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Compliments you have big balls and a lovely cock

<<< Previous   Submitted by Roadie_is_back at 23,Jul,21 20:08   Next >>>
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Vote (3 points): [HOT!!!]   Votes: 492

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Compliments you have big balls and a lovely cock

Vote (3 points): [HOT]   Votes: 492


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By stefan123 24,Jul,21 06:45
Compliments you have big balls and a lovely cock
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jul,21 08:26
Thank you That is so kind of you. Knowing you like makes me happy and excites me.

By uncut1944 24,Jul,21 09:23
want to wake up that sleeping cock as it grows in my mouth
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jul,21 09:25
I am sure he would enjoy that What better way to wake up than a warm mouth on it
By uncut1944 24,Jul,21 09:44
the only way to wake up. cock covered in spit running down the shaft onto the balls.
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jul,21 12:24
Oh yes. I like it super wet

By nekwid 24,Jul,21 14:23
breakfast in bed
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jul,21 17:07
That would be nice

By Redworm1963 24,Jul,21 16:17
I'd love to have that view in person!
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jul,21 17:07
Maybe some day ....

By Dalecash 24,Jul,21 20:46
Nice big package
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jul,21 22:22
Not too bad yourself They should meet up

By anonymous 24,Jul,21 22:27
Would love to be between those legs working on those beautiful balls and hot cock.
By Roadie_is_back 26,Jul,21 07:31
You would not hear me complain

By #618489 25,Jul,21 14:20
I like what you gave so jamming
By Roadie_is_back 26,Jul,21 07:32
Happy you like

By vanregularguy 26,Jul,21 07:47
Ypu look stunning man Definitely this calls for a slow devouring of your body cock balls and great physique
By Roadie_is_back 26,Jul,21 07:51
I am soooooo ready for that. I enjoy it nice and slow

By yeehawboyy 26,Jul,21 22:59
Fuck I love that fat cock and those massive balls 😍
By Roadie_is_back 27,Jul,21 07:07
Damn, you just got me hard. I get excited when I know someone enjoys seeing my junk

By vanregularguy 30,Jul,21 08:06
So ready for a hot and slow frot session Your body is mesmerizing.
By Roadie_is_back 30,Jul,21 08:14
That would be a lot of fun. I am happy y ou like what you see

By soulpioneer 03,Aug,21 00:44
By Roadie_is_back 04,Aug,21 00:03

By Skinslim 03,Aug,21 19:11
Gorgeous view
By Roadie_is_back 04,Aug,21 00:04
Right back at ya
By Skinslim 04,Aug,21 03:59
Could spend many hours sucking that beauty
By Roadie_is_back 05,Aug,21 08:45
I would welcome that

By nekwid 18,Aug,21 13:06
By Roadie_is_back 19,Aug,21 06:29
Yours for the taking Cum and get it

By horny775 16,Sep,21 19:35
I would love to wake up next to you, and I'd love to ride that giant cock til I drain those huge balls dry (preferably both)!
By Roadie_is_back 17,Sep,21 06:38
What a great way to wake up and start the day
By horny775 17,Sep,21 16:37
the only thing better would be doing it over and over and over again all day
By Roadie_is_back 18,Sep,21 07:28
All day long, wow, hot but I would need a little break to recover I am sure we could figure it out and enjoy
By horny775 18,Sep,21 17:07
hey, I'm all for taking breaks! It gives us an excuse to stay in bed and cuddle (and if we happen to get horny while cuddling . . . hehehe)

By #127566 05,Oct,21 23:26
Sexy big cock
By Roadie_is_back 06,Oct,21 08:57
Always nice to hear a compliment Thx

By vanregularguy 19,Oct,21 10:17
Great thick cock and heavy balls,
By Roadie_is_back 20,Oct,21 08:55
Always nice to have someone help me out A good is always enjoyed.

By tb1 07,Dec,21 07:34
By Roadie_is_back 07,Dec,21 07:52
Thanks Yours too

By BirdDog 21,Jan,22 01:11
Great view!
By Roadie_is_back 21,Jan,22 07:48
Happy you like it Could show you in person if you like

By nekwid 03,Feb,22 10:07
Better than a cream-filled donut..and fewer calories too!
By Roadie_is_back 03,Feb,22 10:08
That's right so you cane enjoy as much as you like

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 13,Feb,22 14:13
🙆🧸 one of my favorite pictures thank you for your Valentine's gift Happy Valentine's to you this is Jason
By Roadie_is_back 14,Feb,22 06:20
I am so excited you like this pic You are very welcome. Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day

By nekwid 08,Mar,22 11:18
By Roadie_is_back 08,Mar,22 15:35
When are you coming to visit ?

By german_guy 11,Mar,22 15:42
nice package to play with
By Roadie_is_back 11,Mar,22 17:03
And I do love it played with
By german_guy 12,Mar,22 13:53
you bet

By vanregularguy 12,Mar,22 06:13
Tasty 👅 cock hot sensual photo
By Roadie_is_back 13,Mar,22 09:33
Would love to feel you sucking on it So happy you like it. Would look good right next to yours

By getaddicted 14,Mar,22 02:16
wow! Fantastic photo. Yum
By Roadie_is_back 14,Mar,22 06:33
Thank you Like yours too. Hope to see more )

By Walter69 15,Mar,22 09:10
what a beauty
By Roadie_is_back 16,Mar,22 06:36

By routemaster 13,May,22 03:40
OMG, awesome dick and balls, love to lick and suck you!
By Roadie_is_back 13,May,22 07:14
Thanks I do love to have it sucked. Licking my balls will really get me going Suck me good till I explode down your throat
By routemaster 17,May,22 04:38
Sounds like a HOT HORNY porn scenario!

By TxMeat 04,Jul,22 11:41
Thaaat belongs in my mouth.
By Roadie_is_back 04,Jul,22 13:47
Yes, it does I would love that

By firefox553 07,Jul,22 10:34
Nice large cock and huge balls
By Roadie_is_back 07,Jul,22 21:59
I'd love to show you in person Would be hot to get ours side by side
By firefox553 08,Jul,22 09:51
I donít compare to you man
By Roadie_is_back 08,Jul,22 14:50
It's not about the size ....
By firefox553 08,Jul,22 14:55
Lol tell that to the ppl that want large cocks in them
By Roadie_is_back 08,Jul,22 22:15

By nekwid 15,Aug,22 12:06
I'd like to sneek a nibble
By Roadie_is_back 16,Aug,22 07:22
Please help yourself I know I would enjoy it

By Vestroa 27,Oct,22 18:51
I wish you were in bed like this next to me. We would have so much fun together!
By Roadie_is_back 27,Oct,22 22:15
You know we would sexy man. That is my dream

By german_guy 01,Dec,22 12:10
nice package
By Roadie_is_back 02,Dec,22 06:37
Happy you like it. Not bad yourself. Maybe get them side by side
By german_guy 03,Dec,22 17:49
sounds like a very good idea

By ALEXHOT 06,Dec,22 17:14
Lovely cock here
By Roadie_is_back 06,Dec,22 18:08
Bet we could have lots of fun

By jd73085 11,Jan,23 05:40
damn i want that cock in my mouth
By Roadie_is_back 11,Jan,23 11:03
I am sure I would enjoy that ... A LOT !!

By jd73085 11,Jan,23 05:49
i want to rub my cock all over yours and watch them both get hard together
By Roadie_is_back 11,Jan,23 11:03
and after that ?
By jd73085 11,Jan,23 18:21
and then id put your beautiful cock in my mouth and suck it dry.
By Roadie_is_back 12,Jan,23 10:07
Sounds perfect to me

By pussyboy 06,Feb,23 09:59
Hmm delicious 🤤
By Roadie_is_back 07,Feb,23 08:04

By german_guy 16,Feb,23 10:53
love to wake him up
By Roadie_is_back 16,Feb,23 10:57
I am sure HE and I would both love that Get him at full attention
By german_guy 17,Feb,23 13:40
we both would

By Roadie_is_back 23,Feb,23 10:27
Thank you Really like your pics too. Seems like we would have fun together

By pifad 14,Mar,23 10:19
This calls for breakfast in bed
By Roadie_is_back 14,Mar,23 10:19
Sounds perfect to me

By Orgasmatronic 31,Mar,23 23:39
Sexy soft cock and balls
By Roadie_is_back 02,Apr,23 12:33
I am sure it would be at attention in no time IF you were there

By jizzbits 07,Jul,23 19:06
Makes me want to crawl right up between your legs and 🐽and👅and suck
By Roadie_is_back 08,Jul,23 09:16
I am sure I would enjoy it all ! Take your time and really enjoy it

By nekwid 08,Aug,23 13:06
nibble, nibbble
By Roadie_is_back 09,Aug,23 22:06
Any time you want, I have been waiting for that for a long time ....

By Smoothballs 09,Oct,23 07:43
Nice big balls and a big dick too
By Roadie_is_back 10,Oct,23 19:09
And both love lots of attention

By mikeyd270 22,Oct,23 13:16
Love to crawl up there and lick your big balls then suck you off.
By Roadie_is_back 23,Oct,23 08:37
Sounds like a great time to me. I would never stop you

By youngshyguy 01,Nov,23 12:49
id love to wake it up
By Roadie_is_back 01,Nov,23 12:57
Please do! From you it would not take much

By JasonAnDaddyShowDick 10,Dec,23 15:59
🥰🙋🤷💞💋 let Jason lay it right next to you keep you warm and put a smile on your face
By Roadie_is_back 10,Dec,23 16:08
I would love that and so would he

By Roadie_is_back 08,Jan,24 18:14
Would be fun to get ours together

By nekwid 24,Jan,24 12:57
Time to wake up!
By Roadie_is_back 24,Jan,24 13:35
Would be nice if you would help

By german_guy 12,Feb,24 14:13
I would like 2 play with your beautiful equipment
By Roadie_is_back 12,Feb,24 14:56
Only if I can play with yours too
By german_guy 13,Feb,24 13:26
we both would have a great time...I am sure

By pke111 24,Feb,24 16:08
Just fucking dickdripping BEAUTIFUL
By Roadie_is_back 26,Feb,24 15:16
Thank you Would love to show you in person and see all of you too
By pke111 29,Feb,24 17:40
..the tyranny of distance!
By Roadie_is_back 01,Mar,24 07:45

By =noname= 05,Mar,24 21:51
Perfect view....of that gorgeous toy
By Roadie_is_back 06,Mar,24 12:45
Thank you

By travelingdad6969 17,Mar,24 15:43
Would love that cock !

By Diego 21,Mar,24 12:42
You're so lucky your penis is huge
By Roadie_is_back 21,Mar,24 13:42
Not like yours is small ...... would love to get hem side by side You have a great ass too
By Diego 21,Mar,24 17:23
I'm surprised you like my penis

By Quebec34 26,Mar,24 11:01
It will great in my mouth, miam

By Quebec34 28,Mar,24 02:03
Anytime you want, we can do masturbating chat video if you want
By Roadie_is_back 02,Apr,24 11:09
That would be hot Watching each other stroke

By Diego 04,May,24 02:26
Your penis is incredible so big
By Roadie_is_back 04,May,24 15:48
Would be hot to get it side by side with yours. You do not look small ...
By Diego 05,May,24 01:39
You find mine big and attractive??
By Roadie_is_back 05,May,24 16:34
I sure do !!
By Diego 06,May,24 01:58
I'd let you suck mine while i suck yours
By Roadie_is_back 06,May,24 10:57
Sounds like a fair deal

By Upstate 12,May,24 17:52
By Roadie_is_back 13,May,24 08:32
Come by and enjoy It's always ready
By Upstate 13,May,24 08:38

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