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By pussyboy at 19,Jun,17 15:49

By Brad at 06,Jan,17 12:59
Thanks ! Glad u like my big shaved cock !! U r welcum to suck my cock any time !!!

By corvettel82 at 31,Dec,16 03:30

By starjack at 30,Dec,16 08:03
Beautiful hot dick!!

By starjack at 17,Dec,16 06:39 look delicious!! Love to have some of that!!

By anonymous at 27,Nov,16 12:45
your tits are soooooooo HOT HOT HOT

By Brad at 25,Nov,16 19:00
My cock is yours babe ! How about a hot 69 together with large loads of cum to savour & swallow + cum swap ??

By Brad at 10,Nov,16 04:52
U r welcum suck my nipples or my cock !!

By anonymous at 04,Nov,16 16:22
hun you have so good the tit, i love to suck

By Brad at 15,Sep,16 07:50
Luv u sweetheart !! My cum is your cum doll !!

By PlaysInPanties at 14,Sep,16 12:08

By Brad at 13,Sep,16 05:38
Ok doll, I will shoot my loads directly into your fuck holes !!

By PlaysInPanties at 08,Sep,16 01:08
I'd like better squirted straight in my fuck holes!!!

By Brad at 07,Sep,16 08:18
Glad u like my squirt ! Would u like to lick it up for me darling ??

By PlaysInPanties at 27,Aug,16 13:40
sexy squirt sweetie!!!

By corvettel82 at 27,Jun,16 07:51

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:31
Thanks Would like to c pic of your cock !!

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:29
Thanks doll ! Would u like to suck my big cock then take all of it up your nice ass ??

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:28
Thanks doll ! Only too happy to share my assets with u !!

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:27
If u like what u c then let's meat for some cock & cum fun !!

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:26
Perfect as I luv to have my cock sucked + fuck nice asses !!

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:24
I would luv to fuck the shit out of your mouth then blow massive load of hot cum all over your face !!

By Brad at 17,May,16 10:22
Would u like to lick it off for me ? U r most welcum ! Get me hard so u blow another large load !!

By Brad at 29,Apr,16 04:16
Your cream dream is cuming true ! I will shove my hard cock into your sweet mouth then drive it into your well lubed ass while I spank your beautiful butt cheeks !! When ready I will blast a large load of hot cum in your ass u sexy tart !!!

By TalkDirtyToMeDaddy at 27,Apr,16 22:59
shove it in my throat and then up my tight hole until your daddy cum spills out of me

By Brad at 27,Apr,16 22:49
That big cock is yours but it may be more that u wished for u cute tart ! I'll first shove my cock into your sweet mouth & all the way down your throat until u gag !! After a solid face fucking I'll shove my hard cock up your nice ass while u r bent over so I can jerk your big cock !! Where would u like the large hot load of cum: up your ass or in your sweet mouth ??

By Brad at 27,Apr,16 22:37
Sounds perfect doll ! Hope we get to meat & have sexy 69 in August ! Save lots of your hot cum just for me !! Xx

By TalkDirtyToMeDaddy at 23,Apr,16 10:19
you can like drive me any time

By Brad at 22,Apr,16 11:40
U would b most welcum to lick it clean then get me hard again for another big load !! I can get it up several times !!! Horny for u babe !!

By getauser at 15,Apr,16 23:41
Mmmmmmm id love to lick you clean

By Brad at 01,Mar,16 07:25
A hot 69 with u would b sooo enjoyable !! Would luv u sucking me while I deep throat your magnificent cum cannon !!!

By Brad at 29,Feb,16 05:34
Volunteer accepted ! As long as I get to to lick your beautiful big balls & suck your fabulous cock with that huge knob !!

By fokkelpissie at 28,Feb,16 00:12
I would suck your lovely cock for hours

By fokkelpissie at 28,Feb,16 00:11
I volunteer

By Brad at 27,Feb,16 20:34
I just blew huge load over my cock ring, cock , leg & stomach !! Would anybody out there like to lick it off for me + get my cock hard for the next load ???

By Brad at 26,Feb,16 03:32
My cock would like that very much to have u sit on it when he gets hard ! My cock would luv to to give your ass sensuous solid fucking then fill it with massive load of hot cum !!!!

By Brad at 26,Feb,16 03:30
Thanks ! Glad u enjoy. Do u like those large nipples ? My cock keeps trying to jump out of the g string to have some sucking & cum fun with u !!!

By anonymous at 24,Feb,16 12:01
every time he come out i will sit my anus down upon it

By anonymous at 24,Feb,16 12:00
so good the body i love

By Brad at 24,Feb,16 05:00
Thanks glad u like & hope it gets u hard !! Any suggestions on how I can get my big cock to stay in that scanty panty ?? My cock seems to want to get free seeking your mouth !!

By anonymous at 23,Feb,16 10:13
wow sweetie you so sexy in that scanty panty

By Brad at 22,Feb,16 08:44
Can u help keep my excited cock in those tight pink shorts ?? My cock gets excited every time it sees your lovely pile driver !!!

By Brad at 21,Feb,16 00:11
Yes please ! Would luv to kiss u while I play with your cock & u play with my hard nipples & cock !! 69 with u would b most enjoyable then drive your huge cock all the way up my cute tight ass !! Spank my ass if u wish to get optimal performance !! Your choice to blow your load in my ass or take it straight out & into my eager mouth to shoot your massive load of tasty cum !!!

By Brad at 17,Feb,16 00:48
B my guest ! Your mouth would b most welcum !!! I would b most cum !!! I am feeling very honey for u babe !!!!

By Brad at 17,Feb,16 00:45
Tell me more ! How would u tame that cock ??

By Brad at 12,Feb,16 18:58
What would u like to do with that big hot morning glory cock which is full to the brim with delicious cum ????

By Brad at 12,Feb,16 18:29
U r most welcum to drain my hard cock of a few loads !! I will do the same for your lovely cock !!

By Brad at 29,Jan,16 18:41
My cock would like to play with your fat cock ! We could b standing & rub our two cocks together while French kiss !!

By Brad at 29,Jan,16 18:07
Hi ! I got these small sexy hot pink shorts in Cancun, Mexico. I do not know what to do as my ever ready hard cock does not want to stay inside the shorts !! Can anybody suggest what I should do with that naughty cum filled cock of mine ???

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