First time man to man

started at 08,Oct,16 11:01

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I have played with a prostate massager, liked it, I have inserted an average sized dildo up my ass, liked it, but couldn't get a larger one up there.
I now have the chance of a liason with a guy, which may lead to some fun... but I'm not sure I could take his cock....
Never been with a guy before in any way shape or form, not even touching.
But.... I'm quite excited and nervous...

should I ....

Do it, you'll love it
Be careful, you may regret it
Don't do it, your wife may find out
talk to him and explain your position and agree rules
If you dont do it at your age,(64) you'll be missing out
Fucking guys is better than girls, they know your needs
Be careful, you may not want a woman after
Just stick to wanking/sucking first time
Let him guide you, he's experienced

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