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By Water at 17,Jan,17 15:36
Thanks so much, it's almost as good as yours

By Water at 17,Jan,17 15:35
Oh, thank you

By seby2984 at 17,Jan,17 12:40
great huge cock!

By Txdrumguy at 17,Jan,17 08:47
What a huge perfect cock!!!

By Drill at 17,Jan,17 08:31

By mavuto at 17,Jan,17 03:06
huge monster cock!!!

By Water at 17,Jan,17 01:33

By bootyfull at 17,Jan,17 01:32

By kygayjosh at 16,Jan,17 21:51

By *starsky* at 16,Jan,17 17:17
....your wish is my command.....

By pantiboi at 16,Jan,17 17:00
Hi hun you sooo huge yes I love

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:26
Thanks so much

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:26

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:25
I suppose

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:25
I sure can, but that is irrelevant

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:25
Well that should cover it then

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:24
Glad you like

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:24

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:24
Well I'd prefer if you use more than that

By Water at 16,Jan,17 12:23
Be careful

By bananita at 16,Jan,17 12:13
I'll give you two

By SeniorStiffy at 16,Jan,17 08:41
INCREDIBLE cock I'd LOVE to take that down my throat

By fredharry at 16,Jan,17 04:01
faaaarrrrkkking beautiful

By Chrissy2012 at 16,Jan,17 01:00
Such a gorgeous cock, looks so big.

By kygayjosh at 15,Jan,17 23:32

By diddy12 at 15,Jan,17 19:53

By semo40 at 15,Jan,17 19:53
Nice cock man!

By Sexmad at 15,Jan,17 17:26

By Sexmad at 15,Jan,17 17:25
Yes please... I can give you two hands Great poc

By gare at 15,Jan,17 16:09

By gare at 15,Jan,17 16:08

By Stigma33 at 15,Jan,17 15:55
Wow can you say photo shop

By imready222 at 15,Jan,17 15:22
mmmmmmm can i suck this one mmmmm

By anonymous at 15,Jan,17 14:23
Ill give you 2 hands and my mouth!

By funguy5555 at 15,Jan,17 13:23
i love your big cock.

By dalsto675 at 15,Jan,17 10:18
Now that is a handful of dick

By HOOSIER10 at 14,Jan,17 15:15

By HOOSIER10 at 14,Jan,17 15:14

By cumn4u at 14,Jan,17 00:42
mmmmmmmmmmmm i cant tell you enough how much i would love to have that huge monstrous cock workn deep all inside me!!!

By sissyEVELYNN at 13,Jan,17 20:10
Ooooh my! what a huge cock you have! I would love to suck it

By *starsky* at 13,Jan,17 10:42
sensational doesn't cut it.....but I bet I could raise it with just my pinky....

By Davydoo at 13,Jan,17 04:07
My goodness. How does one handle that?

By Jaymzbbb at 13,Jan,17 00:27
I'd love to get slapped with that! Mmm

By Water at 12,Jan,17 16:06
Yours would do perfectly

By bigboy67 at 12,Jan,17 13:16

By bigboy67 at 12,Jan,17 13:14

By prnaddict at 12,Jan,17 13:13
So hot!

By resurrection at 12,Jan,17 10:07
looks more as if you will need two helping hands

By Water at 12,Jan,17 07:31
So many options

By 2pierced at 12,Jan,17 07:13
How about a hand, mouth, or ass?

By 7incher93 at 12,Jan,17 07:01
I wamt you to smack my face and butt hole with that extraordinary cock

By 7incher93 at 12,Jan,17 06:59
I can only dream of having a cock like yours i love your massive ****

By vision at 12,Jan,17 06:34

By diddy12 at 11,Jan,17 23:50

By Hispanick at 11,Jan,17 22:46

By kebmo at 11,Jan,17 02:48
He's a beauty! I sent him off to my favourites. Just a few can enter there. You are very welcome there.

By gaynudist61 at 10,Jan,17 22:12
That is a good sized cock. It must be close to a foot long

By smokinj at 10,Jan,17 19:32
Simply huge cock dude! So unfair...

By kygayjosh at 10,Jan,17 17:31

By Thebigone at 10,Jan,17 13:15
I really want to suck you so bad, I would lick that cock for hours, then I would spread my ass real wide and sit on it

By oscar177 at 10,Jan,17 06:51
Truly awesome! One of your best. Why did you change your name?

By Water at 09,Jan,17 16:47
And not closing anytime soon

By davy89 at 09,Jan,17 16:18
The cage is open!

By marc66 at 09,Jan,17 12:45

By Water at 09,Jan,17 11:06
Why thanks

By 2pierced at 09,Jan,17 10:37
Amazing cock and body!

By Water at 09,Jan,17 09:48

By Water at 09,Jan,17 09:48
Thanks so much friend

By jollygoodfun at 09,Jan,17 09:47
Awesome looking cock

By licksipsuckit at 09,Jan,17 08:12
fuck me!!! *lix*

By Water at 09,Jan,17 05:53
An extra set of hands is always welcome

By yellowman at 09,Jan,17 05:01
OMG, I wish that I could get my hands on your beautiful cock....

By kygayjosh at 09,Jan,17 00:22

By kygayjosh at 09,Jan,17 00:22

By Water at 08,Jan,17 23:34
Take a lick

By Handsomeballs at 08,Jan,17 23:06
It's so big and juicy

By bootyfull at 08,Jan,17 22:12
I'll give you more than a kiss 😘😏

By bootyfull at 08,Jan,17 22:12
Love it 😍😍😍

By diddy12 at 08,Jan,17 21:43
OMFG!!! I'm speechless.

By diddy12 at 08,Jan,17 21:42
Yes please...

By iduda2003 at 08,Jan,17 21:02
Big Beautiful Delicious looking Head! Love to kiss it all over..

By tomvanhorn at 08,Jan,17 15:07
Really hot!!!

By tomvanhorn at 08,Jan,17 15:06
Wanna play with it!

By Water at 08,Jan,17 10:49

By dalsto675 at 08,Jan,17 10:38
Now THAT is a cock

By basque9 at 08,Jan,17 10:26
Great way to put meat on the table.

By Water at 08,Jan,17 10:24
Haha thank you

By Water at 08,Jan,17 10:24

By basque9 at 08,Jan,17 10:23
Awesome body and boner.

By basque9 at 08,Jan,17 10:22
Nice long bone, good buddy.

By basque9 at 08,Jan,17 10:22
Awesome hunk of hanging cock, man.

By Water at 08,Jan,17 07:52
You should have a try

By hypoboy at 08,Jan,17 07:46
jeesus what a fat cock! i wonder how that feels inside any hole mmmmh....

By Water at 08,Jan,17 06:55
Mmmm, I welcome you anytime

By 2pierced at 08,Jan,17 06:55
So very delicious!

By Water at 08,Jan,17 06:54
The more, the better

By palunko at 08,Jan,17 06:54
So strong and hot, makes me wanna kneel down

By palunko at 08,Jan,17 06:53
Under any name still hot as hell!

By 2pierced at 08,Jan,17 06:53
Magnificent cock!

By 2pierced at 08,Jan,17 06:52
A kiss and much more!

By Water at 08,Jan,17 06:31

By MoeJoe at 08,Jan,17 04:53
Big beautiful penis!!

By 000J at 08,Jan,17 04:08

By simply at 08,Jan,17 02:58
Well, maybe not lucky but fortunated! Who would not want an awesome cock like that! 😁

By Water at 08,Jan,17 02:54
Oh wow, sounds intense

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