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Have you ever made your own dildo Silicon? 💯

Do you recommend Open another account for my wife🌹

I will let you fuck my arabian wife As you like. (Pic) 🔥

How was your sex with a Turkish Girl ( Pussy or Ass )

Pick your favorite pic

Which pic you wanna see as uncensored? (except face)

Size of my dick

Morning Wood Relief

Do you enjoy my pics?

Head or... tail? What do you like best about uncut dicks?

Do you think the Realistic Dildo It's enough 💞 ♀&#

Do you think wearing a cock ring is "cool"?

Age or beauty? 💯

Is my blog hot or not? Part 2

Is my blog hot or not?

Frequent Erections

Would you rather...

Your reaction the first time you cum

Prefer sex with long women or short women? 🔥🔥&

The meaning; "going cum"

Bi Men Only

Masturbating at early age

Are you ever allow anyone watch you masturbate?

How dirty are you?

Ass to mouth

if you could would you want

favorite sexual position

Do you inserted your semen into your anus? 🔥

Straight men with Gay men

Realistic Dildo & real penis.

Nipple touching

do you think my testicle is big enough?

Masturbation Addiction

What is your penis' girth?

Uncut men sensitive to cum

Should there be balls or no balls in a dick pic?

At the men gym locker room

Poll :) plz vote 48hrs

Is it exciting to have sex with a guy who is has bigger breasts

Which would you fuck?

Do you think President Trump is cut or uncut?

What is the most amount of times you jerked off on one day?

How normal are your fantasies?

Ever had sex with someone virgin?...if so; how was it

Would you like fuck my arabian wife??

Raw anal or condom anal

Gay men do you ever flirt with a straight man?

Do you think tightgirl26 is actually real?


Sex with your brother?

When looking at your own pics..:

Staright guys touching other guys nipples.

What do you prefer, Hairy or Shaved?

Masturbating in front of somebody

Do you get excited knowing that people masturbate to your pics?

Ass and pussy fuck

How do I look?

Do you get erections throughout the day?

How do you like your dick sucked?

do you masturbate every day?

Which one of my wife’s pussy pics do you like best?

what would you love to do with my asshole ?

what can you do to make it hard?

Shaving your pubes....

What is my best feature

Would you like to have this horrible wrinkled penis in mouth?

would you give me a hand job?

Having sex with big penis better sex?

Rate my cock please!

Opinion Size of my Clit?

Would you fuck Me?

Circumference, not diameter ( Umfang, nicht Durchmesser ) )

Do you think uncut guys get suck less than cut guys?

Would you suck my cock?

What next

Are you happy with the size of your testicles(balls)

Would you've any sexual activaty with a disabled person?[ gay]

Do you pull out immediately after you cum?

Which looks better?

Getting circumcised

Hairy men best body hairy part?

What picture would you like to see next

Circ fetish

How Quickly You Ejaculated


What your age?

Blowjob or Handjob?

Which men Cum Faster?

Guess my Hardcock Length ....poll

Top Men..would you fuck a guy with hairy ass?

Where wud u cum?

Did you suck a man at a glory hole?

Rate my dick

Phone/Jerking In The United States


Send me anything

How horny are you?

Would you blow a friend?

What will you do with my ass ???

Places where you've had sex 2: