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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 696

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Can you help me out ?

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 696


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By *kmadeau* 01,Aug,21 11:29
wow Ro, I can recommend to your Monster one sweet bitchy ass to get fucked real bad
By Roadie_is_back 01,Aug,21 11:42
And who may that be ? I do love a nice tight sweet ass
By *kmadeau* 03,Aug,21 21:43
still nice and sweet ass but never tight again
By Roadie_is_back 05,Aug,21 15:20

By funtimecock 01,Aug,21 14:02
That is an amazing cock!
By Roadie_is_back 01,Aug,21 18:37
Thank you

By trim1963 01,Aug,21 19:15
Yum O
By Roadie_is_back 03,Aug,21 07:46
Please please I would enjoy that
By trim1963 05,Aug,21 14:40
I am sure both of us will get what we want and need
By Roadie_is_back 05,Aug,21 15:21
I am sure of that
By trim1963 06,Aug,21 14:23
I like to video cock in my mouth and see cum unloading into it so I can swallow all of it you keen
By Roadie_is_back 06,Aug,21 14:54
That is super hot. Watch it again as we go for round 2
By trim1963 07,Aug,21 07:39
Absolutely fantastic plan
By Roadie_is_back 12,Aug,21 18:03

By #638193 01,Aug,21 22:06
Damn I would love to ride your cock
By Roadie_is_back 02,Aug,21 07:10
Hope on I am sure it would be fun

By mahan 01,Aug,21 23:41
you have a big cock
By Roadie_is_back 02,Aug,21 10:03
I like it

By Redworm1963 02,Aug,21 15:40
I'm available if you need any help with that big ol' cock!
By Roadie_is_back 02,Aug,21 18:37
I always need help with it.

By #127566 02,Aug,21 22:53
Very nice big cock!!
By Roadie_is_back 03,Aug,21 07:48
Thank you Not bad yourself. Maybe the two of them can hangout some time

By soulpioneer 03,Aug,21 00:44
You're back on track?

By footluvr2010 03,Aug,21 03:02
Your cock looks amazing!
By Roadie_is_back 03,Aug,21 07:44
Thank you. I think ours would have fun together

By #648084 03,Aug,21 07:38
that's a solid penis
By Roadie_is_back 03,Aug,21 07:45
Thanks for the comment Care to vote for it ?

By fireplug 03,Aug,21 10:51
beauty of a dong
By Roadie_is_back 04,Aug,21 00:01
happy you like it. I like to show it Not bad yourself

By Skinslim 03,Aug,21 19:10
Superb penis
By Roadie_is_back 05,Aug,21 08:47
So happy you like it. Thank you

By stefan123 04,Aug,21 07:53
hot part good luck
By Roadie_is_back 04,Aug,21 10:24
Thank you kind sir

By mrdelicious 04,Aug,21 10:27

By Roadie_is_back 04,Aug,21 10:40
If you like the pic, PLEASE give me a vote in "Pic Of Month" contest :


I appreciate you vote

By Urghee 05,Aug,21 03:20
Great head shape. Well cut.
By Roadie_is_back 05,Aug,21 08:32
Thank you Care to vote for it in contest ? I would appreciate it.


By vanregularguy 05,Aug,21 08:35
Great thick delicious dick! I have enjoyed repeated views and glad to see it on the front page of syd. Love to be there to give it the treatment it so deserves
By Roadie_is_back 05,Aug,21 08:46
Thank you. You are too kind. Happy you enjoy the view. Wish I could show you in person

By Pantyhose1 05,Aug,21 20:28
Good lord
By Roadie_is_back 06,Aug,21 14:52
I take that as a good thing

By ptabtm 07,Aug,21 21:41
By Roadie_is_back 07,Aug,21 21:56
I would enjoy a good So happy you like it .

By tb1 12,Aug,21 14:17
how long is your cock?
By Roadie_is_back 12,Aug,21 18:04
7.5 inches

By corona 18,Aug,21 08:54
Impressive sexy hard dick
By Roadie_is_back 19,Aug,21 06:37
That would feel amazing I am sure.
Hope you'll at least vote for it in Pic Of month

By nekwid 23,Aug,21 10:13
oh it's going to be a hot day...sure could use a nice cocksicle to suck on.
By Roadie_is_back 23,Aug,21 13:52
I am sure we would both enjoy that BUT not sure if it would cool us down any

By vanregularguy 25,Aug,21 11:07
Long Live the King!
By Roadie_is_back 25,Aug,21 14:13
You are too kind

By HairyHank 25,Aug,21 14:04
Love your hairy big dick and balls!
By Roadie_is_back 25,Aug,21 14:13
Thank you. Love yours too Bet they would feel good next to each other

By #650518 10,Sep,21 09:57
By Roadie_is_back 10,Sep,21 11:51
Anytime Nice cock you have too

By Pantyhose1 12,Sep,21 07:47
I want that in my face!
By Roadie_is_back 12,Sep,21 09:01
Take all you want, I would love it

By anonymous 18,Sep,21 22:30
ideal for my mouth ,,,, ,,, petering

By bay232668 27,Sep,21 15:12
Dude, I can't wait to wrap my fingers around your cock and feel it throb. I promise to suck it so good...
By Roadie_is_back 28,Sep,21 09:12
I look forward to it I am sure it will feel wonderful

By cfan2 27,Sep,21 22:40
Delicious, thick cock!!
By Roadie_is_back 28,Sep,21 09:10
It would look great next to yours

By #644817 09,Oct,21 10:27
I Love your big thick cock
By Roadie_is_back 09,Oct,21 10:51
I am so happy you love it. I do love to have it

By JohnRay1122 12,Oct,21 14:46
Damn that's nice.
By Roadie_is_back 12,Oct,21 15:09
Happy you like. Would be nice to gets ours side by side
By JohnRay1122 12,Oct,21 15:41

By nekwid 01,Nov,21 13:58
trick or treat
By Roadie_is_back 02,Nov,21 08:51
How about a trick AND a treat

By #650281 23,Nov,21 01:39
Now this is worth sucking
By Roadie_is_back 02,Dec,21 10:26
I do love to have it sucked

By ranger25 26,Nov,21 12:46

By jefforeyhuske 05,Dec,21 13:05
I can help you out alright~
By Roadie_is_back 06,Dec,21 09:31
I would really enjoy that

By CDsophie 06,Dec,21 14:27
love to back my ass onto your big cock
By Roadie_is_back 06,Dec,21 16:18
Oh yes !! I would love that.

By fs9318 08,Dec,21 11:30
I would put my lips just over the tip of your cock and gently move up and down, just enough to send you wild.
By Roadie_is_back 08,Dec,21 11:31
sounds fun to me

By #657659 09,Dec,21 01:44
Cum in me fill me up
By Roadie_is_back 09,Dec,21 08:59
Your wish is my command
By #657659 09,Dec,21 15:50

By cfan2 11,Dec,21 13:45
Mr. Delicious!!
By Roadie_is_back 06,Jan,22 08:33
Not bad yourself Let's get them side by side for some fun

By basque9 27,Dec,21 10:48
Terrific long girthy bone, good mate.
By Roadie_is_back 28,Dec,21 09:19
Nice one you have too !! Long and thick

By Big_lad93 04,Jan,22 12:03
Wow! Huge cock!
By Roadie_is_back 06,Jan,22 08:35
Yours is looking rather nice too

By mikeyd270 06,Jan,22 14:25
Ohhh it is so big. I would love to help you out. Should I get down on my knees or bend over?
By Roadie_is_back 06,Jan,22 17:40
I love help start on your knees then bend over
By mikeyd270 06,Jan,22 21:52
Mmmm, kind of what I was thinking, and you know I want it.
By Roadie_is_back 07,Jan,22 06:50
Come and get it, it's always ready
By mikeyd270 07,Jan,22 13:18
Where and when. I need that big cock.

By mikeyd270 18,Jan,22 13:47
So big and rock hard. I would love to help you, what must I do.
By Roadie_is_back 18,Jan,22 18:29
Go to Disney .. ... I'm not far from there

By nekwid 24,Jan,22 08:53
I'd love to hear and feel those balls slapping against my chin as you fill my mouth with cream.
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jan,22 09:05
Oh stud, say when and where I will be there. Want to see you naked and on your knees in front of me

By soulpioneer 27,Jan,22 16:50
By Roadie_is_back 27,Jan,22 21:47
Back at ya

By Vestroa 02,Feb,22 19:15
I'd love to help you with that!
By Roadie_is_back 03,Feb,22 05:38
Anytime you want! I know I would enjoy it

By Flowo 03,Feb,22 09:11
Beautiful glans.
By Roadie_is_back 03,Feb,22 10:10
Thanks Happy you like. I always enjoy some good

By Fucktoy 13,Feb,22 14:48
Wife likes your cock pictures definitely a mouth full

By stiffpoles 09,Mar,22 20:37
Very hot cock studly!
By Roadie_is_back 10,Mar,22 06:59
Thanks I would love to see our cocks side by side

By vanregularguy 11,Mar,22 08:27
Gorgeous thick cock, hanging balls, yummo
By Roadie_is_back 11,Mar,22 17:04
Think it would really nice right next to your nice cock

By Walter69 14,Mar,22 09:50
what a beauty
By Roadie_is_back 14,Mar,22 13:01
Thanks Not bad yourself

By steve82 20,Mar,22 11:32
By Roadie_is_back 21,Mar,22 08:54
Thanks, I do LOVE to have it sucked ! Anytime

By HairyHank 01,Apr,22 16:44
Our cocks would have so much fun together!
By Roadie_is_back 02,Apr,22 06:45
I am sure they would

By #659184 12,Apr,22 13:16
Time for some suckin and fuckin...

By mikeyd270 16,Apr,22 12:01
Looks so good. I want your dick.
By Roadie_is_back 11,May,22 09:11
I would give it to you anytime. It loves attention and always enjoys a nice hot ass
By mikeyd270 11,May,22 14:45
You know I am wanting it and will bend over for you anytime.

By aass 11,May,22 01:17
Good looks sweet looks
By Roadie_is_back 11,May,22 09:12
By aass 11,May,22 14:47
Yes would like to lick till shot in my montch
By Roadie_is_back 12,May,22 08:04
I do love to have it licked and sucked

By Fucktoy 27,May,22 07:08
Wife likes your cock wants a taste😜
By Roadie_is_back 27,May,22 07:18
It would be rude of me to say no I am always up for sharing

By ScottsCock 05,Jun,22 09:34
Such an amazing cock
By Roadie_is_back 06,Jun,22 08:51
Would LOVE to feel you sucking it Of course I would return the favor for your beautiful cock

By mountainman2 14,Jun,22 10:31
I would love to stroke that huge dick of yours, damn
By Roadie_is_back 15,Jun,22 08:13
I am sure I would enjoy that A LOT !

By shackles 23,Jun,22 23:13
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jun,22 06:08

By babycok 07,Aug,22 13:44
You can pump my big fat ass too but please use plenty of lube and go in gently - you're quite big!

By soharditspurple 09,Aug,22 11:13
Your cock looks amazing! Mouthwatering. I'd gladly help you out to hot messy release
By Roadie_is_back 10,Aug,22 08:00
So happy you like I would totally enjoy that. Always up for a good wet deep sucking

By tiit666 16,Aug,22 07:30
By Roadie_is_back 16,Aug,22 07:39

By ASexyNudist 27,Aug,22 11:44
Hot damn that is a beautiful Penis!
By Roadie_is_back 27,Aug,22 12:04
As is yours. Would be nice to see them side by side

By Fucktoy 29,Aug,22 09:01
Wife likes your piece of meat wants to taste it
By Roadie_is_back 29,Aug,22 10:41
Always up for attention to my cock ... suck it good

By dura2000 02,Sep,22 14:35
It would be great to put them together.
By Roadie_is_back 02,Sep,22 14:48
That is always fun

By cfan2 05,Sep,22 13:39
So incredibly beautiful.......
By Roadie_is_back 05,Sep,22 14:05
Right back at ya Let's get them together

By thickswingercock 11,Sep,22 01:50
great size bro💪🏽
By Roadie_is_back 11,Sep,22 07:05
Yours too !
By thickswingercock 12,Sep,22 02:35
thanks 💪🏽

By cfan2 05,Oct,22 12:18
Wish your were in me!!!!!!!
By Roadie_is_back 05,Oct,22 14:52
I think that would be a lot of fun
By cfan2 06,Oct,22 08:28
I'd LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

By TheRedFox1979 15,Oct,22 13:26
Gorgeously Impressive Cock!!
By Roadie_is_back 15,Oct,22 13:32
Happy you like. I'll show it to you all you want

By #681085 22,Oct,22 08:39
You were right, Roadie. I would like a ride on YOUR big pole. Mmmmmmm!
By Roadie_is_back 22,Oct,22 08:52
Hop on. It's always ready for a nice warm hole

By lengthwise 26,Oct,22 10:11
Very nice length... would love to do so,e comparing to see how different they are...
By Roadie_is_back 26,Oct,22 10:33
Comparing is always fun
By lengthwise 26,Oct,22 10:56
It sure is! Can you message me?

By Bludragon 07,Nov,22 12:56
By Roadie_is_back 07,Nov,22 18:13

By Bludragon 13,Nov,22 08:39
Nice cock
By Roadie_is_back 13,Nov,22 18:28
Why thank you. Happy you like. Love showing it off Not bad yourself
By Bludragon 13,Nov,22 19:00
Why Ty hon

By vanregularguy 26,Nov,22 07:31
Oh the places this beautiful cock would go are endless. MMMMMM
By Roadie_is_back 26,Nov,22 17:06
I am sure we would both enjoy any place it went

By JohnRay1122 26,Nov,22 16:51
Looks tasty.
By Roadie_is_back 26,Nov,22 17:01
I would love to give you a taste Maybe join you in your car for some hot fun

By Cockstroker 03,Jan,23 08:25
love to
By Roadie_is_back 03,Jan,23 12:13
I would love for you to

By 81whisper 05,Feb,23 20:07
impressive piece of man-meat

By pussyboy 11,Feb,23 04:05
I need to wrap my mouth 👄 around your fantastic cock
By Roadie_is_back 11,Feb,23 14:30
YES you do !! Soon I need it

By Luvanicecock 22,Feb,23 11:27
Wow! that is one fine cock
By Roadie_is_back 23,Feb,23 10:32
It likes attention ..... just saying
By Luvanicecock 26,Feb,23 12:19
I can be very attentive, and my tonsils like new friends

By pifad 14,Mar,23 10:17
Simply the best. Better than all the rest
By Roadie_is_back 14,Mar,23 10:19
You are too sweet Thank you

By Orgasmatronic 31,Mar,23 23:38
Mmmmm hot cock and balls
By Roadie_is_back 24,Apr,23 09:18
No bad yourself May be hot to get them together for some fun

By YummyYumz 23,Apr,23 21:52
Hot package my friend! I think it would look even better pressed against mine
By Roadie_is_back 24,Apr,23 09:17
I could not agree more. Love how stiff yours is

By Smuttbadger 25,Apr,23 15:36
Perfect cock ! Love it!

By mohr228 20,May,23 22:08
oh wow
By Roadie_is_back 21,May,23 09:59
I take it you like
By mohr228 21,May,23 10:04
By Roadie_is_back 23,May,23 10:06
I do love A nice wet long one would be perfect

By cfan2 09,Jun,23 11:19
In a heartbeat!!

By Bmaz13 27,Jun,23 17:25
By Roadie_is_back 27,Jun,23 18:18
You got that right

By pkaboo3 17,Jul,23 19:52

By Prettycoc44 31,Jul,23 19:12
Very pretty
By Roadie_is_back 31,Jul,23 23:24

By Fixittight 07,Sep,23 12:41
I've got a free use mouth for that
By Roadie_is_back 08,Sep,23 10:30
I am sure I would enjoy

By Cockstroker 19,Sep,23 09:29
now that is a nice cock
By Roadie_is_back 19,Sep,23 09:55
Happy you like. Come play with me
By Cockstroker 19,Sep,23 13:51
love too

By decatur212 27,Sep,23 05:50
Oh wow just want to say heís magnificent, perfect size shape, and Thickness completely mouthwatering.
By Roadie_is_back 28,Sep,23 08:42
You are too kind. I would love to feel your mouth on it

By #706755 09,Dec,23 18:06
I'll do whatever you want....
By Roadie_is_back 10,Dec,23 15:20
How can I pass up that offer

By jackstar 08,Feb,24 06:08
Yummmmmmm......turn this was just a little sexy man
By Roadie_is_back 08,Feb,24 08:46
It's all yours Love a nice long wet sucking

By cfan2 10,Feb,24 12:49
So big and beautiful!!!!!!!!
By Roadie_is_back 12,Feb,24 10:13
As is yours Would love to get them side by side

By TheRedFox1979 12,Feb,24 03:11
A Truly Exquisite and Captivating Cock, Sir! 👍👀🤩
By Roadie_is_back 12,Feb,24 10:18
Thank you very much That is quite the compliment. I do enjoy showing it off in person

By german_guy 12,Feb,24 14:12
looks very nice....nice shaft and balls

By jackstar 13,Feb,24 06:24
WOW!! Awesome hard to help you out anytime!!
By Roadie_is_back 13,Feb,24 12:21
I would always appreciate your help

By jackstar 07,Mar,24 06:13
Looking good sexy to swing on that awesome hot beauty!!
By Roadie_is_back 08,Mar,24 11:39
Swing away He is always ready for some attention

By Vizi168185 26,Mar,24 16:05
Perfect looking cock!😳
By Roadie_is_back 26,Mar,24 18:29
Would look better next to yours or in your mouth
By anonymous 27,Mar,24 22:55
so hooot
By Roadie_is_back 28,Mar,24 01:11
Show yourself

By JackinKing 07,Apr,24 20:59
Beautiful cock buddy!
By Roadie_is_back 08,Apr,24 02:13
Thank you. It loves a lot of attention
By JackinKing 08,Apr,24 09:27
I bet it does. Hopefully itís getting it.
By Roadie_is_back 09,Apr,24 14:55
Yes, it gets A LOT of attention

By Bludragon 18,Apr,24 07:21
Yummy Iíll have a mouthful 🫦🫦
By Roadie_is_back 18,Apr,24 15:01
Please do He loves a lot of attention
By Bludragon 18,Apr,24 17:54
Yummy teaser 🫦🫦

By Injury55 16,May,24 18:30
Gorgeous dick..(!) Wow 😏✨✨
By Roadie_is_back 16,May,24 20:55
Thank you I'd love to get it next to yours for some fun
By Injury55 17,May,24 07:03
Mmm I'd be allll over that..(!) 😏✨✨✨
By Roadie_is_back 17,May,24 09:48
I would love that !! Come and get it

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