as good a body when he was at his most muscular by the end of this year for sure.

By jorjjeta at 05,Jan,17 06:47
you now like a Peter North!

By jorjjeta at 05,Jan,17 06:46
nice sexy sporty body

By anonymous at 07,Oct,16 02:37
Gorgeous monster cock

By trim1963 at 27,Sep,16 17:00
Magnificent cock

By corvettel82 at 27,Sep,16 02:24

By skot at 27,Sep,16 02:08

By yourluv at 13,Sep,16 19:20

By dreamy2686 at 02,Aug,16 04:34
nice body

By anonymous at 28,Jul,16 11:31
I slurp from the spoon

By licksipsuckit at 18,Jul,16 00:08
thanks for sharing *lix*

By cumnut89 at 12,Jul,16 21:54
manly cock... hairy, big, ready for action!

By cumnut89 at 12,Jul,16 21:53
many cock...hairy, big, ready for action!

By pussyboy at 24,Jun,16 01:45
Not obscene just delectable

By anonymous at 27,Feb,16 18:22
So have you trained your cock to open doors? Or is it using its 1 eye to look through the keyhole?

By anonymous at 16,Feb,16 22:49
Call me behna 647-859-7466

By cumnut89 at 18,Jan,16 19:09
Mmmm...generous, creamy cumload!

By cumnut89 at 18,Jan,16 19:06
BIG, juicy cockhead!!

By cumnut89 at 18,Jan,16 19:03
Ass-busting coco!! So big and hairy!

By anonymous at 17,Dec,15 07:14
Much too thick for the toilet role but a good pussy stretcher

By anonymous at 17,Dec,15 07:12
A thick pussy stretcher

By anonymous at 17,Dec,15 07:11
Thick slut fucker

By anonymous at 17,Dec,15 07:10
Yes it s a thick one ready to open any slut

By anonymous at 17,Dec,15 07:01
Wow your hard steel pipe is the best fucking tool for a slut

By anonymous at 14,Dec,15 07:13

By anonymous at 14,Dec,15 07:12
Big balls and huge're the lucky one

By anonymous at 14,Dec,15 07:11
Wow that's a lot of cum

By anonymous at 14,Dec,15 07:10
I think it's a monster cock

By anonymous at 14,Dec,15 07:09
Thick and big

By minoka at 20,Nov,15 03:23

By gare at 17,May,15 10:27

By kebmo at 19,Feb,15 03:32
Hi from Calgary. OK I'll say it.....nice knobs.

By jorjjeta at 10,Feb,15 16:32
huge veins and good erection

By jorjjeta at 10,Feb,15 16:31
it monster cock

By jorjjeta at 10,Feb,15 16:18
your balls more than chicken eggs, i sure it full also

By jorjjeta at 10,Feb,15 16:17
very good huge cum

By jorjjeta at 10,Feb,15 15:41
you such huge and fat near this dick

By wettpussy at 10,Jan,15 22:58

By anonymous at 16,Dec,14 18:50
Yeah it is!

By WristThick at 10,Dec,14 16:09
Thanks, Lee

I know you would be able to handle it sooooooooo good

By lee92 at 10,Dec,14 06:27

By WristThick at 05,Dec,14 03:04
Good answer lol

Do you think you might be able to handle it in other places too?

By Anne11 at 05,Dec,14 02:57
i have 2 hands .-)

By WristThick at 05,Dec,14 02:52
Yes. And it's funny how the only people who've seen this can of shaving cream before are either from Canada or Germany lol

Thanks for the compliment
Do you think you could handle it?

By Anne11 at 05,Dec,14 02:42
Nivea in Canada too? isnt it a german brand? Wow, and xour dick ist so fat ...

By WristThick at 04,Dec,14 19:09
Thanks. That's a compliment and I'll take it

By Ken31234 at 03,Dec,14 23:24
I know u are straight but I like your body.

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