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You ever swallowed cum?

Gay blowjob

How many cock already fucking this pussy

If you was able Hypnotism to your wife What is your fantasize


Getting your cock suck

Size cock preference for sucking

Where have you masturbated?

Have you tasted your cum?

How important is ejaculation for you?

Rate my cock please!

I am?

Boner or hard on public places

What is the Average amount of your semen at ejaculation? ㈐

Rate My Dick 👀

Average Cock

At the men gym locker room

Where to put this cock

Size of my dick

Size limit

How long is my dick

The Taste of Semen

Preference for sucking your cock: Man or Woman

Which hand you used the most to masturbate?

Who was/is the Worst Member/ Site Troublemaker?

Worst Site Pussy??

If you were Admin for the day..


How much is the average price of whores (girls) in your country

Do you think I'm hot?

Do you inserted your semen into your anus? 🔥

Is it exciting to have sex with a guy who is has bigger breasts

Can you have sex with a man in front of your wife?👫

Boy Or Girl, Fantasize During anal Masturbating💘

The best way to take Mila

If i give u my pussy to fuck.. How many times fuck in a day

Married guys that bottom

strap on cock



When was the last time you jerked off?

Pull out when cumming

Country most circumcised men

sucked cocks


My Arabian wife for rent For $ 1, For each OneTime 💯

Do you recommend Open another account for my wife🌹

Does your wife/gf ask you for anal sex? 💘

Your reaction the first time you cum


Would you suck an uncut man?

What age you first start masturbating?

Would you rather...

want to watch porn with me?

Metal cock ring

Which guys makes more precum?

Should I show my face, Please vote!

Can you shoot(cum)long distance?

Do you think wearing a cock ring is "cool"?

How big my pussy hole

I will let you fuck my arabian wife As you like. (Pic) 🔥

Do you prefer to look at pictures of soft or erect cock?

breaking point size between small and to small no sex 4 u

Biggest Cock Generation

Member blacklisted you

Have YOU been befriended by *licksipsuckit*?

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?


Blowjob or Handjob?

Which looks better?

Are you happy with the size of your testicles(balls)

Do you use deodorant or body spray on your pubes?

Ever had sex with someone virgin?...if so; how was it

Masturbation in public place with cum

favorite sexual position

Do you consider yourself to have a big cock?

Masturbating in front of somebody

Do you pull out immediately after you cum?

do you masturbate every day?

Have you ever seen a man masturbating in public?

Why do you masturbate?


Morning Wood Relief

Masturbating at early age

What do you prefer, Hairy or Shaved?

Who would you fuck? Please be 💯!

What is the most amount of times you jerked off on one day?

At what age you first notice grow pubic hair?

Sex with someone close to you

Which gender swallow cum?

When nude at home...

Which men Cum Faster?


Shaving your pubes....

SYD-question: Which is best, my softie or erection?

penis size

Why are you here?

Hand free cum shot?

Ass and pussy fuck

What do you do after you cum?