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By PatrickMurphy 16,Dec,23 17:43
Let me wear it when you're done with it...

By hairypussywife 08,Dec,23 15:45
I love doing that

By BiCockCurious 08,Dec,23 06:03
DAMN ! That BLOG is fucking HOT ! Had to WANK reading it and imagining US TOGETHER. You in total CUNT-trol of my cock !

By BiCockCurious 07,Dec,23 10:51
Yessssss ! That wqill make me shiver !

By BiCockCurious 07,Dec,23 10:22
I would LOVE for you to SUCK me thru the fabrik !

By BiCockCurious 04,Dec,23 15:07
Hmmmmmmm ! Would love to feel your mouth on my COCK !

By Cock1 04,Dec,23 12:13
Nice fat cock to suck

By slow2cum 02,Dec,23 13:36
My tongue wants to fill your cum slit

By slow2cum 02,Dec,23 13:25
Exactly what I had in mind!

By BiCockCurious 02,Dec,23 13:20
Hmmmmmmmm ! Please CUM and get your mouth onto my cock ! I will hold your head and slowly mouth fuck you !

By slow2cum 02,Dec,23 13:08
Magnificent! I want to suck you and taste your cum!

By BiCockCurious 27,Sep,23 17:26
Yesssssss ! Please assist me ! All the way to a creamy climax !

By DukeLube 20,Sep,23 23:39
I wanna taste it...

By fozzieberra 12,Sep,23 09:21
Yes, watching our cockheads rub against each other and precum drooling on our cocks!

By BiCockCurious 12,Sep,23 06:12
Hmmmmmmm ! I would LOVER a steamy "Frottage" till we SPERM on each other !

By fozzieberra 08,Sep,23 14:05
Would be damn hot to rub our hot cocks together until we shoot all over each other!

By slow2cum 06,Sep,23 09:30
I want you to do just that!

By slow2cum 06,Sep,23 09:14
Mmmmm! Yum. Love to taste your cum.

By BiCockCurious 06,Sep,23 04:44
Kiss my wetting cockhead thru the fabrik ! Please !

By BiCockCurious 06,Sep,23 04:43
Yessssss ! I want your mouth on my cock ! SUCK me ! Make me SPERM !

By BiCockCurious 06,Sep,23 02:16
Ohhhhhh ! Please do ! I would LOVE that ! I would hold your head to mouth fuck you ! And then DEEPthroat you ! Make you GAG ! BuTT I want to CUM on your pulled out tongue !

By BiCockCurious 06,Sep,23 02:12
Hmmmmmmm ! That would be fucking HOT !

By slow2cum 05,Sep,23 16:58
That beautiful cock would feel so wonderful in my mouth and throat! Dont you think?!

By slow2cum 05,Sep,23 15:43
Id love to wank your horny cock.and eat your cum.

By Orbie 27,Aug,23 10:41

By Orbie 27,Aug,23 10:41
hmmmm horny

By JessiLouWho 22,Jul,23 11:20

By BiCockCurious 13,Jun,23 13:24
Yessssssss ! I want to feel your mouth and lips and tongue on my precum oozing cock !

By fxrider 02,Jun,23 11:00
let me lick your wet panties

By anonymous 06,May,23 00:24
The perfect present

By footluvr2010 22,Mar,23 11:51
Would love to assist you in taking you to climax

By cruz69696969 18,Feb,23 13:46
i found many of your pics very exciting

By Anass 14,Feb,23 02:40
Hot !

By BiCockCurious 14,Nov,22 20:17
Hmmmmmmmmm ! I will give your MOUTH my 1st shot ! Would your SWEET Lady suck me HARD again and guide me to your Nether Hole so I can treat you to a good FUCK and cum shot !

By BiCockCurious 14,Nov,22 20:12
Hmmmmmmm ! I would gladly lay down and ABANDON my Body to your SENSUAL CARE ! Oil me and rub that hot cock of your on my Body !

By DukeLube 14,Nov,22 00:07
Sexy fuckin Man. I wanna lube you up with oil and rub my meat all over you all night long...

By DukeLube 14,Nov,22 00:06
Oh yea. Beyond temptation Baby. Give me that sweet hot seed. Pump it between my lips, onto my tongue. Then down my throat. Mmmmmmmmm...

By soharditspurple 02,Nov,22 00:41
Hot cock outline bulge

By BiCockCurious 26,Oct,22 18:05

By BiCockCurious 22,Oct,22 10:17
Aaaahhhhhhh ! Seeing your page makes me think you are specialist ! YES it was a pleasure to feel its smoothness wanking in and with them !

By lordice 17,Oct,22 14:02
oh yeah please do it

By mikeyd270 16,Oct,22 21:04
I'm on my knees, feed me.

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 14:42

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 14:41
I need your URGENT mouth to EAT that yummy snack not to waste it !

By Luvanicecock 16,Oct,22 14:13
Yum! Looks like a great snack

By Luvanicecock 16,Oct,22 14:12

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:55
I need to feel you MOUTH my sperming cock !

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:54
Ooohhhhhh YES ! SUCK that seed from my cock !

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:53
Hmmmmmm ! Tasty enough to tempte you ?

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:52
Hmmmmm ! Please do ! I need your helping TONGUE !

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:37
Yessssss ! Lick my sperming COCK ! Then CUM kiss me !

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:36
Thanks ! Needs to be EATEN !

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:35
Give you a SLOW fuck till I fill your hole making you SHOOT your own SPERM of pleasure !

By BiCockCurious 16,Oct,22 13:33
Hmmmmm! Woild be a delight to feel my COCK sperm in your eager mouth ! SLURP my cumslit !

By Reduncut 16,Oct,22 01:02
Let me lick that cum off ur sexy cock head

By Luvanicecock 12,Oct,22 18:29
Id love to feel you and your warm cum in my mouth

By Reduncut 10,Oct,22 18:17
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm lick, lick

By Davdar192 09,Oct,22 03:06
Id love to lick that up for you

By lopho 09,Oct,22 00:33
Do NOT trim dear - it's perfect !

By cranky4 28,Sep,22 09:18
As all ways I love your cock

By mikeyd270 27,Sep,22 21:29
That hard curved cock would feel good sliding up my ass.

By dura2000 27,Sep,22 16:04
A close up one.

By dura2000 27,Sep,22 16:02
I love doing that.

By dura2000 27,Sep,22 15:13
I love cum.

By BiCockCurious 27,Sep,22 15:12
Once you have tasted my precum > then PLAY me and I will serve you my thick CREAM !

By dura2000 27,Sep,22 15:11
Looks tasty.

By mikeyd270 26,Sep,22 14:04
Ohhh, bend me over and get that big swollen knob up my tight little love tunnel.

By mikeyd270 26,Sep,22 14:02
Mmmm, you know I want it, feed me.

By cranky4 25,Sep,22 11:51
This fanny is it your wife

By mikeyd270 15,Sep,22 12:12
It looks good. You making me want to drop down on my knees.

By DeepCurve169 09,Sep,22 19:52
Mmmm hell yea nice cock

By BiCockCurious 02,Sep,22 13:08
HOT horny frottage till we SPERM !

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