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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 43


Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 43


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By Bi4all 13,Aug,23 19:03
deliciously HUNG!
By basque9 13,Aug,23 20:51
Thanks good friend @Bi4all.

By cfan2 14,Aug,23 11:08
Beautiful sexy hot thick dick!!!!!!!
By basque9 14,Aug,23 11:17
My awesome mate @ cfan2 , I am very pleased that you like the way my cock looks and hangs,. Indeed it loves a sexy guy to suck it.
By cfan2 14,Aug,23 11:19
I'm all yours my friend, I'm all yours!!!!!!!!!
By basque9 16,Aug,23 12:56
Gosh hottie @cfan2, I believe you want my big cock.
By cfan2 17,Aug,23 10:17
I'm infatuated with your beautiful, big cock, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By basque9 17,Aug,23 11:00
Thanks hot mate that is awesome.

By jnewt 15,Aug,23 10:58
Terrific big long thick cock! I'd enjoy jacking, licking and sucking it!
By basque9 15,Aug,23 11:18
WOW my good mate @jnewt, Sounds like an amazing treat for my cock. Thanks so much.

By *kmadeau* 15,Aug,23 12:05
just voted 3 times hot! what is the best comment I could write like this?
By basque9 15,Aug,23 12:15
Hey sexy bud @ *kmadeau* just having you stop by to vote my picture is a terrific honor, but 3 times, love you my friend.
By *kmadeau* 15,Aug,23 14:10
anytime Buddy nobody can compare to you or come even close to you! At the age of 90 years, you are still a SUPERMAN!
By basque9 15,Aug,23 14:13
Aw gee my amazing friend, @*kmadeau* I love you man.
By *kmadeau* 15,Aug,23 14:18
moi aussi
By basque9 15,Aug,23 14:20
Merci mon ami.

By funtimecock 15,Aug,23 20:32
Wow. Just wow. What a beautiful cock. Truly a work of art that should be admired.
By basque9 15,Aug,23 20:38
Thank you so much my good friend @funtimecock.
By funtimecock 15,Aug,23 20:57
You are very welcome! A well deserved compliment. My goodness I can't take my eyes off of your amazing pics!
By basque9 15,Aug,23 22:05
That is awesome hot mate.

By tb1 15,Aug,23 23:49
spectacular and sensational
By basque9 16,Aug,23 00:06
Hi my terrific mate @ tb1, thanks so much for thinking this is a good cock picture.
By tb1 16,Aug,23 06:39
It’s more than good buddy, but, you’re photogenic anyway my friend
By basque9 16,Aug,23 07:10
Thanks mate, I try to take a decent picture with my cock and old bod.
By tb1 16,Aug,23 07:29
you sure do
By basque9 16,Aug,23 07:33
By tb1 17,Aug,23 06:29
You are truly blessed, we’re your dad and brothers and uncles also well endowed?
By basque9 17,Aug,23 08:18
Yes and yes and yes, my friend @tb1, huge cock is the reputation each of us had . I don't know for sure whether the Basque side or the Zurich side was responsible.
By tb1 17,Aug,23 13:57
Kudos 👏👏👏what a great legacy to pass on
By basque9 17,Aug,23 14:26
Yes it seems like a sure thing here mate.
By tb1 18,Aug,23 00:45
you must have been popular in locker rooms
By basque9 18,Aug,23 04:31
This may sound too boastful good mate @tb1, but that old cock still wows them in locker rooms.
By tb1 18,Aug,23 07:50
wish I could be there
By basque9 18,Aug,23 09:03
Ah ha, and what might you do my friend?
By tb1 18,Aug,23 14:11
It woukd take both my hands but I’d hope to get you off a time or two 😏😏😏
By basque9 18,Aug,23 14:47
You would for sure sexy mate,

By Anass 16,Aug,23 08:47
By basque9 16,Aug,23 08:50
Thanks for commenting my amazing friend @Anass.

By #687399 16,Aug,23 11:04
please hang that perfect member over some of my pjctures
By basque9 16,Aug,23 12:06
Oh WOW,, would be an honor.
By #687399 16,Aug,23 12:19
can email you some pictures to use
By basque9 16,Aug,23 12:32
If you can use the site to mail them, great otherwise I will send you a few pictures Lily.
By #687399 16,Aug,23 12:34
they wont let me but yes please
By basque9 16,Aug,23 12:37
I sent one and I hope you received it. Ifr so more will follow Lily.
By #687399 16,Aug,23 12:39
awesome !! would so love to see you use my pictures !!!
By basque9 16,Aug,23 12:44
The site intercepts most things unfortunately.
By #687399 16,Aug,23 12:47
please let me no jf you change your mind and would love to email you my thick pictures to use
By basque9 16,Aug,23 12:52
They do not get through the email filter that is set up, have tried it often. It only works on site.

By ShpkBooty 16,Aug,23 18:44
I wish I could be on my knees in front of your beautiful cock. I love worshipping an older mans big throbbing shaft.
By basque9 16,Aug,23 18:54
Thanks baby, that bussy looks sweet to me.

By ftguy8585 17,Aug,23 02:04
Want to taste that monster cock
By basque9 17,Aug,23 02:10
I love every taste of my monster my friend. It feels delicious to get it milked.

By AlphaMale 17,Aug,23 05:29
I would love to practise me deepthroating on this....
By basque9 17,Aug,23 08:05
Good mate @AlphaMale, nothing would be hotter than having a fit and handsome guy deep throat my big horse cock.

By furluvr 17,Aug,23 11:26
In case anyone wondered why you’re basque*9* rather than basque6 or basque7, here’s the explanation!
By basque9 17,Aug,23 11:32
Thanks my amazing mate @furluvr, I guess they figured that out by now.

By nekekal 17,Aug,23 11:47
Huge cock, and it isn't even hard. I would not mind grabbing that thing.
By basque9 17,Aug,23 11:52
Love to have that big boy yanked on, my friend @nekekal
By nekekal 17,Aug,23 13:10
That would be fun. I have not played with a big cock before.
By basque9 17,Aug,23 14:24
Well since you are a novice, I give you overtime hours to mess with it, my friend.

By Onanizer 17,Aug,23 15:39
Delicious sir
By basque9 17,Aug,23 16:56
Gee mate thanks so much, wish you could share it for your pleasure.
By Onanizer 17,Aug,23 17:06
I would gladly kneel and worship you sir
By basque9 17,Aug,23 17:19
Yes , I am sure you are devoted to worshipping a special cock my friend @Onanizer.

By LuvToGetNaked4You 17,Aug,23 18:43
I need to show some public love for this man's beautiful giant cock. One of the hottest cocks I have ever seen and I have seen a lot of them!
My goodness I'd luv to spend some time with him.
By basque9 17,Aug,23 19:41
WOW, @LuvToGetNaked4You, thanks for the best comment of all time, and I've been around a long time.

By Smalls48 18,Aug,23 03:03
That is a powerful looking horse cock you have
By basque9 18,Aug,23 04:29
WOW, great to hear my good friend @Smalls48. It certainly is remarkable considering its age , size and hardness.

By BiVers 18,Aug,23 13:58
I want ur dick! I wanna suck you off then ride u
By basque9 18,Aug,23 14:45
That will be HOTT man you are very sexy.
By BiVers 19,Aug,23 06:35
Thank you😘 wish i could make u cum
By basque9 19,Aug,23 09:00
If you were with me, you could make me cum as often as you liked. That cock is very hungry all the time and you are a big turn on.

By knewbi 22,Aug,23 13:56
Tasty at any age. Would absolutely love chowing down on that.
By basque9 22,Aug,23 21:55
Would be awesome, mate.

By SissyBobbi 26,Aug,23 11:32
Horse Cock? YES!!
By basque9 05,Oct,23 12:24
Thanks sexy SissyBobbi.

By Fucktoy 27,Oct,23 06:28
That's a cock we both want to play with😛
By basque9 07,Jan,24 15:43
WOW, thank you.

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