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which penis pic will get the attention of site members?


When was the last time you jerked off?

rate dick

Do you get turned on watching a man masturbating?

Honesty when answering a question

Where you have received oral sex?


First time you got suck

What sex acts have you done?

Masturbating in front of somebody

Your own

Being caught masturbating

Have you ever been offered a blow job? if so; by who?

Do you ejaculating less semen as you aged?

Which gender cum faster?

Have you ever made a glory hole at home?

Do You Cum Merely by Hard Squeeze by Wife Pussy

Do you ejaculate directly in your own mouth?

Do you think men's balls get bigger as they aged?

Getting your ass fingered by a woman?

Have you ever cruise for men around your neighborhood?

Do you Suck limp dick? Such as ED?

Your favorite cock to suck

Do guys look at other guys in gym locker room?

Would you like guys to cum

How many guys would you want to gang-bang you?

Have you ever took a shower with your dad or brother?

Calling yourself curious


Bjuka vs Zainn122

Who's Cherry First Guys

feed this cumslut

How many cum squirts when masturbating

Whatís better

Just a "YESY" or "NO"

Is it possible?

have you ever used a vibe on a dick as you sucked it?

have you ever been sucked while limp? did you like it?

Can you cum with a semi hard dick?

Sex or Masturbation?

Your ass and balls during sex

Masturbation during shower

Which hand you used the most to masturbate?

Do you jerk off and cum when you are horny?

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

What is my dick size?

Which places you like to "play" with your cock

Have you ever jerk off and cum at urinal

What do you do after you cum?

boobs sizes

Do you think taking a long time to cum is a good thing?

Physical Exam

At Home; naked or clothes?

Did you ever show your erected penis to others guys when young?

do you masturbate every day?

would you rather suck...

At what age your first got fuck by a man?

Do you get an erection while naked at gym locker room?

Would you lick and eat another manís cum fromÖ

Size contest! :)

Which one would you Fuck?

Have you ever been caught taking a pee?

Have you ever been invited to a jerk off party?

sleeping naked

at a jo party you are asked to let others watch me suck you

cheat or not cheat

has your wife or gf or anyone ever watched you suck dick?

Masturbation Frequency

First time seeing my dick

shaved or unshaved

Straight guys

Cum Spurt Distance - How Far @45 or so

10 Years Younger or 10 Yrs Older Women for Sex

Healthy sleep naked


Will bjuk ever be king of the site?

you take a date home and when the nudity starts she has this...

Do you get fully naked to masturbate?

you're getting sucked in the car at a rest stop when 2 guys see

What to do

What age you first ejaculate semen(cum)?

Your reaction the first time you cum

If only one, which one?

Sit or suck?

I Cum Daily and You ?

Does your circumcision scars visible?

Sex during her period

Caught Masturbating? If so, where?

When you gave your first blow job

Did a guy ever asked you if you jerk off?

Are you an exhibionist?

ever done a fucklick? (eat or tongue a pussy with a dick in it)

Perfect size cock?

Have you squeeze a man's penis after he ejaculated?

Have you ever had a girl pee on your dick?

Best Member of June

Do you consider a man with 7 inches and thick a big cock?

Average Cock

Can you cum doing 69? (man2man)