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By Brad at 30,Apr,18 11:22
Yes darling, my Dom daddy has huge cock & he enjoys blasting a huge load of cum deep in my ass then invites his weight lifting mates to follow with a few more loads in my ass + couple of loads in my mouth !! I'm a compliant faggot slave who enjoys being filled with cum at either end !! Daddy has recently ordered me to follow your lead by caging my cock & balls ! Uncomfortable at first but I like pleasing daddy !! If I do a good job of sucking off all his gym mates then he uncages me & sucks me off or puts my legs over my head & forces me to self suck my cock & swallow my own cum !!! Your pics have been our inspiration darling !!!

By Brad at 22,Apr,18 02:01
Your wish is my cumand !!

By sissyevelynn at 12,Apr,18 10:42
I hope that cock was balls deep inside of you when he shot his load of warm gooey cum.

By Brad at 01,Apr,18 21:53
U r most welcum to bring me off anyt,I expect doll !

By Rob00 at 30,Mar,18 18:27
It needs to cum

By Rob00 at 30,Mar,18 18:26
Now, that cock needs a nice long sucking

By Edagar16 at 26,Mar,18 02:23
What a sexy rod you have for my delight.

By Brad at 05,Mar,18 07:09
Would like to meat u but could not view any of your pics !! ??

By superstudme at 02,Feb,18 17:21
You seem to be uncut so how did you escape being cut like me when very young here in Australia? I am in Brisbane so not far from you inn the Gold Coast

By Stiffcock47 at 31,Jan,18 04:24

By Brad at 13,Jan,18 09:00
Yours for the taking doll !!

By Stiffcock47 at 08,Jan,18 05:17
Lovely cock shot nice pantys

By Brad at 03,Jan,18 08:15
Thanks ! U also look very sexy in your g strings !!

By Stiffcock47 at 02,Jan,18 10:43
looking hot in panty

By Brad at 29,Nov,17 08:23
U r welcum to suck !!

By Stiffcock47 at 08,Nov,17 10:03

By purple1 at 12,Sep,17 09:26

By pussyboy at 19,Jun,17 15:49

By Brad at 06,Jan,17 12:59
Thanks ! Glad u like my big shaved cock !! U r welcum to suck my cock any time !!!

By corvettel82 at 31,Dec,16 03:30

By starjack at 30,Dec,16 08:03
Beautiful hot dick!!

By starjack at 17,Dec,16 06:39 look delicious!! Love to have some of that!!

By anonymous at 27,Nov,16 12:45
your tits are soooooooo HOT HOT HOT

By Brad at 10,Nov,16 04:52
U r welcum suck my nipples or my cock !!

By anonymous at 04,Nov,16 16:22
hun you have so good the tit, i love to suck

By Brad at 15,Sep,16 07:50
Luv u sweetheart !! My cum is your cum doll !!

By PlaysInPanties at 14,Sep,16 12:08

By Brad at 13,Sep,16 05:38
Ok doll, I will shoot my loads directly into your fuck holes !!

By PlaysInPanties at 08,Sep,16 01:08
I'd like better squirted straight in my fuck holes!!!

By Brad at 07,Sep,16 08:18
Glad u like my squirt ! Would u like to lick it up for me darling ??

By PlaysInPanties at 27,Aug,16 13:40
sexy squirt sweetie!!!

By corvettel82 at 27,Jun,16 07:51

By Brad at 29,Apr,16 04:16
Your cream dream is cuming true ! I will shove my hard cock into your sweet mouth then drive it into your well lubed ass while I spank your beautiful butt cheeks !! When ready I will blast a large load of hot cum in your ass u sexy tart !!!

By TalkDirtyToMeDaddy at 27,Apr,16 22:59
shove it in my throat and then up my tight hole until your daddy cum spills out of me

By Brad at 27,Apr,16 22:49
That big cock is yours but it may be more that u wished for u cute tart ! I'll first shove my cock into your sweet mouth & all the way down your throat until u gag !! After a solid face fucking I'll shove my hard cock up your nice ass while u r bent over so I can jerk your big cock !! Where would u like the large hot load of cum: up your ass or in your sweet mouth ??

By TalkDirtyToMeDaddy at 23,Apr,16 10:19
you can like drive me any time

By Brad at 22,Apr,16 11:40
U would b most welcum to lick it clean then get me hard again for another big load !! I can get it up several times !!! Horny for u babe !!

By getauser at 15,Apr,16 23:41
Mmmmmmm id love to lick you clean

By Brad at 01,Mar,16 07:25
A hot 69 with u would b sooo enjoyable !! Would luv u sucking me while I deep throat your magnificent cum cannon !!!

By Brad at 29,Feb,16 05:34
Volunteer accepted ! As long as I get to to lick your beautiful big balls & suck your fabulous cock with that huge knob !!

By fokkelpissie at 28,Feb,16 00:12
I would suck your lovely cock for hours

By fokkelpissie at 28,Feb,16 00:11
I volunteer

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